Coping: Comfort Food, Asteroids, Puns

In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, we are set to get a thorough soaking over the next couple of days “up the hill” from the Houston hell hole. When the weather turns bad, something I learned from living on a sailboat for more than a decade, is food never tastes so good as in stormy weather. There’s something about being wet, cold, hungry and getting a good helping of hot “comfort food” that takes a piss-poor situation (or a piss-poured one) and turns it into an “that ain’t so bad” … Continue reading

It’s About Rain, Not Trump

America is delusional – but worse, the ailment has spread to our formerly respected news media.  This come at an inconvenient time, too:  Some 30,000 people are likely homeless from Hurricane Harvey. Evidence (again) of our national breakdown came this morning as I hit Google’s search tools to find out a few things.  As expected, there were about 9.6-million hits on the keyword “Harvey” under their “News” tab. But the shocker was that a search for +Harvey +Trump turned up an amazing 3.56-million hits.  Huh? (Continues below)   Reading through … Continue reading

Coping: Local Government Lessons from Harvey

We kept in touch with Oilman2 over the weekend because he’s down in the Houston area.  We like to have eyes & boots on the ground and offer to help, if we can. As it turns out, though,  he didn’t have any water problems at his home in The Woodlands area.  That’s just north of Houston on I-45, if you’re not familiar with the layout, but I suspect after the mass media hysteria this weekend, everyone know where Houston is, how much it rained, and oh yeah…it rained some there … Continue reading

Yet Another Trading Scheme

Maybe it’s the weather.  Or, having my UrbanSurvival website go down on Friday and spending from 8:15 in the morning until about 2:15 in the afternoon fixing that – all while having contact lenses issues from all the computer-time.  And then writing until 4 PM to finish today’s report… Whatever the reason, though, Ures truly has a new approach to trading to unveil today.  While it holds a lot of promise, we’ll have to see how it works out, but I’ll lay out the basic algorithm.  Friday, once Urban was … Continue reading

Don’t Look Now, But the Fed is Dialing Back Money

Oh, they don’t come out and say they are dialing it back now.  But sometimes, facts speak louder the words. We flipped to the weekly Fed. H.6 Money Stocks report, updated last night, and see that in the three month window ending June 30, the annual rate of M1 (cash and demand deposits) was going up an 11.4% annualized. But lo, and behold, brothers and sisters, the most recent data shows that for the three month window ending August 14th, the M1 money rate increase had been dialed back to … Continue reading

Coping: Prepped for Heavy Weather/Hurricane Watch Set

Back in our “sailing days” when UrbanSurvival was young, and we were living on our sailboat in San Francisco (video), we would go out into “Hurricane Alley” on a regular basis and do the “Sausalito beat” to weather, up past Alcatraz, while the tour boats zigged their way around us and the big “meter” boats from the RCYC were turning up for races.  It was the life, indeed. 16-years on, getting ready for “heavy weather” is a little different proposition.  We’re now 200 miles inland and 600 vertical feet from … Continue reading

Market: Up at the Open, But then What?

It’s like chasing after unicorns, trying to get a Leprechaun to part with a pot of gold, or trying to find an honest politician:  Finding the Master Key to Stock Market Profits is not a simple pursuit. That said, as we continue the computational exercises, we have come upon a promising new tool which we will be testing in coming weeks. I won’t bore you with the math, but since I’ve been looking at all kinds of things in a “new light” due to the research for the next books, … Continue reading

Coping: With Disappearing Manners

There were 19-posts waiting for approval in the comment section of UrbanSurvival when I took an hour break to grab a bite of something to eat and go out to the mailbox and back. Of 19,  only a couple were responsive to a post on my site.  The rest, being driven by someone’s return from a promised departure, dealt with Trump this, Trump that.  Most was negative although a few people who see the paid whores on the Hill are the real problem got a few good licks in, too. In the … Continue reading

The “Million Dollar Problem”

While we wait to see if the market can gain 200 on the Dow in 2 days left in our ATH window, we are going to have some fun this morning:  One of our subscribers asked, essentially, if someone handed you a million bucks, what would you do with it? This kind of this is not so rare as you might think and the answer is so far from easy, it will make your head spin. So after a few headlines, and other such items, we will pretend that we’ve … Continue reading