Coping: Fictions of A Working Democracy

We need to understand that the US Congress and Senate are presently structuring their slow-motion war on the average American citizen’s private assets which will be finalized when the U.S. economic system descends into Depression shortly. That’s because in finance, as in rocketry, what goes UP usually comes Down.  And we’ve been going up since 1943. This means the War on Cash, the War on Bitcoin, the War on Savings, the plans for bail-ins, and the tightening of the working class noose via Obamacare increases for 2018 -which none of the office-holding turd … Continue reading

Things "Preppers Usually Miss" – II

There is a “missing R” in the phrase reuse, recycle, repurpose…and this morning we delve into the surprisingly favorable personal economics behind it. First, though, a few headlines as we roll into what it technically the last weekend of Spring. More for Subscribers       ||| SUBSCRIBE NOW!       |||   Subscriber Help Center … Continue reading

Print!!!! Fed Jamming Up Money Creation > Markets

For months we have been waiting to see how the suspected all-time-high in markets will work out for the final third of August.  Now, things are slowly resolving into focus. The stock market continues to fight something of a losing battle on an aggregated basis (which as you know is all we really care about) and was turned back at the 9-day moving average Thursday. But the REAL news Thursday was the weekly Federal Reserve H.6 Money Stocks report… (Continues below)   So how big is this story?  REALLY DAMN … Continue reading

Coping: Let’s Talk About this Halloween

You may remember a good while back (and it might have been on the site) that we did a fair-sized discussion about the Taurid Meteor Shower and the very first Halloween some 15,560 years ago (approximately). This morning from remarks from another brother of the Oak Leafs, warhammer, who is similarly concerned about “what there lurks and we roll into the fall. When the designated smart people I know begin to collectively sing the same tune, it may be time to pay closer attention… (Continues…)   So warhammer watches … Continue reading

The Return of Consumer-Super-Saturation

(This will be updated as data is released) We will have an unusually short and to the point column this morning because I have a) been coding for the past 5-hours down in the CSS levels of the new website that I mentioned in Peoplenomics Wednesday and b) I have all the parts to get the riding mower going again, so with grass getting long, priorities, priorities…  And writing on the (*still free) UrbanSurvival site has to fall where it will… So the first point of this morning. Remember out … Continue reading

Coping: “As a Man Drinketh…”

Water, water, everywhere? We need to have a discussion guided by the writings of Samuel Taylor Coleridge.  He’s the “old dead dude” who wrote in the Rime of the Ancient Mariner our theme for this morning: “Water, water, everywhere, And all the boards did shrink; Water, water, everywhere, Nor any drop to drink.” (continues) What we ought to talk about is water – and the conspiracy to make it unaffordable at some point in the not-too-distant future. So this buddy of mine (who’s a medical sort) has wisely followed the … Continue reading

Rethinking How “News” is Organized

Heady topic this morning as we take off down a different rabbit hole.  We’re going to “re-cast the news” and get rid of some of the shrill. As you know the term “fake news” has become quite popular lately, but as we shall demonstrate (complete with a class project and new website  as time permits) there’s a chance that how America looks at “the news”: may be seriously screwed up.  No, make that pretty sure… Since we live in a country where monetizing our problems is a way of life…let’s … Continue reading

Bitcoin Over? Options Reveal Fall

A lot of so-called futurists are out on statistical limbs once again, prediction five-digit highs for BTCs and much more.  We also have the usual herd of newsletter writers (some claiming past work with government agencies) making lots of other projections about where markets will head next. Around here, we tend to sit back and use a computational future approach to such problems.  Not that a computational approach always works, but “rules of thumb” don’t show up in colloquial speech because they are wrong.  There’s usually some truth to them. So … Continue reading

Coping: Hypno-peripheral What?

Oh, boy…this will be complicated, but follow along. As you may know, I have been working on increasing my PK ability in order to do a little better at gambling. And this led to this really interesting book about gaming and learning how to rock the house. (continues) But where the book got interesting was when I came across a mention of something called Hypno Peripheral Programming. Remember last week when we were talking about that “moment of knowing” which way a bet would go as soon as the decision … Continue reading