Failing Rally, Holding Trend

If you are not a subscriber to our (cheap – $40/year) insider view of things on the site, and you don’t understand what is happening in the market right now, consider this a Fourth of July gift.

I don’t share too much of the Peoplenomics content because there are so many people who are “free lunchers” that I don’t have any particular inclination to give away my life’s work for free.

But since our headline Thursday (Regular Scheduled Rally) may not have made sense by the end of trading Thursday, and because you may think Ure is a whack job, I’m going to share just one corner of one chart so as to enlighten you a bit.

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Before I show you this chart snip, however, some necessary schooling in how real trading works in real markets.

  1.  Stocks go up and stocks go down.  However, it is not an entirely random affair.
  2. We present a proprietary way of looking at both the U.S. and global markets that synthesizes a number of trading techniques.
  3. Three major techniques, the first of which is the Elliott Wave as written up in Ralph Elliot’s books and is throughout his R.N. Elliott’s Masterworks: The Definitive Collection which you can buy on Amazon for $30-bucks, or so.  A more approachable interpretation comes from Bob Prechter in Elliott Wave Principle: Key to Market Behavior.
  4. The second technique which we use is based on trading of trend channels.  Gilbert Raff is the rock star here with his Trading the Regression Channel: Defining and Predicting Stock Price Trends. It explains how channels work and when coupled with the Elliott approach gives additional insight into expected market behavior.
  5. The third technique is one that I necessarily designed myself:  The Aggregate Approach to market analysis.  I designed this approach to address a common, every-day issue with trading markets.  How many times have you seen the NASDAQ go one way and the Dow go another?  Or the S&P going up while the Dow is going down?  I created the Aggregate approach in order to take inter-market “trading noise” out of the equation as much as possible.

This last is key:  The theory holds that at the end of any trading week, there is always a finite, definable, total amount of money in the world.  And so if someone wants a sense of “What Next?” all they need to do is look closely at a synthesis of Aggregate, Elliott, and Channels to make useful inferences and projections.

Now, about that corner of a chart I promised you:  This chart is current as of the pre-open on Friday and it’s my Aggregate view of the U.S. market since the first of the year (1/1/2017):

The small bump up (shown for today) is based on before the open futures prices.

As you can see we are in a longer (Elliott) view in a fifth wave which is likely to be terminal.  What happened in yesterday’s trading was a smash down to the bottom of the block trend like just above the black 4 on the upper right of the chart.

To Elliott Wave purists, Aggregated market numbers are slightly problematic in the some traditional rules of Elliott (as applied to stocks) such as Wave 4 is always bigger than Wave 1, do not necessarily hold true.  On the other hand, however, it’s noted in the literary that in commodity trading while the five-step (or three steps) under Elliott are there, the rule sets governing their behavior is not the same as for stocks.

Then we dial in some history in order to make some tentative guesses as to where things will go next.

In tomorrow’s Peoplenomics ChartPack section, I’ll be holding forth a short opus on where we are in the 1929 replay wherein Donald Trump seems in many ways to be replaying the historical role of Herbert Hoover.

The hint I will again repeat – which drives us toward believing a top will come this summer which will be a longer-term All-Time-High is to count the trading sessions (in days) between when Herbert Hoover took office (March 3, 1929) and when the all-time high was set September 3, 1929.

Now, looking at trading days for the market from the January 20, 2017 swearing of Donald Trump into the Office, we can begin to consider how the waveform analysis (snip of chart above) begins to foreshadow a possible future outcome.

Of course, I work out all these numbers and that’s why Peoplenomics is not free because, honestly, I’ve had people tell me it’s worth 10-times the price – and more.

I don’t mean to sound like a broken record on this stock market stuff, but I consider stock and commodity trading to be far more ethical than trading in notional currencies.  Which is to politely say I believe before too many years have passed, digital currencies – like the price of Tulips in Holland circa 1634 – will have shown themselves to be less substantive that either lots of physical goods (commodities) or fractional ownership of real companies than make real goods or provide real services (stocks).

When a trend looks like it will be breaking out to the upside, I will mention it.  That’s what I expected earlier this week.  But it’s axiomatic in my approach to trading that when a trend channel is being “re-traced” that it tends to reverse at either the middle of the trend channel or the bottom.

There will be occasions where a short excursion out of channel may occur as well, but these are relatively rare and seldom last long.

