The Fukushima Chill Pill

Excuse (yet another) interruption in the merriment.  But one of our prime sources (a real reactor –runner himself)  on all things “glowing” (as in Fukushima) tells us some interesting “tone it down a notch” in terms of the Fukushima Fear Dance:

Hi George,

Happy New Year to you and yours.

I wanted to reach out to you regarding your post at US regarding the federal solicitation for 14 million doses of KI tablets (  I have avoided commenting on anything related to Fukushima lately as the noise to signal ratio is just off the charts and I tend to go on a rant when I see the mountains of misinformation out there.  Over the last 6 months Fukushima was gonna kill us all because:  We were all going to die because TEPCO is doing fuel routine movements to secure fuel (Reality – the evolutions have been going off without a hitch and fuel is being secured from the spent fuel pools).  Then a bunch of Navy sailors were all dying because they got an extra dose of radiation equivalent to about one tanning bed session (Reality, I want to see the full roster and their medical conditions, plus we are not allowed to talk about the asbestos and chemical hazards the carrier group sailed through to get to Fukushima, it has to be the radiation), and now this. 

The solicitation in question is almost certainly part of the standard procurement cycle for Project Bioshield (  The law was renewed in 2013 and the new rounds of procurement were to begin around the time of the government shutdown.  As part of the national effort to stockpile vaccines and other medical countermeasures (MCMs), the Department of Health and Human Services is the coordinating agency to procure various drugs and vaccines.  The last purchase of KI tablets under this program was 2005.  Depending on the vendor, KI tablets have a shelf life of 5-7 years (, so this puts this procurement at the far end of the shelf life for the national stockpile.

I know nuclear topics generate a ton of fear.  Hopefully this can help calm a few of those worries, though I doubt anyone will believe me.  What do I know, I’m just a nuclear engineer.

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14-Million What?

A thousand pardons on this auspicious day for this interruption…. But we have just come across this very interesting Federal requisition request. They’re looking for Potassium Iodide, the kind of stuff to have on hand in the event of a nuclear incident of some kind. Or, in event of “dirty” terrorism. They (HHS) specifically are looking for 700,000 packages of 20 doses per packed.

Home Prices Recovering

New data out from S&P/Dow Jones on the Case Shiller housing index:

New York, December 31, 2013 – Data through October 2013, released today by S&P Dow Jones Indices for its S&P/Case-Shiller1 Home Price Indices, the leading measure of U.S. home prices, showed that the 10-City and 20-City Composites posted year-over-year gains of 13.6%. This is their highest gain since February 2006 and marks the seventeenth consecutive month that both Composites increased on an annual basis.

In October 2013, the two Composites showed a small gain of 0.2% for the month. Eighteen cities posted lower monthly rates in October than in September. After 19 months of gains, San Francisco showed a slightly negative return. Phoenix held onto its streak and posted its 25th consecutive increase.

“Home prices increased again in October,” says David M. Blitzer, Chairman of the Index Committee at S&P Dow Jones Indices. “Both Composites’ annual returns have been in double-digit territory since March 2013 and increasing; now up 13.6% in the year ending in October. However, monthly numbers show we are living on borrowed time and the boom is fading.

“The year-over-year figures increased slightly from last month. Thirteen cities and both Composites posted double-digit annual returns.

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Major Derailment–Quake Coming?

Time to place detective on a rail wreck.  Why?  We’ve had anecdotal reports from readers in the South (Arkansas) of noises reminiscent of ”Seneca Guns”  [mistpouffers] in the last couple of weeks.  But our antennae are up even more this morning with word of the massive oil train derailment up in North Dakota.  They a 100+ car oil tanker train of crude oil derailed and the town of Casselton has been evacuated.  Reports of the incident show a tremendous fireball and the like.

All of which is interesting, in and of itself, but one has to wonder whether land movement, or something else, is at fault. (So to speak.)

An inspection of our library of our extensive research tools reveals that Casselton is about 18u-miles west of Fargo, ND, and majority of traffic east-west is on the Burlington Northern-Santa Fe line.

Casselton is where several other lines cross.  To the north of town, there’s an abandoned right of way that used to connect up to Amenia and Vance, ND.  And the rail library shows a Red River Valley & Western line running down to Chaffee Line Jct. and another Red River line used to head southwest toward Lucas, ND.

West of Casselton about 3 1/2 miles is a switch point where the main BN/SF continues west and  a branch heads northwest up toward New Rockford, ND.

