Coping: With Personal Time Management

You may notice columns will become a bit shorter some of these mornings. Ure pal is going through a period this spring of “too many projects, not enough George.” A couple of them I have told you about before. After almost 6-years of owning our own airplane, it is time to left that pass behind us. So in the next month, we will have buyers coming to look at the plane and that will occupy some time previously devoted to writing. For one thing, I’d like to keep it polished … Continue reading

The Weaponization of Social Media

Ouch!  Not a very comfortable topic today.  But an important one to consider going forward. It began as a simple discussion of how America needs to begin coming up with new – and more effective – ways to fight militant Islamic jihadists.  But in the process, turns out that in addition to having a terrible “soft underbelly” in things like the SCADA systems that run utilities and such, the biggest “target of opportunity” is sitting right in front of us. Social media…  It’s also why given time, perhaps within five … Continue reading

Party at the Economic Disco, Jobs Data

Disco? Yeah, like ADP Jobs this week (dis-go up), Challenger job cuts (dis goes up, too) and now we have Emp-Sit. And “dis-goes” where? Press release, please: “Both the number of unemployed persons, at 7.6 million, and the unemployment rate, at 4.8 percent, were little changed in January. (See table A-1. For information about annual population adjustments to the household survey estimates, see the notes at the end of this news release and tables B and C.) Among the major worker groups, the unemployment rate for Asians (3.7 percent) increased … Continue reading

Coping: With P.I.F.

I slept extra-well last night, knowing I have not failed as a parent. It was a conversation with my son G2 Thursday that cinched it: As you may know he works as an infectious disease investigator in high risk communities (LBGT), is happily straight and dating as time permits, thinking for himself, and constantly challenging himself to be more and learn better. He had called me to suggest I look at a Facebook post he put up. I was impressed: “The only political post I am ever going to make: … Continue reading

Berkeley Riots AGAINST Free Speech

Those insolent left-winger/anarchists tore up the Berkeley campus last night. With chants of “No border, No Nation, F**K Deportation” the latest lefty-outburst set off firebombs and went off campus to continue raising hell. Their motivation? A speaking gig by this guy – let’s Wiki him, OK? “Milo Yiannopoulos (born 18 October 1984) is a Greek-born British journalist, author, entrepreneur, public speaker, and senior editor for Breitbart News, a conservative news and opinion website based in the United States. He wrote previously using the pseudonym Milo Andreas Wagner.” “You’re kidding, right?” … Continue reading

Coping: Millennial’s Book 5: [keyword: Worldview]

(simple title art) Reader Note: If you are just catching on, each Thursday we’re are doing a chapter each week of a book I’m writing for Millennials – teaching the insights that will (hopefully!) allow them to live long and prosper – and be around to clean up after us Old People who made a mess of getting civilization this far. There are three sections to each chapter. Something you can read to children, a general reader part, and the advanced/business section. We pick up with morning like so… We … Continue reading

Cobots: The Mixed-Intelligence Future

Not sure how conversant you are with the term but this morning we look at how we sink into the quicksand of humankind’s relationship with machines. We will start in a very old elevator and somehow end up in what pilots call “the flight levels.” And along the way, we will see some very difficult relational problems as the upright apes meet the rechargeable machines. After headlines, coffee, and some fascinating charts about our 1929 Replay scenario. More for Subscribers       ||| SUBSCRIBE NOW!       |||   Subscriber Help Center … Continue reading

Housing Still Climbing

Hot of the press release: “NEW YORK, January 31, 2017 – S&P Dow Jones Indices today released the latest results for the S&P CoreLogic Case-Shiller Indices, the leading measure of U.S. home prices. Data released today for November 2016 shows that home prices continued their rise across the country over the last 12 months. More than 27 years of history for these data series is available, and can be accessed in full by going to Additional content on the housing market can also be found on S&P Dow Jones … Continue reading

Coping: The “Renaissance Core”

My run-in Monday morning with the troll-like comments about Ure’s truly – and a very thoughtful reply by Oilman2, who as you might expect is a friend, got me to thinking I should do a lot more explaining about what real UrbanSurvival thinking is all about. Oh, sure, it will come into focus as you read the Thursday chapter of the “Millennial’s Missing Manual” when we explore [keyword: Worldview] but there is much more to it than that. It begins with deciding what kind of person you really want to … Continue reading

Monday on the “Sacrificial Horse” – Trumpsteria

Say what? First Br?hma?a: The World as a Sacrificial Horse, of course! We at last arrive this week at the “real” first actions of the Trump administration. As we’ve been pointing out for weeks, the President doesn’t get to “make up” laws. To be sure, there was a lot of confusion when Trump in recent days decided to swing the pendulum of Executive Interpretation of exiting laws the other direction from where Barrack Obama did. But, in the end with a few minor over-steps, what he did was within the … Continue reading