Things “Preppers” Usually Miss – I

Got food?  Water?  Dandy first-aid kit?  A lifetime supply of toi8let paper?  Cooking surface (like a rocket stove)?  Foraging books? Sleeping bags?  Serious walking shoes? Exit/bug-out plans?  Food rotation plans?  Sprouting seeds?  Manual and magneto-running garden tools that are EMP proof?  Couple of solar panels, batteries, inverters, shortwave radio?  Ham radio gear, communications plan, guns, Qwik-Clot, bulletproof vest for the roving gangs? Well, you missed a huge – and massively more useful angle or prepping.  In this morning’s Part 1 we’re going to begin fixing that. After I explain my … Continue reading

Like Shooting Fish? Or Do Fish Shoot Back?

Normally, I would post this as a subscriber update on the site, but I will post to both in order we are all on the same page. I took out a small short position today against the Dow on the theory (as we have discussed many times) that the NASDAQ/techs lead the way. My specific trade (and this is NOT advice!) was Buy X,XXX SDOW Executed @ $31.8264  06/09/17 | 01:56 PM ET. I am looking at this as an arbitrage trade since the NASDAQ is now down more than … Continue reading

The Comey “Staging” Coincidence?

As we dutifully suffered through the Comey debacle (no smoking gun, just interminable amounts of repeated innuendo and BS) there was one part of the jokestimoney that stood out to a sore thumb to us. Remember the part where Comey went for the “Rid me of this troubled priest” quote? If you missed it, scroll down to the Henry III section of this British report over here and you’ll see it. (Continues) What bothers me deeply about the senator who just happened to have the quote ready. When Comey goes … Continue reading

Coping: Idiopolis – a First-hand Report

I have to say, one of the reasons I enjoy Oilman2‘s comments so much is that he thinks a lot like me… Smart guy…but prefers the doing to the standing around talking about it.  The accomplishment of the theory, not the exercise of ego so common. So when he sent us this report on Idiopolis, it has whatcha call “the Rking of Truth.” (continues) And yes, there’s an Idiopolis in every state…but maybe a few extra ones in rural East Texas… “I don’t want to foul anyones’ backyard, so I … Continue reading

Leaks, Hype, and BS: Full Comey Statement etc.

While there is much hoopla, rearranging of television schedules, and endless media hype today over the upcoming testimony of former FBI boss James Comey, one of the major things to do when the mass media is busily making a mass (sic) of things is to look for the more important news in background. It’s been an axiom that when a Big Story is grabbing all the headlines, there is usually something going on elsewhere that will be more important in the longer term – and something that will be left in … Continue reading

Coping: Our Climate Change Mediation Plan

Unconventional thinking.  That’s what we do best in the East Texas Outback. You see, when people are tightly packed into what we call the “human coops” – the 300 s/f condos and apartments and incredible traffic jams – there’s no quiet space in the head.  That’s where original thinking comes from. This week Elaine and I were chatting and we came up with a pretty interesting way to sort the wheat from the chaff when comes to climate change. (continues) The process is simple. We live on 29 acres of … Continue reading

A Biphasic Solar Market Correlation

One of our readers was asking just yesterday while I was tinkering with my new high-end graphics package if there was a correlation between the solar eclipse this summer and the coming crash.No, but we DID find a FAR more interesting correlation which is laid out in the ChartPack this morning.That, a few headlines, and a ramble on why Chaos As Synthetic Growth, and yep…some head-benders to work on. More for Subscribers       ||| SUBSCRIBE NOW!       |||   Subscriber Help Center … Continue reading

Market Prospects, Troubled Fall

We have previously explained some of our long wave economics perspectives – something we’ve been sharpening for what will be 20-years on this website come September of this year. While most of our outlooks are held for the subscription-based site (link on menu)  it still seems fair – at least now and then – to spill the beans on what we see coming. There are two potential areas for the market to notch it’s all-time highs before heading down (in a major way) this fall or perhaps next spring.  … Continue reading

Coping: With “Luck” and Power Equip,ment

Why, just yesterday we “was havin’ us a cup” talking about “luck.”  And today it’s time to explain how “luck” with runs with you or in some cases over you here in the ETex Outback. Saturday morning, just as soon as Peoplenomics was finished and posted, I jumped out on the lawn tractor and was playing the time-honored game of “beat the thunderstorm.”  Mowing like hell, I was.  But I lost. (continues) But it t’weren’t nothin’ I did, honest!  Sure, the rain was pouring down… It was just that after umpteen hard … Continue reading