As we paw through the reports, what we find are references to the derailment being “about a mile” west of town.  That’s where the Red River Valley & Western line heads south.

Our little mapping exercise here was done compiling data from North American Railroad Map for Windows  and Microsoft Streets and Trips 2013  – some valuable tools for the news junkie to have in the hot/standby mode.  The rail map is a must-have for preppers looking for ways to get around in the event of whatever…after the fact, level, yada, yada…

A quick check of rainfall (that might contribute to trackage issues, shows the month to date precip is about half an inch over normal, but normal is pretty dry and it was –18 when I looked this morning, so nothing’s going to be slipping around much

So, based on the location and other factors, my guess is that it’s just a regular accident.  The kind of thing that happens when pipeline opponents delay in-ground and rail takes up the job of moving oil around.  Both have issues, but Monday, Casselton, ND’s number came up.

Automating Airport Security

Remember our discussion is past weeks about how robotic applications will come along to replace humans whenever they can?  Well, an article in the Wall St.

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Coping: The Woo Road Near Medford

I’ve written to you many times about the odd goings on in the world that we are slowly sneaking up on…those events called “woo” (formerly wujo, but that term was obsoleted by a language change).  What we are piecing together is the idea – from ongoing reader reports – that the world really may be operating in accordance with Everett’s Many World’s Interpretation  (MWI) of quantum mechanics.

The overview of how this all operates is presented in the Nov. 1 article “Preppers as Procogs” and the drawing, if nothing else, are worth a quick review if you haven’t seen them.  It shows have the world “on average” can split and then “rejoin” itself.

All of which is necessary baseline to report the adventures of reader Pat, who lives in the Medford, Oregon area.

A troubled-sounding email came in from her on Boxing Day:

“…on December 24, i was exiting the south exit of Medford and there was a sudden shift of something (i was in the right place but not the right time)and the exit was unrecognizable. the street was wider, landmarks were different. my first impulse was to hit the brakes since i felt the “cat held over running water syndrome” but i gritted my teeth held onto the steering wheel for dear life as they say and by the time i reached the merging traffic into Medford i was back in familiar surroundings. it was horribly weird and tho i probe the incident in my mind like something stuck in my teeth i cannot make sense of it and have told only one person because it feels like i slipped a cog and lost my mind on the south Medford Oregon off-ramp for 15 seconds or so on Christmas eve.   -pat

As you’d expect, this has been deeply troubling Pat.  So I was pleased to receive another email from her Monday with the subject line “Revisited that south Medford exit over the weekend….”

“…and it is only a single lane exit not a six lane (three exit-three entrance) on and off the highway. that was such an uncomfortable experience i dont think i will take the everyday world for granted again. i am a person who takes landmarks very seriously.

i have such a strong feeling that something terrible (like a tsunami of plain old bad) and life changing is about to happen in the near future and it seems to be a feeling shared by many people. could it be a universal knowing or perhaps fostered by a sharing on the internet?

regarding everything is a business model.

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Wall St. – Social Disease Outbreak?

We’re asking the penetrating question this morning about when a “social” disease outbreak is about to hit Wall Street. Not the crabs or the siff…No, the “social” disease may follow in the wake of the interesting moves last week in social media-related stocks and Twitter, in particular, that on Friday dropped 13%. As we’ve reported elsewhere, when good companies like Apple (which actually makes physical products) are selling for 4.1 times their book value, how is it that Twitter can support a price to book of 48.8 times?

Coping: “Phantom Time” and a “Woo” Report

A number of readers have asked me to research a bit into “phantom time” which (even if you haven’t read Anatoly Fomenko’s History: Fiction or Science? (Chronology, No. 1)) is an intriguing notion that would destroy a lot of present-day thinking.

The Wikipedia notes on “Phantom Time” relegate the idea to the the trash heap, at least on the surface:

The phantom time hypothesis is a revisionist history and conspiracy theory developed in the 1980s and ’90s by German historian and publisher Heribert Illig (born 1947 in Vohenstrauß, Germany). The hypothesis proposes that periods of history, specifically that of Europe during the Early Middle Ages (AD 614–911), are either wrongly dated, or did not occur at all, and that there has been a systematic effort to cover up that fact. Illig believed that this was achieved through the alteration, misrepresentation, and forgery of documentary and physical evidence.[

Of course, Fomenko is not the only researcher to come to the conclusion that there may be 325 years just “made up” in our historical past.  Oh, and as Fomenko contends, some of the key figures of what we take to be legit history were more likely made-up fictions who were given names of never-lived people or patterned after then-current-day folk heroes of Roman times. 

