The Damning Case Against Obama

You may not like it, but here’s a video that’s a “don’t miss…”

Much as we discussed in the Monday morning Coping section.


The Damning Case Against Obama — 14 Comments

  1. A comment from the You Tube video:
    ” so far nothing has turned up linking Trump to Russia or that any of the Russian actions had any significant impact on the election results.

    I’m more interested in why our former administration was submitting FISA requests to spy on Trump, then classifying the findings at the lowest level clearance and spreading the findings all around the country to different agencies.

    There’s literally more evidence Obama was tampering and meddling in the election than Putin, aside from Obamas blatant campaigning for Hillary Clinton.

    Also there needs to be a probe into Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer for meeting with ambassador Kislyak since they made a big deal about Sessions involvement with this man.”

  2. Most of the so-called white race have a not so silent DEATH WISH as demonstrated by their policies since 1914. Think about it for a moment! In spite of their intelligence (Hadron Collider, etc.) they still harbour a nuclear weapons arsenal that could kill every one several times over, and they still want more nuclear weapons, while arguing about chit chat :-(.

  3. Okay I’m on a roll here I might also make the suggestion that no one can post a comment unless they also post a YouTube reference so what this does for the comment Community is a kisses references and also for George urban survival it gives him more exposure

  4. This is the link to youtube directly, for those that have heavily firewalled browsers:

    I do think it’s past time to take out the trash, and clean out every level of corruption. I’m not sure it can be done without strong grassroots support though.

    Regardless, we do need to consider using the anti-trust laws against the press and other media.

  5. Obvious that there were 2 FISA court attempts to spy on Trump, one successful, so if that’s not proof what is???

  6. I don’t see the correlation between what Trump tweeted and what Levin just said. If as President of the United States, Obama was briefed that Trump was a security threat and was possibly being compromised by Russia, he has an obligation to investigate, regardless of Trump being in the middle of an election or not. This isn’t new information. It has been widely reported that Trump had Russian ties and that there was an ongoing investigation on this by the FBI. That is how we have gotten to this point. Levin never mentions anything nor does he convincingly state that there was any proof of wiretapping. He just mentions an investigation.

    Bottom line, Levin is just protecting his territory. As a profitable media company, Levin and Cumulus Media Networks have a lot at stake. His support of Trump and Trumps soon to be demise as a credible President, can ruin his career as well as his fellow Cumulus conservative talk show host like Herman Cain, The Savage Nation, etc.

    Levin is a businessman with a niche. More correctly, Levin is an attorney with a defense like niche. Bottom line, Levin is deflecting more than Trump. His evidence is just public records and NYT and Washington post articles. We already knew this.

    Know your politics George. Trump can declassify anything he wants. If there is any meat on these bare bones, all Trump has to do is declassify and provide proof. So far, he has not and will not, because buried in the truth is some real damaging info on Trump himself. That is why he lost his temper with his staff this weekend. His weekend tweets are a desperate measure to deflect. His executive order was moved up a few days to deflect even more.

    • Maybe there is damaging material on Trump and his allies in the surveillance but apparently there is nothing to connect him with Russian hacking of the election or that the Russians were involved in the election at all. Even using the excuse to wire tap Trump during the election could not produce a Hillary win.

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    • Dear Porch……step back and take a breath…..educate yourself on sentence structure, commas and such….this drivel is incomprehensible….yours truly….

  9. I thin this pretty much serves to bolster the comments I made earlier today in your other thread. These agencies are not elected, but rather appointed positions, and all in the executive branch.

    It is time for some serious dis-appointing and for all of us to hear Trump say, “You’re fired!”

    I just don’t think he has the stones. but I would love to eat that crow.