A possible example will be this week’s trading which may approach one of our proprietary trading tool projections which could trigger going to cash or outright short the market.  Based on the wave count, however, while a break down from the 4th wave is possible it is more likely that any excursion will be transitory enroute to new highs.

Not that I enjoyed seeing four figures of Ure net worth evaporate yesterday.  I assure you I did not.

But that’s why I’ve put 20-years into the study of Long Wave economics, oodles of books on trends and trading, and so forth.  I don’t offer trading advice – that’s between you are your Supreme Being.

What we do provide is what we hope is a fully rationalized approach to markets that offers possibly useful ideas to augment your own savings and investing style.

So for those asking “What Happened to the Rally?”

Two answers.

  1.  The market simply hit the bottom of an ascending trend line.  It may hit it again, too.  That doesn’t bother us in the least because?
  2. Unlike putting money down in a casino, where the roulette or  slot wheels stop where they will and that’s the end of the wager, stock and commodity trading is different in this key sense:


If you bought into the market on Monday of this week and sold out at the panic lows yesterday, you epitomize the concept “Loser!”

If, on the other hand, you bought into the market when our long-term model (which we won’t event talk about this morning because that’s another long discussion) turned bullish back on November 11, 2016 and has remained so ever since, selling at the bottom of yesterday’s trading would still have done fine.

You see, our Aggregate back in November was 17,260.67 and even at the bad patch this week, it was at 19,600-something.  That’s more than 13% in a bit more than seven months.

“Winners” in the stock market are long-term strategic players who don’t get shaken by short-term events.

In July of 2001 our Aggregate was in the vicinity of 10,460.  In the weeks following September 11, 2001 it dropped into the 8,200’s.  Yet six months later is was again above the July 2001 levels and going higher.

But you needed to be nimble, because by July 2001, the Aggregate was actually lower than after 9/11.

Making money trading stocks is not for everyone.  Most people lack patience or become egocentric thinking they, and only they, have insight into the future.

The numbers say no, everyone can see the future clearly enough, but it takes some work and it’s not going to be left under your pillow by the Tooth Fairy.

In today’s Me, Me, Me world, people want free lunch.  For those people we offer Bitcoin ($2,534 this morning) and a bushel of tulip bulbs.

Real investors own land, buy best-of-class investments, and steer clear of fads, especially those offered up by “financial experts” who haven’t beaten the time-tested methods of Buffett-Munger or Templeton.  Or Elliott.  Or Raff.

Now, back to the usual flow of stuff:

Personal Income and Expenditures

Just out from the Bureau of Economic Analysis:

“Personal income increased $67.1 billion (0.4 percent) in May according to estimates released today by the Bureau
of Economic Analysis. Disposable personal income (DPI) increased $71.7 billion (0.5 percent) and personal
consumption expenditures (PCE) increased $7.3 billion (0.1 percent).

Real DPI increased 0.6 percent in May and Real PCE increased 0.1 percent. The PCE price index decreased 0.1 percent.
Excluding food and energy, the PCE price index increased 0.1 percent.”

The real number – the one you feel in the checkbook – is:

Personal outlays increased $9.5 billion in May (table 3). Personal saving was $791.0 billion in May and the personal
saving rate, personal saving as a percentage of disposable personal income, was 5.5 percent (table 1).

We note the definition of personal savings is “…personal income less personal outlays and personal current taxes….”  which means, near as we can figure it, that buying a new motorhome might be considered savings…

CNBC sums it up this way: US consumer spending up just 0.1%, despite income gain…so is there pent-up spending out there?

Dow futures are up 36, but we are still open to the idea of another bounce off the bottom of our trend channel as explained above.

Climate Change or Hype?

From the NY Times: California Today: Heat Wave’s Triple Threat. 

It’s in the Book

It’s the kind of scenario I laid out in my book Broken Web: If Amazon’s cloud goes down, the internet would be in trouble, says Reddit’s Alexis Ohanian.

Related – since within five years I expect government internet licensing – we find this:  Germany approves bill to fine social media up to €50mn over online hate speech, fake news.

And in our “Leave it to CNN” File

Prostitutes: Senate health care bill will devastate us ”

Laughable play for eyeballs, ain’t it?

