Prepped: Tuning the Bug-Out Plan

Since the odds of a North Korean first-use are slowly rising over time, we present a rather longish discussion this morning of the factors you will want to be considering (pre-planning) now since at the last minute you’ll be busy. So we run through the whole McGillah – including the shared Life Plans, the general … Read More

Housing, Personal Incomes, BTC Projections

Hot off the press release: NEW YORK, MAY 30, 2017 – S&P Dow Jones Indices today released the latest results for the S&P CoreLogic Case-Shiller Indices, the leading measure of U.S. home prices. Data released today for March 2017 shows that home prices continued their rise across the country over the last 12 months. YEAR-OVER-YEAR  … Read More

Coping:  Math in the Alterlife?

A lot of people live two lives:  One in the waking state, the other on the dream side of sleep.  This is one of the most interesting tales I have ever “brought over” from the “other side.” Don’t ask me exactly where the “other side” is; I couldn’t tell you.  But it’s a place I … Read More

Our Holiday Schedule

Two eggs scrambled with 1 tablespoon of heavy cream. Two slices of toast One pork chop with gravy. (continues) Two cups of fresh-perked coffee. Followed by a resumption of my horizontal pillow-studies. Other than the press getting worked up over Jared Kushner (perhaps, allegedly) trying to set up a back-channel for Trump to the Russians, … Read More

Coping: The Competitive Laundry League

Last week, after reading about the plans for the Cotton Mouth Creek Golf Course, and hearing the latest nonsensical YJ (yellow journo) pap about sports star this and standings that, Elaine presented herself in my office nearly in tears. “Why do we pay people for this crap?”  She was deeply distraught….but that’s often when her … Read More

Dead or Useless, I: Retirement and Real Estate Reality

The first of a two-part series today on some of the real problems of seniors (including us) as we look at what’s ahead. We will consider inflation data from the Depression era and run some numbers on differently times exit strategies which may give you some useful ideas. First, though, a few short headlines and … Read More

Pre-Holiday Run-up Over?

Ahead of a major holiday, there are only two questions that really matter. The first is “Do I cut the lawn before the Holiday, or after the Holiday?” Do it before and the place will look strack for guests.  Do it after and you won’t spend valuable pre-holiday time when you could be shopping for … Read More

Coping: With the Late Night Intruder

We’re gonna share a story this morning that’ll make your toes curl. This is the kind of situation no one ever wants to face. When it happens, you might read a headline, but never a first-hand report – like this one. (continues) Here’s what happened: “Sunday night we went to bed at 10PM. At 1:30AM, the … Read More

This Glorious Blow-off: Updating the 1929 Replay

Ever since the Housing Bubble bottom in 2009 we have suspected that this will be the “big one” of this lifetime for all around to see it.  That’s because none of the excesses of the financial system have been resolved, as an inspection of the Dollar’s purchasing power will reveal. While you’ve been sleeping (which … Read More

Coping: Taxidermy for Humans?

There we were, Elaine and me… Having out afternoon martins and musing about how yes, these are our Golden Years.  Bird watching while sipping and listening to Martin Denny tunes.  We moved on to discussing some of the finer points of the upcoming golf course development here at the ranch.  But there was a trip-wire… … Read More

Why ETF’s Are Great (Until They’re Not)

Let me give you about 2,885 Words of Caution.  Yes, this morning’s Peoplenomics runs a little longer than usual.  But with good reason. You see, I’m going to show you why in a Crash, you may not want to be playing in the levered ETF game.  That bit of bad news aside, we do have … Read More

Radical Islamic Terrorists Strike UK

A suicide bomber hit the Manchester (England) Ariana Grande concert overnight – and event that has claimed at least 22 lives with five dozen more injured. UK prime minister Theresa May calls it another act of callous terrorist act, which obviously, it is. As ISIS claims responsibility for the latest heinous affront to civilization, there’s a potential lesson … Read More

Coping: With the Ugliest Word in Finance

I’ll tell you what it is,  in a single word, too: Depreciation. It’s a complicated matter, but the bottom line is that in order to save the economic system we purport to love, it’s time for a serious rethink of what’s a business expense and what’s not. (continues) We start with a short discussion of … Read More

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