2017: The Last “Civilized year?”

A “point and to the short” report this weekend since most of our subscribers will be too busy counting up the gains for the year and engaged in tax planning and such. Nevertheless, an intriguing question has arisen from this week’s trading and we need to consider some of its implications. So only a few … Read More

2017: The Myth of the “Trump Bump”

Almost a Peoplenomics report this morning – which you can thank our subscribers for.  The detailed charts will be up for them tomorrow. While it is a major talking-point amongst believers in conservative economics, the notion that this year has been marked by a huge “Trump Bump” in the markets, a more even-handed appraisal of … Read More

Coping: Sunday Night is SKN

Prepping/Comms:  Take it from UrbanSurvival Actual – this is a very big deal – this weekend – in celebrating the heritage of ham (amateur) radio.  Starting Sunday night to Monday night is Straight Key Night – SKN for short. There is still a pretty good base of us “old timers” who can copy Morse code at 30+ … Read More

Winding Down ’17: Data & a Bitcoin Rap

Data first.  It’s easy to explain the market weakness over the past few days:  People may have done a bit of selling in order to put some cash in the bank for 2018.  Today, though, unless you’re trading options, the settlement in three days won’t be in this year…so we half-expect a minor rally. About … Read More

Coping: With Workshop Organizing

Health/Environment:  As the year draws to a close, a survey of what we’ve gotten done over the course of the year makes for an interesting cup of tea. On the plus side, we haven’t missed a column, health is good, Peoplenomics has been spectacularly good at being on the “right side” of the market.  And … Read More

The Tripwires of 2018

We have again seen a spectacularly correct year in our outlooks for the market.  Importantly, we have also grown our ability to ‘get it right’ this year on several fronts. But we won’t make a foolish forecast of optimism overall, although that was an easy call last year.  The reason?  We have a large (and … Read More

The End of Santa’s Rally

Looks like the market will open to the downside this morning – about 50 points worth on the Dow and even more – percentage-wise – on the NASDAQ. There are plenty of explanations for why this might happen, not the least of which is people selling a bit now to pay some of the taxes … Read More

Coping: Crooked “Holiday” Thinking

Health and Environment:  This is a terrible morning.  Not because I have another week to go before my endodontic/walletectomy consultant can fix my bothersome tooth.  And, no, not because is snowed on a good part of the Northeast delivering the White Christmas. (Tho’ a nice touch…) What makes it terrible is that it’s a short enough … Read More

Coping: With the Holiday

Environment/Health:  We don’t have a lot to say this morning, other than have a great Christmas. If you are looking for good reads, we have a number of suggestions. These will ease the passing of time… (Continues below)   For openers, our friend Chris Tyreman has finally given-in and set up a page of his … Read More

Working in The Realms

There is something special about this time of the year, alright.  But has little to do with wrappings and trees. I refer to the project each of us own, that is, to work on our “inner realms” while we work out way through life on this plane. This morning, a short but quite remarkable sequence … Read More

Santanistas Kill Bitcoin

We have been speaking for perhaps a month about the Santa Rally.  Since the markets will be closed Monday (and there will be a blissfully short report up then),  it is only appropriate that the Santanista guerillas be run out of town today. Unfortunately, they took Bitcoin hostage and have killed it. When I looked, … Read More

Coping: A Short Story About Tesla

Woo-Woo?  We commence “down time” with an interesting discussion about Nikola Tesla. Was he a great inventor?  Yes. But, is he also being deified by the simple-mind social mobs of the Internet?  Yes, I’m  afraid so.  In this, however, lies a tale of mental acuity that we can all learn from.  Or, not. (Continues Below)   … Read More

Lover or Farmer Day Rally

This is a very special day:  Lover or Farmer Day.  If you are a Lover, then it is the longest night of the year and you’re happy.  But, if you’re a Farmer, it’s the shortest day of the year – hence you have less light to get things down and you’re not-so-happy.  Aside from Season … Read More

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