We will keep our eyes on collapsing news networks…


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  1. I’m getting tired of talking here someone else step up to the plate thanks have a good day and may all beings be lovingly fulfilled so be it that means you yeah you you have a good day too

  2. Our future determines all well I take that back our future is determined by the steps that we take forward course that’s a no-brainer right but the point I’m getting at is if we do any of these steps that we’ve been taught in the past through these evil people then all we do is reproduce the same steps so once were able to enable and change those steps which would be a good reason to have a good defense system to keep other entities from coming in and changing what you like you know if you got something that’s working great and everybody is Happy great but if you have discourse and Chaos that kind of system then something isn’t right so yes you might want to change that to a better system but it’s not so much the system as it is the people in charge of that system the people that are in charge especially if it’s a small amount of people compared to everybody so what we’re looking at is control if someone or a group of people have control that control everyday of your life you’re not able to step out of those boundaries of what your life could be for what the future could be you’re held back

  3. George, Don’t you think it is about time you banned Jon? He contributes nothing, And has no idea what the word “respect” means. If I wanted to read posts like his I would go to the Washington compost. Please do it!

    • Funny Ray, I was just going to write the same thing about you, but then realized I would be violating the 1st Amendment. Obviously you are a fascists that does not respect our Constitution.

      • The First Amendment is applicable to private venues?

        Obviously you are a motormouths (sic) that does not respect the host of this site.

  4. Jon I’m sorry if you’re dissatisfied with the world around you and the people who raised you for for that I’m sorry and if I could I would be your dad for just a little while because I’m not the best dad in fact I’m a very bad dad on International standards but according to one of my daughters I’m very good so let’s talk about you Jon why what is it that you want to do what are your goals what is it you want and why do you feel the way you are, I’m listening and I’ll always be here to listen to you, son, may I call you sonny

    • Bryce,
      I am not dissatisfied with the world around me. To the contrary, I live a real amazing life and lifestyle. I am living proof that mindset matters. I visualized this life for many years and achieved it through hard work and focus.

      While I am not religious, I do worship honesty, integrity, an unprecedented work ethic and the belief that for every measurable benefit I receive, I give back to others that same measurable reward. It has served me well. I live in a great home in one of the most beautiful and most economically prosperous areas of the country and the world.

      But when I confront a person that takes short cuts, in a con man sort of way, I lose it. Trump is such a man. His vitriol, hatred, selfishness, egotistical, narcissistic, and childish behavior makes me sick to my stomach. He would rather name shame the media than stick to his agenda. He has had zero success as a president. He has to kept one campaign promise. He conned his way to the Presidency. For that I am disappointed and dissatisfied not only in our leadership, but for the people that voted for him. We are all better than this guy. We had Rubio, Kasich, Rand, Jindal and Gilmore on the GOP side that all would have been a million times better than what we have now. On the Dem side, there was just Bernie, but he positioned himself all wrong. But, in the end, he may have been better than Trump and his cult like status may have changed the balance of Congress and the Senate a bit.

  5. One more thing before you alt-right nuts totally commit to the vilification of the MSM. Your alt right hero, Alex Jones, yes that same Alex Jones whose attorney admitted that his comments were all for show and had no basis in fact, is now spreading more fake news.

    The same Alex Jones that spread rumors about Pizzagate and later apologized and admitted it was fake. The same Alex Jones that was a birther and who Trump adores and listens to regularly now is spreading this nonsense in the link below. Wake up folks. The MSM isn’t perfect, but they are more real that Jones and Fox. There is video, so the source has nothing to do with the disturbing content, just in case George wants to vilify Huff post. The video backs it up.

  6. Hi George,

    In Herbert Hoover’s term, was there anything like this lefty viciousness against the chief executive? I’ve never seen anything like it, and wouldn’t trust Wikipedia as a source, since they and most others lean so far left.

    I’m disgusted with our so-called institutions that can’t let go of the fact that a non-insider won the presidency. I really don’t care about the “Russians”, though I know they are great hackers. I take care of my business carefully and expect the US government to do the same. I’m mostly happy with the current administration, though I’d like to see a more libertarian slant, especially regarding “drugs”, and the total repeal of the stupid o’scare law.

    • You know there was a terrible time with the Bonus Army – and they marched a million or some such big # on Washington….not the same as now for sure, but we didn’t have a “revolutionary press” running 24/7, either.

