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  1. Mr. Ure, I like to run through this list of ‘Breaking News’ stories but… there is so much duplication of stories and all the Social Media articles. Please review your concept for this page. Thank you


  2. George, just listened to you on Coast 2 Coast podcast from 12/26/16. Heard you before on C2C. Went to check out both your sites. You stated is your free website and the other is subscription. Well, this doesn’t offer much content at all other than encouraging to sign up for your paid site. What is on here that provides value? I expected more from this site. Was thinking of signing up for peoplenomics but will have to back off for now.

    • That is actually a constructive criticism – thanks.
      OK – I increased the number of recent article links (right column) to 50 – which is about 11-weeks forth.
      I also increased recent reader comments to 21,
      Each is well into the thousands but it becomes a matter of page load speed esp. for mobile users.
      I will look into adding a Master Index of articles like the Peoplenomics site has – though that site is hand-coded in HTML because of all the charts of markets over there – generally about 20 charts per week, or so…
      Hope this helps

    • My personaltake on ‘What provides value?’

      The Urban Survival site provides four days of unique economic insight plus GU’s unique personal insights in the Coping section.

      The Peoplenomics Reports are a composite in depth approach to the economic ‘picture’.

      IMHO this site provides daily value and is first on my list of hard information.

      What subject areas are of value to you?


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