Book Preview: “Dimensions Next Door”

The first 40-odd pages of “the next book” is up for subscribers to have a look at – and comments are welcome.  A second novel in my David Shannon adventure series is in the works, but I felt it was necessary to first write a non-fiction book to explain how some of the concepts central to the novel – working title is “Grav” – came to be. As the balance of the book will explain, multiple hoola-hoops and electronics might get physics a lot further than CERN and cost only … Continue reading

Markets & Doughnuts +BTC 4K

“As you go through life, make this your goal:  Keep your eye on the doughnut, not on the hole.”  [old school wisdom] The holes are?  Well, lemme see: Charlottesville, and the hype about follow-on places where idiots of all stripes can be gathered in.  Followers are everywhere if you find the right pied-piper. North Korea seems to be in “chill” because (as we quietly pointed out earlier) there’s no manpower for warfare until the crops are all in.  When they rattle-up next (late fall, to early winter)?  Then it’s time … Continue reading

Coping: Fasting for the Vampires

Ure’s “Personal Health Report” time:  At 10 AM today will be my last meal until about noon tomorrow.  Reason?  Off to see the vampire – the nice nurse who does the periodic blood draws. A reader advised me, since my last visit, that going with a longer fast prior to the doc’s office, may significantly improve my cholesterol levels.  Apparently, he (patiently) explained:  When you fast from 6 PM on (having had a nice Porterhouse of other decent cut for dinner) there’s no way for the body to do much more … Continue reading

Rally to Our Top Call?

I mentioned to subscribers this weekend that I had gotten back on the long side of the market again after my short-side play didn’t work out.  After all, I’ve been calling for an all-time-high next week for, um, a year, or so. Those playing the game of “See Market’s Kill George” (home edition) will remember I put on a good-sized short (about $30K worth) expecting the markets to go down from more than a week ago.  When that position hit my self-imposed loss-limit, I bailed, only to see the … Continue reading

Coping: Real Estate Facts of Life

Elaine and I were pretty disappointed last week.  We had invited two of the best local real estate agents/brokers out to look over the old Uretopia property and tell us what they thought it was worth. Their answer was shocking:  We would net less than $200K from the place, they figured.  No, there’s no pay-off on the place, either. The main – and apparently ONLY – problem we have is that the house we live in is a mobile home.  They took great pains to explain to us that unlike … Continue reading

Three-Minute Snap Analysis

Can you learn to be a genius of the Buffett or Templeton class investor in three minutes? No. But what we can cover this morning will be a simple (non-numeric) approach that will use some of our charting techniques to avoid at least (we hope!) some of the major pitfalls and potholes. That, plus coffee and a sandwich, why, what more could a reader desire?  I mean other than us showing you how the world ends in the fall of 2024, of course. More for Subscribers       ||| SUBSCRIBE NOW!       |||   … Continue reading

Is the Market Top Already In?

We need to start off with a lot of caveats and asterisks before we go further:  A) This is not financial advice.  B) The chart that follows is based on the proprietary trading model I developed for subscribers and my own use. C) The chart is only considered “complete” after the close on Friday’s when all the world’s markets freeze for the weekend.  So today’s trading will mean a lot. And that’s just the top of the list.  More important is how and why this trading model may be … Continue reading

Coping: A “Snap Collapse” Exercise

I have written about this long ago, but it is worth doing again, I suppose:  Now that we’re on the cusp of a weekend, with absolutely no warning whatsoever, go home and did connect your landline, turn off your power at the main breaker, and shut off your water. The cell phone battery comes out, too.  In other words, a complete two-day exercise of being disconnected from the grid and all municipal services. I can assure you, at the end of this simple “personal preparedness test” your thoughts about prepping … Continue reading

Fed Computer Models and GIGO

Yes, you bet!  As soon as I booked the loss on my experimental (and I knew it would be premature) short position, along has come my predicted “One last big down” before we finish at new all times highs in a few weeks (says my modeling) and then we will swan song into the fall. In Peoplenomics Thursday, I went over some of the ideas embodied in the FRB/US econometric model that the Fed uses to study implication of policy changes and what-have-you’s.  I explained what they use as model … Continue reading