This is a battle that you’re likely to hear a lot more about.  One reason is that the wide-open communication of the internet makes it possible for people to simply “make up” a good yarn and use it to drive traffic to a web site.  It works, too.

And the other reason, of course is that “truth” is a very slippery and subjective thing, subject to the winds blowing through society at a particular time.  Which is why what an avid Christian may believe about “law” and “justice” may be considerably different than what an avid Muslim, or Buddhist, may believe about “law” and “justice.” 

Much of what’s believed is contextual and is based in no small part of how your personal operating system was installed.  I refer to the low-level formatting of your perceptions by your parents, their actions, and conferred belief structures.  Hell…their whole “way of being” is passed on at a low level that most people never get around to inspecting.

So, having said all this, yes, there are inconsistencies in the historical data, and researchers like Dr. Hans-Ulrich Niemitz (Berlin) have published some quite remarkable papers like the one “Did the Early Middle Ages Really Exist?” which may be studied online here; it’s 15 pages worth.

This a very worthy paper because it gets to the heart of the calendar-settings debate:

It seems, unbelievably, that Caesar introduced his calendar in 325 AD. This is unbelievable because by then he had already been dead for more than 300 years. If 16 centuries had passed since Caesar’s introduction of his calendar, the Julian calendar in Gregory’s time would have been out of sync with the astronomical situation by 13 days, not 10.

Others, including Fomenko, have noticed oddities like this, too/  Yet defenders of the old (Western) calendar cite factors like dendrochronology, which is the study of tree rings to make their case.

The problem is that even a “hard science” like dendrochronology has issues.  For example, if a block of 325 years really was just twisted out of the conventional time-line by the mad monks a-marketing, who did extensive historical revisionism as part of the rewrites of Biblical history in order to “age” Christianity relative to the new religion on the block (Islam), there’s nothing in the tree rings that says “anchor Islam here.” Or, anchor “Christianity here.”

As Hans-Ulrich Niemitz’s work notes:

Uwe Topper and Manfred Zeller pointed out how to resolve some important riddles and research problems of the Islamic and Persian-Arab-Byzantine world using the thesis of the phantom years. Firdowsis’ well-known epic, the Shahname, written around 1010 AD, ends with the last Persian king Yazdegird III, who died 651 AD. The epic tells nothing about the Islamic conquest of Persia and has no allusions to Islam at all.

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Taxing Thoughts: Fighting the Wrong War

Peoplenomics this weekend is being posted in two parts as we continue our exploration of the idea that we’re fighting the wrong wars. Rather than right/left, it really may reduce to who owns the means of production and who owns the capital. One thing is clear; it ain’t you and me. We’ll get to that just as soon as we review some of the headlines and then work around to our proposal to tax robotics. More for Subscribers ||| SUBSCRIBE NOW!

Friday: The Day the East Coast Nearly Died?

I am not often compelled to take time out to post additional material than other at our scheduled times. However, this came in this afternoon from the European Seismographic agency and it reports a magnitude 5.3 quake less than 30-miles from the Island of La Palma in the Canary Islands. 10 km deep, which is not very and it could have been a small undersea slide. Whether a large earthquake in the vicinity of the Island could trigger an undersea landslide, which has the potential (by some researchers) to send a mega tsunami washing westward, where in 6-8 hours time it would send large waves into the US East Coast, destroying everything within a few hundred feet of sea level, is presently debated.

The Feds Go Prepping in Healthcare

My, this must be the morning for the odd to crop up on my desk.  Here’s a note in the Federal Register today that says:

Medicare and Medicaid Programs; Emergency Preparedness Requirements for Medicare and Medicaid Participating Providers and Suppliers

This proposed rule would establish national emergency preparedness requirements for Medicare- and Medicaid-participating providers and suppliers to ensure that they adequately plan for both natural and man-made disasters, and coordinate with federal, state, tribal, regional, and local emergency preparedness systems. It would also ensure that these providers and suppliers are adequately prepared to meet the needs of patients, residents, clients, and participants during disasters and emergency situations.

