DRM has a Bead on DIY

Say someone goes out and creates something.  Perhaps it’s an engine control system for a vehicle.  Maybe they write a piece of music…

How often, and how long, should creators be paid for that?  Welcome to the squishy world of Digital Rights Management.

That and a look at future price of Bitcoins today as we peer into the future.

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DRM has a Bead on DIY — 33 Comments

  1. Hey George is there a market betting system out there for things like Oroville Dam snaps on the 24th of this month

    • Money to be made on doom and gloom—bunkers,dams,and ricinoleic acid

      • Myself ,I will be sitting under a big old shady tree,sipping a cool one,waiting for one of my dogs to alert me when a coyote comes within range,

        Have a good day

        MAY ALL beings be lovingly fulfilled, so be it

  2. One more thing. Preet Bharara, Sally Yates and now James Cindy all fired while involved in investigations into Trumo and his minions. Hmmmmmm.

    This is right from the playbook of Putin.

  3. Yeah. Uh George. What’s the likelihood of getting an ignore option on your comment section.

    19th nervous breakdown’s rinse and repeat is getting to be an annoying circular reference (NO REALLY. LISTEN TO ME. I’M MUCH SMARTER THAN YOU. YOU DON’T SEE WHAT I SEE. WE’RE ALL GOING TO EAT ####).

  4. I don’t know George. If those 10 scandals were real, then why didn’t Trump or Rozenstein use those as examples as to his firing? If 9 of those scandals are indeed true, which I am not sure that they are, they are about a thousand times more serious than the reasons they gave for Comey’s firing.

    The cumulative scandals, if true, should have been a red flag from day one. Comey should have been his first replacement right? But no, All along Trump has been praising Comey and even made Comey a big part of his campaign rhetoric and painted him as a hero for mentioning the Hillary email debacle.

    Why all of a sudden are they just upset at the way he handled the Hillary email server issue way back in October, 100 days before his swearing in?

    This just doesn’t compute. And today, a full 24 or more hours since that firing, the WH still hasn’t given additional reasons for the firing. Not one of the other 9 scandals have been brought up. Why? Because it really wasn’t the reason. They used the Hillary email example because they thought that would make Democrats happy. But it instead, opened up a whole new can of worms. The Clueless in Chief strikes again.

    • 1) Rozenstein did a summary, not the list. In biz we keep things short and a few bullet points Jon, you know that.

      2 As to why noi prosecutions?” because comey did his job “selectively.”

      Until I see a request for more money to probe the Clinton Foundation, all else is drama.

  5. Regarding cholesterol, there seems to be a fair number of people in the medical community who think that the danger of having high levels of cholesterol is unfounded. I can point you to some podcasts and videos if you like, but I am pretty certain you can find them on your own. Also some people who follow a low carb, high fat (ketogenic) diet have had lowered their cholesterol without the use of drugs.

    • believe me, I’m deep into the research…the brain, after all, is largely cholesterol…

      “While the brain constitutes about 2-3% of our total body weight, an impressive 25% of the body’s cholesterol is found in the brain.”

  6. Your comment made as little sense as the official reason for the firing of Comey. This story is far from petty. And I laugh at your comment about Woodward and Bernstein. The same media that broke the Watergate story, is being called the “fake Media” by Fuhrer Trump.

    And, Just because you were alive during Watergate, doesn’t mean doodle about your knowledge and opinions. History does indeed repeat itself.

    While you yourself praise The WAPO reporters, many were not as convinced. Nixon said at the time.”The press is your enemy”. Nixon told the Joints Cheifs of Staff in a taped conversation written about by Woodward and Bernstein about the scandal. He continued.” Enemies. Understand that? Because they’re trying to stick the knife right in our groin.”

    So who is to say that today’s media, in breaking this story about Russian interference and the Trumps campaigns staff role, is not doing us the same favors of Woodward and Bernstein? And just as relevant, Who is to say that Trump and Darth Bannon aren’t taking a page from the Nixon playbook?

    And as a Republican who is embarrassed by my parties choice as President, I don’t buy you blaming this on the unequal left. The left, the comedians, the audiences responses are acting way more conservatively than you give them credit for. They don’t buy the BS. They want answers. They are acting conservatively in their search for the truth. Because something really stinks in all this.

    For instance, shortly after Comey requested more resources to investigate the Russian scandal, he gets fired? The Russian threat is real and every world leader, every GOP and Demorcratic official will back this up.

