Coping: With the Death of Reading.

I have been perplexed recently – although not the first time – by a continuing erosion in people’s reading skills. It seems that with the advent of GoPro videos and YouTube people’s interest in reading have been dropping dramatically. Paper thin attention spans. We may begin posting MP3s to YouTube with our morning remarks. Although it will be on a delayed basis (of probably an hour) because of time constraints and our dedication to the written word first. Now, about the death of reading: While it’s true that Pres. Trump … Continue reading

Dow 38,228? Kashkari Right at FOMC But So What?

By our East Texas Outback reasoning, Neel Kashkari of the Minneapolis Fed was the only one at the FOMC meeting this week who seems to “get it” with regards to the coming mega bubble and blow-off that could come close to doubling the Dow from today’s levels between today and a year from July. Go ahead, write down July 24, 2018, then.  Want another stunner? Even if you’re not subscribing to our (hugely insightful and profitable) report here’s what’s going on in a nutshell: Ure has this method called … Continue reading

Coping: Millennial’s Book 11: [keyword: Execution]

simple title art) Reader Note: If you are just catching on, each Thursday we’re are doing a chapter each week of a book I’m writing for Millennials – teaching the insights that will (hopefully!) allow them to live long and prosper – and be around to clean up after us Old People who made a mess of getting civilization this far. There are three sections to each chapter. Something you can read to children, a general reader part, and the advanced/business section. Here’s where the book has explored so far: … Continue reading

Power Sources and Silver

This week I’ve spent a little time looking into what some have called “new electrics” but which seem likely to really fall more under the description “New Sources” – of power. But we don’t stop there – as we go looking at how New Sources may be using a fair bit of silver to make their innards work. As usual, though, we will begin with some headlines (Yes, Trump paid A LOT more income tax than Obama judging by his 2005 returns).  And yes, we still start the Wednesday morning … Continue reading

What is a Deficit Reduction Worth?

Time for the Grown-Ups to discuss Healthcare Spending… The basic question posed by the Wall Street Journal headline this morning is really “What’s a free lunch worth?” They point to a Congressional Budget Office report: “CBO Sees 24 Million More Uninsured, $337 Billion Deficit Cut in Coming Decade With GOP Health Plan.” Let’s do the math together, shall we? Let’s take the savings ($337 B) and divided by the uninsured (24-million) see what the answer is and whether the estimate is reasonable since we like that word a lot when … Continue reading

Coping: With “Spring ‘Ranch-keeping’

Or, we could call this morning’s Coping articling “Shop Time for Bozo.” A more (or less) practical report this morning on progress being made on spring cleaning of Ure’s all-purpose Old Man Labs support shop. The organizational plan is blocked out as Excel gobs but you can get the general idea: Red for saws, gray for bench, black a lathe, green is the power center for the solar, yada, yada… Across the top, the first red square is the vertical milling machine, the black one is the 9×20 metal lathe … Continue reading

Cool: Like Weather and Markets

Once again, the Great American Hype Machine is set to roll with a “Horrible Winter Snow Blast” like it is supposed to mean something.  I haven’t bothered to look for it, but I’m sure someone will give it a name.  All part of the branding process. Yes kiddies, it will snow tomorrow – up to a couple of feet in the Northeast, but this is how the Universe teaches the gullible about subjects like climate change. All that remains is for the email machinery to start cranking out their fear … Continue reading

Coping: Daylight Stupid Time

The story told to me by Pappy, back before the dawn of political correctness, involved a certain Native American who was reported to have said: “What man is so foolish. He cuts a foot off the bottom of his blanket. Then he sews it to the top of his blanket and believe he has a longer blanket…” Such was the first I heard of Daylight Savings Time when I was young as Daylight Time came to America in 1966. This was when the Federal Fools on the Hill swallowed logic … Continue reading

Aliens Visit to Discus the Y2K PPH

That’s the global Purchasing Power High of financial markets. We approach this entirely tongue in cheek (d’uh) but in the light-hearted discussion there’s a a butt-ugly bit of truth. When you look at things in just a certain way, the whole world has made less than zero REAL economic progress in the past 17-years. But as long as you don’t think about inflation, it’s OK. And after seeing the data, you won’t want to think about global inflation… More for Subscribers       ||| SUBSCRIBE NOW!       |||   Subscriber Help Center … Continue reading