We are proposing emergency preparedness requirements that 17 provider and supplier types must meet to participate in the Medicare and Medicaid programs. Since existing Medicare and Medicaid requirements vary across the types of providers and suppliers, we are also proposing variations in these requirements. These variations are based on existing statutory and regulatory policies and differing needs of each provider or supplier type and the individuals to whom they provide health care services. Despite these variations, our proposed regulations would provide generally consistent emergency preparedness requirements, enhance patient safety during emergencies for persons served by Medicare- and Medicaid-participating facilities, and establish a more coordinated and defined response to natural and man-made disasters.

All of which gets us to an interesting question (my favorite one of all):  Why?

Oh, sure it’s possible that this is just good public policy and all.  But down in the guts, there’s this feeling that something else is going on.  It could be masked under the terms “disaster and emergency situations” but what exactly is the reason?

That remains to be seen:  Earth Changes, Economic Collapse, or Mass Terrorism by some of those 10’s of thousands of OTMs – Other Than Mexicans – who have been sneaking over the treasonously leaky southern border for decades is another bet.

In fact, as early as this 2005 Congressional Research Service Report, we can find data that suggests that the annual rate of “infiltration” was nearly 120,000 persons per year.  Not counting Mexicans!

It doesn’t take very much imagination to figure that when militant Islamists in places like Yemen are training their people to blow-up on command, that it would be simple to plan mass casualties in the US if a large enough cadre of under-cover illegals could be smuggled in.

Well, guess what?

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Coping: Did U.S. “UFO” Tech Testing Cause Japan Quake?

Sit down, relax, and open your mind up.  We’re going to venture into the most highly speculative thing I’ve written in a good, long while.  There is a longish chain of data to follow, but it leads to a very interesting bit of speculation.  This is a complicated story and we are still barely upright apes.  We’ve only recently figured out electricity, after all…so come on along on one of my holiday rambles…

The timing of this is important, as we head to what some (like Patrick Geryl) have hypothesized as an early January quake.  Whether it comes in as the 7+ class is not so much the point as the rather interesting thing that I’m personally experiencing right now.

Let me see if I can start from the beginning, for a change….

As anyone who knows me realizes, I’m a pretty intense and high-energy person.  You look in any dictionary for the definition of “Type A” and the odds are 0.00000000000000.2% that my picture will be there.  But still, higher energy than most.

Now, there are a couple of things which will slow me down measurably.  One is (like anyone) a good-sized meal with a lot of tryptophan.  Since we had a wonderful  Christmas dinner (turkey and dressing, yum), I have been indulging in all my favorite turkey left-overs. 

So yes, the combination of turkey/tryptophan and carbs is rumored to make one a bit sluggish compared with the usual “slow down or you’ll burn up in Earth’s atmosphere” ways.  But, as Wikipedia notes:

A common assertion is that heavy consumption of turkey meat results in drowsiness, due to high levels of tryptophan contained in turkey.[50][51] However, the amount of tryptophan in turkey is comparable to that contained in most other meats.[17][51] Furthermore, post-meal drowsiness may have more to do with what else is consumed along with the turkey and, in particular, carbohydrates

Which gets me to the point of mentioning that IF I can’t blame turkey, stuffing (mega-carbs) for the feelings of tired, and since my activity level keeps the risk of cardiac issues low, we can skip on the next second choice.

Would you open Curtain Number Two and let’s see what’s behind it?  Our research is about to take an odd turn.

There are lots and lots of people who are sensitive to earthquakes before they happen. 

The symptoms which show up range from dizziness to sick to (in my case), just plain damn tired-like with no particular reason. 

There are plenty of discussions around the ‘net that you can look into.  This one over at AboveTopSecret dates from 2010.  Other people, as in this discussion over at GlobalPsychics, feel an assortment of “odd,” “tired,” or, in some cases get “headaches.”

Why I think there’s something to this related to those “ongoing notes” I keep making (some in the column here).

So pardon me, but over the next week, or so, I will be posting my “energy level” since in the past when I’ve had such feelings ahead of quakes, they are usually passed a day or two before the quake.  It’s almost like I am “resting up/storing energy” in advance of a quake (even though it doesn’t effect me, personally) and then right before the quake I get a rush of energy that must be something like Superman experiences.

It’ just plain ain’t normal, but it seems to be real.

So this morning I would say my…

Personal Energy Level:  7 (on a scale of 10 which is high/normal).