    They and many conservatives don’t believe this administration and it’s disorganized and contentious policies. I have yet to meet anyone on the high stakes business world that thinks Trump is legit. How can a guy who can’t spell, has a third grade vocabulary, a believer in Alex Jones, a man so shady that he won’t or can’t verify his self worth and release his tax returns, back up his sources for his outrageous Twitter comments, and dozens more issues be a real President?

    I have hundreds of conservative friends and colleagues that feel the same way about the Dunce in Chief. This is not a left thing. It’s an American thing. Trump and his abhorrent behavior, like Nixon, is bringing this all on by himself. He started with the personal blog attacks on candidates and the name calling, the denials, the fake this and that, the Twitter rants. Had he just kept saying his small puckered mouth shut and just went about the business of Presidenting, or whatever he calls it, I and others would not be writing about this.

    Trump is his own worst enemy and the sh*# is about to hit the fan.

    • Spoken like a hacked DNC email, brother Jon.
      IRL dozens of our subscribers have made good money on BTCs.
      I don’t know anyone who has made a dime on Comey.
      Do you?>

    • Couple of auto corrects in my last paragraph. Take out the word ‘blog’ and the word ‘saying.’
      Finally, the reason for the firing is Comey’s handling at the end of October of the Hillary email server issue. George, you felt Hillary should have been prosecuted, but Trump does not, at least now. Yes, he wanted to lock her up during the campaign, and then lately has been seemingly protecting her.

      This firing had more to do with Comey hurting Hillary than the follow up of prosecution. So, I don’t get your comments. Rosenstein basically said Comey should have kept his mouth shut about the Hillary emails. When Comey told the Senate Judiciary Committee last week that he had no choice but to disclose the re-opened investigation and not “conceal” it. Rosenstein sharply disagreed.

      Prosecutors don’t disclose non-public information about investigations, he wrote: “Silence is not concealement.”

      So I am therefore very confused as to why you are so confused. This story is YUUUGE!

  7. Hmmm.. I wonder.. the pharmaceutical companies think that a patent should be good for as long as they can rape the US Citizens… since our country is the only one where they are openly allowed to do that..
    I find it funny..
    In america the medical industry is one of the only ones that is openly allowed to discriminate.. Price gouge, and keep patents active on vital medications..
    So really why shouldn’t every other industry be allowed the same privileges..

    • and insurance industry since The borders are not really open and allow for a monopoly on their products.
      funny how that is.. they write the bill to benefit themselves.. oh my who would have thought that would happen..
      then make is so long and complex that no one in congress would want to sit down and read it.. all the while having someone buying them martini’s and telling them its a good one trust me..

      • And you forgot goober broadcasting how stupid Americans are. Nancy said you had to pass it to see what’s in it, but we are the stupid ones, obummer met with them hundred of times, but they claimed they didn’t meet with him, Michelle’s friends from Canada who got the obamanocare websites contract, and blew it. Yeah, the total mess of it all and foisting their graft grab on us. Just say no, quit it, go to a health sharing ministry. No fines, no premiums, no deductibles, no BS taking from the givers to give to the takers any longer.

  8. And there’s an end game to this DRM thing and it’s ugly.

    Wonder why China wasn’t “western civilization”? They could have been.

    Paper, gunpowder, ocean going ships, they had all those things. They could have at least given Europe a run for their money and probably dominated Asia & the Pacific.

    But they didn’t…because there was no value given to innovation and achievement in terms of science and industry.

    In Europe (and later the USA) a clever guy could improve a process or create a new one and become, if not foully rich, at least middle class.

    Not in China. You were not allowed to rise, no matter what. So why bother?

    If a guy was thought to have promise he might get into the lower ranks of the Chinese civil service or military. His kids could slowly rise. Nice scheme to keep the lid on and society stable.

    But stability is an illusion. It leads to stagnation, always.

    China basically stopped at their equivalent of 1492 and even went backwards a bit. And they paid for it by being pushed around by the Europeans for several centuries. Only now are they somewhat equivalent in tech and manufacturing.

    If the corporations get their way the number of creative tinkerers will steadily drop and new ideas with them. Eventually new problems will emerge and no one will be able to solve them…..game over.

  9. “…the flip-side is democrats are going nuts.”
    You mean you could tell?
    You’re really, really, good!

  10. I’ve said for decades that copyrights on software should expire five years after first sale. In most cases the developer has abandoned maintenance on the product and the owner needs to maintain it.

    On tractors, I’ll stick with my old Massey and Fords. All have nice, simple diesels and no electronics at all. Even the fuel cutoff is manual. For the newer stuff, including cars and tractors – if you replace the entire software(think Megasquirt), you’ve end run the whole thing. I’ll be working on that when/if I ever have time. And no, I’ll not buy a Deere for anything beyond scrap price.

