The 10-Year Delta

I call it the Machine-Human Overlap (MHO).  It’s the period between when a new technology comes along that works without human participation and when the last human leaves a supervisory role.We’ve seen this is broadcasting, railroad, but the big stuff (cars, trucks, warehouses, retailing) is just gathering steam.  So with more than some concern we … Read More

6.3 Percent Home Inflation!

Just out from Case-Shiller, S&P, CoreLogic, et alia: S&P CORELOGIC CASE-SHILLER NATIONAL HOME PRICE INDEX SHOWS HOME PRICES END THE YEAR 6.3% HIGHER THAN 2016 NEW YORK, FEBRUARY 27, 2018 – S&P Dow Jones Indices today released the latest results for the S&P CoreLogic Case-Shiller Indices, the leading measure of U.S. home prices. Data released … Read More

Coping: Seven Steps to Lower Blood Pressure Checks

More than a few readers have written with questions about how the visit to the doctor’s office went Monday. Surprisingly well is the short answer. The biggie is the blood pressure:  Down to 140/81.  Back at the August measurement it was 156/89.  And the improvement came despite putting back on a few pounds.  How?  Well, … Read More

Data to Drive Market Now

The next couple of weeks could be pivotal for markets for any number of reasons.  It’d be worth your time, though, to follow at least some of the data. As we have told subscribers to our  site we have something of a cognitive conflict going on.  It takes a bit of explaining, but it’s worth … Read More

Coping: World Gone Asymmetric?

If someone says “I just noticed another very strange asymmetry in the world!” what would you think? There are, we would expect, natural symmetries. Let’s start with right and left-hand doors, for example.  I assume you know the rule for figuring if a door is “left-hand” or “right-hand?”  Standing in the doorway, swing your arm in … Read More

Making: Evolution of a Shop Table

If you’re getting seriously into MAKING of things, you really need to have a good-sized shop table in the middle of your workshop.  Ours has just sort of evolved over the years.  Legs were built one year, first top (old 2×6’s) went of next.  Slapped a coat of white paint on it (so as to see small parts) and … Read More

Mathefication of Future

Just a grand morning:  Truth-tables deluxe.We have a new way to forecast disaster in the financial arena.  Please excuse that it doesn’t conform to some of the rules of math, lol.Then we look at expected positions of markets next week.  Oh, and the latest conspiracy theory making the rounds.  So, bean up and let’s go.. … Read More

March Collapse Risk: About 58.33%

There is a 52.63% chance that we are replaying the left side of the 1929 run-up from December of 1928. HOWEVER, there is also a 73.68% chance that we are replaying the right side of the 1929 blow-off, and in that case, the world will be ending shortly – at least in a financial sense. All … Read More

Coping: My 12 Novice Golf Mistakes

Oh boy!  Soon as we get the tractor back in operation (next week thanks to the rain – this week was rained out) it will be time to install the first set of one-pound coffee cans and get seriously into “Original Rough Country Golf.” You may have never heard of the ORCGA – Original Rough Country … Read More

TNFSP: Thursday’s News for Stupid People

Seems CNN makes up news.  Caught at it when it leaked that one of the school shooting witnesses claimed he was “scripted” by the network. Point for the Stupid:  This is making up news to an internal agenda, not reporting.  “Proactive journalism” is a neo-liberal concept.  The word report infers after a fact or event.  Neoliberal ‘journalists’ crusade.  News reporters (hate … Read More

Coping: Feng Wallet by the Shui Whiz

My income didn’t go up as much as I expected this year.  Up, yes.  Enough?  Ever? As usual, when something is “off” a bit in my Life, the best thing to do is sit back and open up the doors of awareness.  For there, the correct answer is certain. So, it was open the I-Ching Inbox this … Read More

Managing Retirement Time

No joke!  For a lot of people I know it’s harder to manage their time in retirement that it was in the business life.Sure – sounds weird, but we’ll explain.  But first we go through the charts an d indicators as the sounds of a 1929-like Crash get louder.  And wait till you see the … Read More

Crash — or Dash?

The clock is ticking. I’ve been telling you for some weeks now – in fact a few days after the all-time-high in our Aggregate Index January 26th – that it is time to be extremely cowardly.  Not that we didn’t score some nice lunch money on the recent bounce.  But the clock is ticking. We’re also … Read More

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