So for the next week, I will post here and on Peoplenomics) my personal energy levels when I get up in the morning.  Then, if there is a quake, we will be able to sort of plot the energy level change in advance of a major quake.

There’s plenty of scientific reason to do this on a mass scale.  We know that there are plenty of phenomena that are related to earthquake and earth movements.  Some of these include the odd appearance of “earthquake clouds” which have been dismissed generally as lenticular clouds, the so-called “earthquake lights,” and there may even be tie-ins to things like “Seneca Guns” which are unexplained loud explosion-like sounds hears in weeks (to to a month, or so) before earthquakes.

When something (like Seneca Guns) is well-enough established in the literature that it appears on a USGS site (like that last link) I give it high creds.

And have we had some “indicators” going off about a seriously huge quake to come?  Well, hold on to your hat:  Reader Fred J up in Northeast Arkansas sent me a Christmas note on 12/24/2013 at 9:26 PM that is precisely on point…

We had a loud boom here in northeast Arkansas today that was heard by lots of folks but no one seems go know what it was. I did a google news search for loud boom and found several instances during the past month or so with varying explanations. Might be the sound of Obamacare collapsing. LOL

Merry Christmas to you there in east Texas. I’m going to go snuggle in my bed and wait for visions of sugarplums.


They key thing is that in modern times, these “earthquake” noises may be occurring, but because of the very high level of distraction from living in over-communicated world, people may not have the sense they used to have about quakes.  They may not be aware of the Seneca Guns and other indicators.

Accidents in Research/Oddity in Data

Now, the other thing which I should mention has to do with the “earthquake lights” phenomena.  The scientific reasoning behind “earthquake lights” is that the earth, when moved, especially in areas of high granite content, may release gobs of Piezoelectricity.  Theory is that all the energy may express itself as flashes of lights.

The twisting of crystalline structures is known to produce small amounts of electricity, and in the 1970’s the big rage in CB radio was to have a “ceramic mic” since supposedly they were much cleaner sounding that simple Piezo/crystal mics.  Point is:  Ceramics can be bred in the lab to do nice things with electricity when excited by sound, and when you think about what the cooling Earth is, it’s all once-molten “ceramics” so the Earthquake Lights may actually have a power source.

Fine:  So what do we do with all this speculation?

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After-Christmess/Clicksmas Notes

Yes, the power is still off for a fair number of readers in Maine and Michigan.  Not that power going off during a winter storm is totally unusual:  It has been going on for over a hundred years on a semi-annual basis, but we still (being I suppose, infatuated with electricity, here on the toddler planet) manage to find the lack of electricity as somehow unthinkable.

Yes, it happens.  And it happens from weather.  And media has now gone completely over the top by naming every breeze a “named storm” but it makes sense, if you run weather sites, channels, or are looking to build the case for warming, cooling, or whatever.  Winter storm Gemini, indeed.  It’s winter, for crying out loud, and we made it through how many hundreds of thousands of years without putting marketing monikers to it?

Christmas delayed is Christmas well played, at least among the online retailers.  Which is why UPS and FedEx are both working off point and clicksmas leftovers.

About the only economic news around is that the world didn’t end, and that’s reason enough for the market futures to tack on another 40-points, or so, at the opening.

Perhaps one reason is all the people still on vacation.  Fearless Leader himself is out for 17-days, which means he won’t be back in Washington until well into the New Year.

With so many missing from Washington, the markets are in a “What could go wrong?” mode.  There are no Fed meetings, no hearings, no tax plans afoot.  And, so hard is it to find anything domestically to report on (other than the usual murder and mayhem) that the press has taken to just naming stories like “Hawaii Vacation: Day 5.”

Having ultimate confidence in the deeply insightful capabilities of the MSM, I’m expecting the bulletins to come breaking this afternoon:  “Hawaii Vacation: Day 6.”

Can I go back to bed now?

Wars on de Nile

The biggies that are in play this morning in the Middle East, although not entirely focused on Egypt, sure to have a lot of geographical emphasis on the word “Nile.”

For one, the biggest development in Egypt, which has been popping up in our word-frequency research for more than a week, is the announcement on Wednesday at the Muslim Brotherhood is now being called a “terrorist organization” and has banned it.

This gets to be an complex stew:  You’ve got the military government trying to run Egypt in a middle of the road way, you’ve got the Saudi’s off in the background, who are pumping something like $2-billion in aid into the place, yet at the same time, wasn’t it most Muslim extremists from Saudi Arabia, who were the purported perps in 9-11? 

