Up: Another 50 to100?

In Peoplenomics tomorrow morning, I’ll give a full run-down in our ChartPack section, but for now there is a building case that the Market Top came in on August 4th. I have mentioned this previously.  See the discussion on August 11th where we wondered “Is the Market Top Already In? ” Now, with a declining trend channel setting up, we would expect the market to rally another 100 points (or less) on the Dow.  At this point, we would “kiss the bottom of the ascending trend channel” and from there a … Continue reading

Coping: With Adventures in Book Writing

It’s been said that even someone who has lived a so-so life has at least one good book in them. After writing several books now, my latest effort – Dimensions Next Door – has taken two quite remarkable turns. They’re the kind of thing that happens when the Universe wants you do complete something.  So in deference, I may not hit the September podcasting target.  The reasons will become clear as the tale unfolds in this morning’s surprisingly long report. (Continues Below)   Le’ts begin with a look my book-in-process Dimensions … Continue reading

Eclipse Impact: Bupkis

I don’t say they are too common, but it would be hard for me match the last total eclipse I remember:  the one June 30, 1973. I was news director of KOL AM/FM at the time and I had arranged with a friend, Captain Ed. Wolkowitz, who was a Texas ham and pilot for Continental Airlines, to hook up via ham radio as the DC-10 he was piloting flew through the zone of totality about over Pendleton, Oregon. That day, you see, Wolkowtiz was left seat on the DC-10 flying … Continue reading

Coping: Personal Eclipse Experiments (PEE)

We behold another spectacle of human stupidity as stories abound today about how people are “staking out” places to watch the eclipse (which is just getting underway and coming towards the U.S.). Let me explain:  Humans have always worshipped the Sun.  Read this Wikipedia entry that proves my point: “Ra (/r??/;[1] Egyptian: R?, R?) or Re (/re?/; Coptic: ??, R?) is the ancient Egyptian sun god. By the Fifth Dynasty in the 25th and 24th centuries BC, he had become a major god in ancient Egyptian religion, identified primarily with the noon … Continue reading

What the Fed Doesn’t Understand

As a subscriber, you already have my mailing address…so please pass it on to the Nobel Prize people. I’m sure you will want to do this – after you read this morning’s dirt-simple explanation of the “new Reality” that the Fed just don’t seem to be able to get its arms around. That, plus a discussion of the manic markets and the charts – the ones we don’t give out on the free site – plus coffee.  What better kind of Saturday could there be? More for Subscribers       ||| SUBSCRIBE … Continue reading

SBT: Substitute Bubble Theory Says Bitcoin

A remarkable idea has put my “brain on fire” since it occurred to mean at 1:345 AM today:  What would have happened to the Stock Market in 1929 if there had been a widespread, Tulipmania-like competitor to investing in stocks at the September 3, 1929 all-time highs? It is well-documented in the literature that bubbles in one class of investment are only loosely linked to performance of other investments. We can see this working out in the Housing collapse circa 2008-2009: In April 2009 the Case-Shiller/CoreLogic 20-city housing index stood … Continue reading

Coping: Overwhelmed by the ToDo List

My personal “to-do” list is about 10-miles long and it will likely take most of the weekend to get it done. Sometimes, there is – as a mentor trained me years ago – no alternative but to write it all down, prioritize the list and then just devote time on task. The new treadmill that was so graciously replaced by Schwinn (now Nautilus) is sitting in the shop.  So it a replacement motor I found on eBay for the old treadmill.  The lesson worth sharing?  You can find damn near … Continue reading

America’s Useless Press

The biggest headline on Drudge  earlier this morning?  “FoxNews host death threats after criticizing Trump.” Following linked story from Drudge will land you on a Variety page where we read “Fox News host Eboni K. Williams on receiving death threats after segment criticizing Trump.”  Yet, after reading the story (several times) I couldn’t find anything very specific – no mention of the word “police” or “FBI” – just references to posts on her website by what the reader is left assuming were put there by persons unknown. Yet, prominently featured … Continue reading

Coping: With “One of Those Weeks”

Been “one of those weeks” so far. Turns out the doc appointment is this morning – not Wednesday.  I missed a meal for nothing.  Why I had both days marked in Outlook is a mystery. And then the replacement treadmill showed up Tuesday.  The delivery truck couldn’t get onto the property (too big) and they weren’t keen about driving on pasture land for some reason.  So, out comes the tractor and we moved it in that way. (Continues below)   With the treadmill up to the top of the car … Continue reading