      • Are you kidding me? What about the birthers, eh? The tea party protests ring any bells? The contestant vitriol from Fox and the right wing outlets (that many believe are news). And this against a president that won his first election by 10 million votes.

        The current guy lost by 3 million in our “democracy” but due to quirks of geographic vote distribution is “our leader”. Good thing he is a “uniter”, eh? (Sarcasm, in case you didn’t pick up on it). He was elected on a “poke them in the eye” platform (in fact lots of them vs us rhetoric now-a-days), and y’all are wondering why the folks getting poked in the eye are upset? Good grief.

      • So if Trump lost by so much, why are the demos withholding the voting data? Hmmm…

      • George, are you referring to the guy in Mississippi whose response was “go jump in the gulf”? (OH, wait, he’s a Republican) or maybe the Maine SOS who said they’d comply? (Crap, that one is a Democrat). Maybe you could not be dishonest in trying to paint this as a partisan issue…

        Or maybe it is… close your eyes for a moment… think back a few years to 2010 and imagine that Obama makes the exact same request of the states… what’s your response? I’ll bet I can guess, but only you can answer for sure.

        Maybe, just maybe, you own some small part in the partisan rending of this country of ours with some the rhetoric that you put forth to your audience.

  7. George,
    I am sure your financial advice is awesome and $49 is a tip I usually give to an Uber driver, so, if you think by subscribing, I can invest in a way that would beat my 5 year gain that is a 39% year over year average, then I just might subscribe.

    • Probably equal it but I expect you are highly focused in tech – and that’s a risk in many ways.

      • Tech is the new Blue Chip. You will never convince me otherwise. But, you have the pick the companies that are shape shifters and can adapt to Moores’s law type changes

    • John if what you believe is such put your money where your mouth is and give him $40 a month another words x 12 that’s $280 and maybe he’ll make it an exception in the comment section and allow all your comments from the past to be researched by anybody and everybody that punches into the site then we can really get in to the end matter, do you have a website John if not maybe you could use Orvin survivals customer list to propel you into the future okay I’m going to say it again maybe John will pick up on it the future the present and the past it’s all a big circle it’s all been done before now what you have to decide is where you want to be in that Circle because time just Loops back to where it started there’s no beginning and no end so did you research or go into any of those things that other people have posted on this website if you haven’t then you need to go to the back of the class again because you have not graduated further into the class to be able to say hey this is the way it is you have to do your research first and I’m not talking about following what the people who make the money do and that’s what you do you’re following the people who make the money not the universe the universe is different

      • , now the other part that we need to discuss John is what do you have that you can teach other people do you have anything that people can learn it’s really hard to teach people anything let alone a dog when you got a whip and your whipping people with negative have you ever trained an animal it works better with honey the same thing with a marriage honey works better than a whip

    • Gagger, you act so smart so you can show off how dumb you are. In Texas we call people you, All hat, no cattle.

  8. George I’ve been following your Flog(financial Log) for years. I do because I know from other sources that we’re in perilous times and I hope that you will post stuff like you did today so I can have eyes open in the right areas concerning the markets and economy. I’m prepping to survive all I can. What you do Post for free is greatly appreciated since I can no longer work full time(got hurt) and cant find part time work I can’t afford the measly 40 bucks a year for your site. I would if I could. So I just wanted to thank you. Seeing you generalize and lump everyone into a derogatory category like that because they don’t subscribe is disheartening to someone like me. I hope you have a great week and get lots of subscribers and make lots of Money.

    • Thanks Barq. We do free for military (active) and we do offer long-term subsxcribers occasional freebies as their fin condition warrants. But honest, PN is less than a round of gold for most folks – even retired….

    • Don’t take it personally, I couldn’t afford it for 2 years, but I came back when I could.

  9. So George, why did you ask if there is pent up spending? You really don’t know the answer? You don’t think that people are holding back due to the questionable sanity of our President? There is so much uncertainty that scares the excrement out of us.

    For instance, Will he start a war with NK, Syria or even Russia? Will he just Repeal Obama care and watch Congress drag its heels on replacing it? Will he ever get tax reform off the ground? What happened to the infrastructure bill? Will he stop tweeting crazy Sh#*? Will he stop acting like a mafia thug and stop threatening/ bribing media people to stop reporting on him negatively? Will Trumps own staff stop defending him and saying he is tough and will fight fire with fire? He isn’t tough. He is a thin skinned coward for shaming a woman (Mika) and name calling Joe Scarborough. Name shaming the media does not accomplish anything.