And then you’ve got US foreign policy in play which is just incomprehensible, and has been since before Benghazi, but wait, I tripped, so I can’t testify.  *(I may sound just a wee might cynical on this stuff).  To deduce America doesn’t know you-know-what from Shinola would be a reasonable assessment.

Of course, Benghazi has nothing to do with Egypt, except as a symptom, and that works for us.

The other symptom (more recently and more importantly) is how the upper Nile district of Sudan is now in play.  From Wikipedia:

Upper Nile is one of the 10 states of South Sudan. The current governor of Upper Nile, and its first governor in the independence era of South Sudan, is Simon Kun Puoch. The White Nile flows through the state, giving it its name. The state also shares a similar name with the region of Greater Upper Nile, of which it is part along with the states of Unity and Jonglei. It has an area of 77,823 km². Malakal is the capital of the state. The town of Kodok, the location of the Fashoda incident that ended the “Scramble for Africa“, is located here. Upper Nile seceded from Sudan as part of the Republic of South Sudan on 9 July 2011.

Well, except that Sudan is not about to give up claim to an area with great mineral wealth, petroleum, and oh yes…water!

Despite what the governor of Upper Nile  (Simon Kun Puoch) thinks about rebels not being in control, the rebels have missed that email, and so fighting continues.

Other Fronts

In our Manufacturer’s Resource Wars framework include Iran where it’s been a bombing festival in Iraq. 

An d its musical government in Turkey where three cabinet ministers have quit charging corruption so it’s the old “Let’s do the shuffle” among the powersthatbe in charge there.

If you were thinking Santa would have brought the world some Prozac, we are pretty sure the whole of the Middle East was missed.

Hunger for Good News?

The tempering news is that according to a Gallup Poll, most families still routinely dine at home (sometimes even together) which is what may be holding the last bits of civilization in place.

Honor the Dead:  Wrong Dead

Yasukuni Shrine is not something you probably knew about until this morning.  Wikipedia says

It was founded by Emperor Meiji to commemorate individuals who had died in service of the Empire of Japan during the Meiji Restoration

And that Meiji period was what?

The Meiji Restoration (????, Meiji Ishin?), also known as the Meiji Ishin, Renovation, Revolution, Reform or Renewal, was a chain of events that restored imperial rule to Japan in 1868 under the Meiji Emperor. The goals of the restored government were expressed by the new emperor in the Charter Oath.

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Coping: Waiting for Ragnarok, Here Fenir

As 2013 draws to a close, we come to the start of another year, and with it, perhaps, a change in how the world operates.

There’s so much going on, it’s hard to all take in at a single sitting, but there are two points of interest which intrigue me.

One, of course, is the Nordic legends of Ragnorok, but the good news is he holds off on the world-ending until a few days after my birthday, which I very much appreciate.

I’m tempted to put a countdown timer (Days till Ragnorok) on the right panel of the site…

Then, coincidentally we have 2012 researcher Patrick Geryl who’s on the track of major quakes and a possible poleshift in 2014 (or beyond) because the literature is just so very clear.  Clearer in fact than the calendar, which if you recall from past discussions, doesn’t include a “Year Zero” – which can mess things up.

If you were anxiously awaiting a massive global quake and coastal events in 2012/2013, don’t give up just yet.

Which gets me to Patrick’s latest observation that there has been a real lack of major quakes now for more than a month:

Hi George,

We had only 3 quakes with a magnitude from 6.0 or larger the last 30 days…

Link to Wikipedia:

Link to USGS (large link):

According to my findings, this is unprecedented the last 11 years… I searched the database from USGS since 2002, and found only 1 time period that is less or more similar…

2002/06/30 21:29:36.30 -22.2010 179.2500 620.40 6.50

2002/07/03 23:00:18.47 -5.0320 147.3360 31.20 6.20

2002/07/19 06:43:55.10 -56.6230 -140.6900 10.00 6.10

2002/07/30 06:55:07.78 -57.8890 -23.2420 33.00 6.20

So my question: what is going on? At least this is something quite unusual… Is the pressure building up in the volcanoes? Or is it the prelude to the start of the real Mayan end date?

Question: Can your ‘Quake’ friend do some research around this?



I will forward this to him for his consideration – you bet!

