Coping: Urban Summer Road Trip Plans

Elaine and I are off on what will pass this summer as “vacation” but it’s hardly that.  While we will be seeing a show on our soiree to Shawnee, Oklahoma today, and sure – testing out my “edge of Gaussian” gambling theory I wrote up in Peoplenomics a while back – a lot of the weekend will be about markets and where next.  After August. The trip is not huge:  5-1/2 hours after Elaine’s brother shows up to sit the place, we will pull into our destination.  But like flying an … Continue reading

The Janet Effect

Yeah, we are feeling vindicated by the market action Wednesday.  Because as expected, the “Janet Effect” worked and that has broken the market out of a short-term trend and it clears the way for the final climb to our long-predicted August 21st area all time highs. Along the way, we should see gold come back to life (a bit) and with that, Bitcoin COULD snap out of its sideways action we have called the “great hesitation” before it goes on to an all-time high that MIGHT be in the area … Continue reading

Coping: My Top Mechanical Labor Savers

There we were late Wednesday:  A local freight forwarder got our new Gold’s Gym here about 4:30 PM, or thereabouts. The woman who owns the outfit was very pleasant and in two shakes, her son who works with her in the business had 230-pounds of gym off the truck and into the driveway. Great!  (But now what?  It’s 94F and humid about that moment…) (Continues below)   Turned out to be only a minor sweat.  We popped the box open and set about getting after it with our favorite Mechanical … Continue reading

Multifactorial Collapse

What might make the pending Second Depression worse than the first is that we could have multiple systems crashing at once. Not just a change of technology causing layoffs and bankruptcies in the farming set.Oh, no, something much grander.  Picture terrorism, energy, housing, and pensions blowing up as a kind of grand mal seizure…that’s the scent we’re on today. More for Subscribers       ||| SUBSCRIBE NOW!       |||   Subscriber Help Center … Continue reading

Is the Email to Jr. Real?

Big story today is the WaPo’s The Daily 202: Email to Donald Trump Jr. could be a smoking gun, as Russia connections deepen. Sadly, I haven’t found a source anywhere that offers a copy of the email itself – only reports (and reports on reports).  It’s like that game of whisper in school.  By the time you whisper a secret around a room full of kids, who knows what will come out the other end. Still, Junior has started to “lawyer up” hiring, according to reports, a criminal attorney. (Continues … Continue reading

Coping: The Urban Studio (1)

Although it is an article of faith around here that everyone understands how recording studios actually work, that seems to be far from the truth of it. Most people – when asked – will tell you they have “a pretty good ear” and yet when you ask them about something they just heard, you get blank stares. So this being Prime Day over at Amazon, “we is going shopping.”  In today’s world, you can build a home studio that will produce higher quality sound that anything commercially available prior to … Continue reading

Too Bad for Celiacs, Trump Jr. Saves News Orgs

Wheat is our eye-opener today. First comes word from Time magazine that The Vatican Says Gluten-Free Wafers Can’t Be Used for Communion.  Perhaps Catholicism doesn’t need celiac sprue sufferers or maybe they just missed the book Wheat Belly: Lose the Wheat, Lose the Weight, and Find Your Path Back to Health.  Wheat isn’t Rome’s only PR wreck: Vatican Cardinal returns to Australia to face sexual assault charges. All of which bolster my view that churches do fine when comes to spiritual practice, but maybe the practice of medicine should be left … Continue reading

Coping: With Retirement? Hardly!

Say, kiddies (which means Millennials):  Pay attention to ‘de ol’ man here:  Ain’t no such thing as retirement.  At least IF you have an active mind. I’ve had a couple of pleasant emails from classmates who graduated with me back in 1967 from high school in Seattle. We will miss this week’s reunion up north due to our Oklahoma commitment. Turns out, people are a lot like bullets:  Once fired, they tend to hold to their trajectories until they hit something.  Or die.  Hence, the “winners” and “interesting” people from … Continue reading

Limits to Complexity

Yes, there are. True, many of the world’s problems can be addressed – for a while – by adding layers of complexity.  No question. But how many such layers of complexity can be “piled on?”  That’s the rub… Toss this in with the charts and it’s a nice summer morning of deep thoughts… (How’s this for a to-the-point opening, eh?) More for Subscribers       ||| SUBSCRIBE NOW!       |||   Subscriber Help Center … Continue reading