  11. I don’t know what your content is on Peoplenomics, but that first paragraph we all see, did not lead with the Comey firing. Why? This is the same Comey that handed Trump the election. This is the same Comey that he praised for his guts and determination in campaign stops on October 23rd and October 31st.
    But the biggest head scratcher is Trumps curious letter to Comey. “ While I greatly appreciate you informing me, on three separate occasions, that I am not under investigatio, I nevertheless concur with the judgement of the Department of Justice that you are not able to effectively lead the bureau.”

    Let’s translate this BS looking at a few angles. My first impression is that he is saying in his best Joe Pesci voice. “While yooz never ratted on me, my Boss “Don” Sessions ordered me to put the hit on yooz. Bang, bang!!!”

    The problem is, Comey never actually said that Trump is not under investigation per se. He said that there is an investigation and that the content of the investigation is classified information. He really never said he was or wasn’t under investigation. But, if in fact he did tell Trump this information privately, Comey committed a federal crime by giving a possible suspect in an investigation inside

    But in a scenario only usually seen in spy fiction movies and novels, Trump basically fired the guy who was conducting an investigation, if not against him, against people that worked and work for him. He now gets to appoint his own goon to replace Comey. I am sure, this is the last time we have heard about this Russian investigation. This is Nixonian and is very much like the firing of Special Watergate prosecutor Archibald Cox.

    The curious part of all of this is the official reason they fired Comey was his handling of the Hillary emails? That makes zero sense. Trump repeatedly referred to Clinton as Crooked Hilary for nearly a year, took advantage of the Comey announcement of the Hillary emails and rode that to the Presidency.

    The only way this makes any sense is that Trump and Sessions, who is supposed to be recused from any involvement in the Russian investigation, figured that they were in trouble with Comey. And they concocted a rationale for firing Comey, based on political reasons. They knew Democrats did not like him because of the Hillary email situation and Trump did not want him meddling anymore in the Russian investigation. The WH saw this as a win win, but it backfired. This is juicy cover-up spy novel material.

    Does anyone besides me see this as highly suspect?

    • !. Peoplenomics is not about petty BS party weasel politics. It’s about making money, getting value from life, and seeing the road ahead clearly. When the Librarian of Congress has to renew the land vehicle exemption in 2018 for DRM”’s application to “land vehicle” under DMCA sec. 12-01, Peoplenomics readers will be up to speed. We will be seeing the leverage applied.

      2. Ref Comey, he is NOT a lead-qualified story. He was an incompetent fool. a) because the Clinton Foundation cash contribs for the 20% grab of US uranium was never investigated, 2) because he made a patently illegal call over the failure to pros. Hil on the email deal, and 3) now after 7-months and not shit to report, he wanted a bigger budget to “go fishing.”

      He is, in my view, a has-been, who was over his head and failed when he was not able to handle the John Ashcroft illness incident better when he “stepped in.”

      3. Comey was an Obama appointee, and near as I can figure it, a would-be Deep State operative who didn’t play the role well.

      Failure to EQUALLY enforce the law, plenty enough reason to fire him.

      Anyone stupid enough to believe the lefty’s “Nixonian” narrative is too young, under-studying, and egotistically presumptuous to remember that there was already a special prosecutor in place in the Watergate case, and there was evidence (remember Woodward and Bernstein?) that Nixon was a crook.

      (I was a big city news director at the time of Watergate and covered the whole thing…age does have a few advantgaes over youth in this regard)

      After 7-months and no smoking guns, it was telling the leftys at the Colbert show last night APPLAUDED the Comey firing. The implosion of the UNEQUAL LEFT continues.

      Meantime, I applaud Chris Salcedo (*WBAP Dallas, who is the self-described Liberty Loving Latino) who today thanked the ACLU for issuing a “Travel Warning ” about Texas.

      Words to the effect “Heck yes…if you’re an illegal, pass Texas by. If you can’t follow the rule of law, pass Texas by. Go to California…anywhere but here.”

      The Comey firing is not suspect.

      But why there was no probe of the Clinton emails, why no feathering of the family foundation nest from the Russian uranium deal…well yeah, that IS suspect of something.

      Treasonous malfeasance.

  12. Dang. A John Deere tractor is an awfully big “dongle” for their damn software!

      • But pretty damn accurate, I realized reading your article! You paint a very thorough picture of all the pieces to the puzzle. “$120,000 for a piece of software. By the way, the dongle runs on diesel.”