But, in the meantime, this none-too-cheery Youtube video popped up:

So we will keep an eye on this, not expecting anything to come of it, but it does make for interesting viewing while we await the completion of the blow-off top in markets which is underway and which should reach a crescendo by, oh, the end of January, or so.

We’re watching with a kind of morbid curiosity – and keeping the old airplane ready to launch for high ground.

A further reason?  The recent quake swarm in the Canary Islands  and other Atlantic locations.

The chief producer of Coast to Coast AM invited me to come on and talk about what’s ahead and why I am on a new kick about taxing robotics.

I’ll be publishing a short e-book on the topic (free).  I expect to whip it out in the next few days – the first part was on Peoplenomics yesterday.  Part 2 will be along Saturday.  e-b ook to follow next week.  Nothing big – 10-15 pages is what it feels like, for now.

But it all comes back to the fact that the people who own machines do not pay adequate taxes on their machine’s outputs and government actually incentivizes companies to “de-human” their workforces by subsidizing machine purchases while penalizing hiring of humans.

Depreciation and other incentives don’t apply to humans.  But HR regs out the ying-yang, taxes on incomes, workman’s comp…well, you can add those up all day long.

Of course the subtle part of this is that the MainStream gets so overloaded with the (made-up) right-left battles, that the greater reality of how the machine owners (*and their bankers) ending up with all the marbles, is lost.

Little wonder,” notes my wife Elaine, “So many people are lost and without purpose or direction today.  People don’t seem to understand that we’re now living the part in the movie “Metropolis” where people mindlessly go to work without point or purpose…yet that’s what the film was about…in 1927!”

And as usual, she’s exactly right.  It was a mighty prescient film.  You can watch a pretty good version of it on YouTube here although budget 2 1/2 hours for the project.

Turkey Hangovers, Child’s Play, Wii be Fine

Not much of a Christmas this year at, both at a personal level and a kind of group-gestalt level by the look of things.

It looks like the online etailers may have had a much better year of it than the brick and mortar crowd, based on the report that UPS (and Fedex, to some extent) has overloads from too many people pointing and clicking.

Most of “Christmas delayed” should be cleaned up by the weekend, and them will come the onrush of the January clearance sales events.

At a personal level, chili isn’t my personal favorite Christmas eve dinner, but the turkey yesterday more than made up for it.  What soured things was personal issues between a couple of my kids, which resulted in BS phone calls during Christmas dinner.  I chose not to answer until after dinner, and by then – as tiffs between people in their 30’s going on teens tend to do –had spiraled into turmoil that the UN would be well-advised to avoid.

It was a harsh reminder that the “Only person you can be responsible for is yourself” and that when people under 90, or so, begin trying to preach and teach one another, things often end up in the ditch.  This was their “often.”

And when it becomes apparent to the drama perpetrators, the old “soldier gathering” ploy kicks in and then come attempts to drag others into the drama…hence, my phone rings. 

I’m sure you’ve seen that psychological “play action pass” run if your family circles, too.  It seems the outliers of common sense come down the chimney over the holidays and emos run high..  This was our year and chimney, I suppose.

Other than the disruptive calls from the kids (Me?  Bitter?  Which is why, at near-enough age 65, I can still call them kids…) it was a fine turkey and lots of sleep followed.  My after-dinner snooze lasted from 5:15 to about 7:45, and then the sleep from 8 PM to 4:30 AM.

Armed with a can of cream of mushroom soup, several bacon strips and toast points, I’ll be the guy making an SST sandwich imitation for breakfast.  (The recipe was discussed in detail after Thanksgiving.)

Panama and Elaine got into a Wii festival.  We bought the game console (on sale, natch) about five years ago and  we drag it would every now and then.  But after not playing for a long time, it’s surprising how much fun they are.

Which gets me to the learning point that maybe be really people don’t need to buy much (going forward) when comes to giving and gifting and such. 

Maybe Christmas is best spent rediscovering “the old toys” like our aging Wii.  It’s just as good a time-sink as ever and the cost was nearly zero, save a fresh dose of 8 double-A batteries to bring the balance board and the controllers back to life.

Looking ahead to Christmas 2014?  We’ll start thawing the turkey in about mid September.  And we’ll have our phones disconnected for the month of December.  Then Wii’ll be fine.

In a “crack-up” boom, you might be well-advised to counsel your kids to consider jobs in the shrinkupational pursuits: 

The more crowded and less directly dependent we’ve become on another another in the virtualized world, the more emotional issues result. Stress in the feedlot.

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