Markets: As Good as it Gets?

When I’m not writing books, pursuing projects in Old Man Labs, or just trying to keep up with 30 acres of land that gets 55-inches a rain a year, our main focus continues to be on long wave economics. The “hero” of this field is Nikolai Kondratiev who proposed that there is a regular 48-64 year ‘heartbeat’ to how the economy runs. Not that there aren’t other counts – of course there are.  Including one that a colleague and I proposed in 2001.  That was based on the saturation of the … Continue reading

Coping: “Dimensions Next Door” Released

A super-short column this morning since it’s a crazy-day around here. I’ll be on CoastToCoast with George Noory tonight talking about the book (and probably markets, too, since we’ve been spectacularly right on those) – and since that means I will be up more of the night, I try to “bank some sleep” ahead of time. A few words about the book:  Dimensions Next Door: Hacking Space-time.  It’s non-fiction, 377 pages in paperback, more than 250-footnotes, and an interesting premise.  Here it is in a nutshell… (Continues below)   I … Continue reading

Happy Blow-off, Petro Crypto?

The insanity of the 1929 replay continues this morning with stocks set to open another 200 points higher by the Dow.  Even more astounding is that Bitcoin is now seemingly comfortable over 11,000 – and perhaps could go to $20,000 within a month (or three) at present rates. Yes, indeed, the world is nuts, but that’s the nature of manias and we seem looked into a 1929-like blow-off based on lots of pressures, but not the least of which is the “free money” notion that backs up cryptocurrencies. This morning … Continue reading

Coping: Time to Review Survival Preps

I hope my sources on several matters are dead-wrong, but they are usually not.  So this morning I’m  going to share some inputs with you and then offer up some action points both for you as well as your loved ones. First, an email from my deflationist pal Jas.  You know don’t him, but his technology is inside most routers along the internet’s backbone.  He’s a PhD. in DSP and in addition he’s got a great eye for long waves in the economy. I remember in 2001-2003 he was explaining … Continue reading

Crooked Thinking on the "National Debt"

This morning we explain how the fabled $20.5-trillion in national debt is really more like $61-trillion in debt. And since we’re in such a dandy, caring, sharing, and giving mood, we will also explain how the supposed Tax Cut passed by the Senate really screws everyone and will at far more than the MSM-hyped $1.4 trillion. We sure know how to have fun, don’t we?  Gnosh-up, bean-up, and off we go… More for Subscribers       ||| SUBSCRIBE NOW!       |||   Subscriber Help Center … Continue reading

Tax Reform: The Carrot and Glock Approach

Among our many problems in the U.S. is this one involving self-delusion about the bubble of “money, government, free lunch, and public debt.” Problem’s this:  At some point the free lunch will run out.  This morning, Tax Reform is being outed for what it really is – just another scheme to give you a break today in return for a ball-buster tomorrow.  See “Republicans are scrambling to make gigantic last-minute changes to their tax bill that could include future tax hikes” for some insights. (Continues below)   The stock market … Continue reading

Coping: The Art of Personal Programming

I was doing some house-cleaning Thursday and found a column that I’d never gotten around to posting.  Since I’ll be on CoastToCoast next week, which usually brings a younger crowd wandering through, seemed like a good time to post it. I should have tossed into my earlier book, The Millennial’s Missing Manual: What School Didn’t Teach and What Old People Didn’t Explain, too. Fast is:  “You become what you think about most,”  is the way one great Positive Motivation expert (Earl Nightingale) put it. If you are a Millennial and … Continue reading