    Be tough on NK. Be tough on Russia for meddling in European and U.S. elections. Be tough on yourself by apologizing for your childish rants. I know people accuse me of hate. Right now, it has reached that boiling point. I just may have disgust in me with the Jerk in Chief to qualify it as hate.

    • Just as I was beginning to think you were reasonable you brought up the allegations by a democrat paid wan k about thie Russia stuff. Where’s the beef Jon?> Yes, Trump speaks his mind.
      You will LOVE Peoplenomics tomorrow…oops…dont’t subscribe… If you did, you’d read tomorrow about parallels to the English Civil Wars – and how Trump is Charles 1’s replay.
      But don’t let me spoil your day with too many facts…and you don’t know Mike is Zbignew’s kid, right? And this is about marketing the democrat royals, right?

      • You are totally clueless.

        The Russia meddling is not fake and not made up. I am in future tech. I have mentioned this before, but I deal in technologies that will not available to the marketplace for 12-18 months. One of our divisions deals with cyber security. Since the late 90’s and early 2000’s the Russians have always been by far the best hackers in the world.

        Many were paid millions and hired by American security companies to counter act the cyber terrorism. Some became celebrities.

        If you have ever had your credit or debit card identity stolen, blame the Russians. If you hear of a bank or retailer database breach, blame the Russians. They go after the most vulnerable and try to make a buck off of it. One of the most vulnerable and easiest targets to hack is the U.S. government election committees. I am not sure there was an immediate financial gain to hacking our elections, but longterm, it could come into play as they challenge our newest and our historically weakest leaders in place. It did happen not only here, but all over the world.

        Trump doesn’t speak his mind. He doesn’t have one. He is just a typical classroom bully that uses his power position to compensate for his deficiencies in other crucial area’s, like brain power.

        And you bring up Charles I replay? Really? Hmmmm. Could George be finally coming to his senses? Woooohooo!

        1. Charles believed in the divine right of kings and thought he could govern according to his own conscience. Well, yes, that certainly is Trump.

        2.Many of his subjects opposed his policies, in particular the levying of taxes without parliamentary consent, and perceived his actions as those of a tyrannical absolute monarch. Bingo to the Trumpster again.

        3. Charles was tried, convicted, and executed for high treason in January 1649. The monarchy was abolished and a republic called the Commonwealth of England was declared. Not Trump yet, but one can dream.

      • You need to subscribe Jon. We are consummate rational and the numbers do indeed tell all. I have been forecasting ther Aug 21-24 high for how long?

    • Your disrespect is disgusting and your bragging makes you a bully and you look like and sound like a fool…

      • Bingo. You win the prize Troller. Just like your President. Yep, Just like your President. I am not that person, but if you don’t like the way I am ‘disrespectful”, why does your President get a pass. For the past 3 days, instead of talking about meaningful policies, he acts like a trailer trash 10 year old and picks fights with media people. If you don’t read Twitter, here are his exact Tweets:

        I heard poorly rated @Morning_Joe speaks badly of me (don’t watch anymore). Then how come low I.Q. Crazy Mika, along with Psycho Joe, came..
        .to Mar-a-Lago 3 nights in a row around New Year’s Eve, and insisted on joining me. She was bleeding badly from a face-lift. I said no!

        Watched low rated @Morning_Joe for first time in long time. FAKE NEWS. He called me to stop a National Enquirer article. I said no! Bad show

        Crazy Joe Scarborough and dumb as a rock Mika are not bad people, but their low rated show is dominated by their NBC bosses. Too bad!

        I am extremely pleased to see that @CNN has finally been exposed as #FakeNews and garbage journalism. It’s about time!

        ·Word is that @Greta Van Susteren was let go by her out of control bosses at @NBC & @Comcast because she refused to go along w/ ‘Trump hate!’

        Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present your President. What a moron.

  10. Maybe global temperatures follows the Elliott Wave construct. Wouldn’t that be something?

    • Don’t laugh – temps are already suspect of being a fractal, but there are so many drivers – like oceanic hot spots and such, hard for small ape brains to see the big pic.

      • I know you would also have added sub-marine volcano’s to the oceanic hot spot drivers if you would have had another shot of coffee!