An America “Whodunnit”

If I could give you all the answers, you’d be appalled, so I will just give you the barest essentials of the possible plotline of the ongoing media novel grounded in the last presidential election.

Writ large today, we have the family investigator in the Seth Rich murder – he was the democrat national committee data analyst speculated to have been a WikiLeaks source – asking “Where’s his computer?”  Apparently, he’s been told that BOTH the FBI AND the DC police have it.

Wait….Did I say F.B.I.?  As in you-know-who, just recently fired?


Yes, that’s right and Fox-5 out of DC is breaking the Seth Rich re-story.

In a way, this wraps into the Shawn Lucas case, too.  Remember him?  You’re not supposed to because he, too, could be cast as a problem for the democrat storyline.  In fact, the only Lucas we could find in Wikipedia was the Sean Lucas who played in the CFL.

But if you read archived pages around the web, you quickly find that Shawn Lucas was a process server who died right after serving a class action lawsuit on the DNC over the screwing of Bernie Sanders out of a fair chance to clinch the democrat nomination. (See video: )

What remains on the web alleges Lucas died of a mix of pharmacologicals although he wasn’t known to take drugs in the accounts we studied.

Hmmm…a potential WikiLeaks source and a Bernie class action lawsuit server – both dead ahead of the election – plenty of grist for the conspiracy theorists, no question.

In fact, if you go to this page (The Clinton Body Count), you will find 12 references to what?  The FBI.

The 10th reference on that page is the one that (if true) might lend some legitimacy to the claims of the Rich family investigator, a former homicide cop:

“Shortly after the killing, Redditors and social media users were pursuing a “lead” saying that Rich was en route to the FBI the morning of his murder, apparently intending to speak to special agents about an “ongoing court case” possibly involving the Clinton family. 

Was it a real lead?  Who would have known…outside the FBI, that is.

Might this relate to present-day events, and if so how?

Begin by asking yourself “What would the FBI Director know about such high-level cases?”  If anything?  Peripheral murders to a presidential contest would, one assumes,  be attention-getting…

Then look at the box James Comey would have been in if he had even informed suspicions of untoward or violent acts.  How would a reasonable FBI chief (and father of 5) navigate through such a dangerous swamp?

Perhaps this context can help us to understand the seemingly contradictory actions of Comey on Clinton in the run-up to the election.

To me, it casts the whole democrat “Comey feeding frenzy” in a different light.

If democrats get their wish – and Comey does get up in a public “tell all” session and lays out ALL he knows and what he suspects –  there may be a lot more to tell than just vague Russian insinuations as  “why he got fired.”.

There could be a LOT more.

The Russia Frenzy, II

Meantime, the WaPo was claiming today that “highly classified” secrets were discussed by the president in recent meetings with the Russians.

And then, shortly later, when Trump said he discussed “facts” with the Russians, the Post ran a fine self-congratulatory piece.

For our readers (and those who read the links in our Monday explanation of Schwerpunkt) this is a mighty fine example of how a media Swarm War is prosecuted.

More realistically: Trump info sharing might justify the ends with Russia concerning ISIS, says ex-CIA official.

And if you like the tactical view, how about “Did Wash Post Publish Dubious Russia Story to Distract From Seth Rich Bombshell?

By noon, SMS-forwarding should ensure the whole country is misguided.

Speaking of the WaPo

We explained six months back, or so, how Amazon and the real estate developer-in-chief are headed for the mat over time.

The reason is simple:  Jeff Bezos is out to e-tail the world.  Trump, as a developer, has a vested interest in a continuation of the shopping mall and mixed retail/residential models, which Amazon (and by extension, the Washington Post) are “mouse murdering.”

Recode got this right, too last year when they wrote   “Donald Trump said Amazon and Jeff Bezos have a ‘huge antitrust problem.’ Now they may.”

So when  the Post goes Trumpling, we flip to the [other]  funny pages.

Housing Starts

Meanwhile, back in numerically-quantifiable land, the press release please?

Building Permits Privately-owned housing units authorized by building permits in April were at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 1,229,000.  This is 2.5 percent (±1.1 percent) below the revised March rate of 1,260,000, but is 5.7 percent (±1.4 percent) above the April 2016 rate of 1,163,000.  Single-family authorizations in April were at a rate of 789,000; this is 4.5 percent (±0.8 percent) below the revised March figure of 826,000.  Authorizations of units in buildings with five units or more were at a rate of 403,000 in April.

Housing Starts Privately-owned housing starts in April were at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 1,172,000.  This is 2.6 percent (±8.8 percent)* below the revised March estimate of 1,203,000, but is 0.7 percent (±7.0 percent)* above the April 2016 rate of 1,164,000.  Single-family housing starts in April were at a rate of 835,000; this is 0.4 percent (±8.6 percent)* above the revised March figure of 832,000. The April rate for units in buildings with five units or more was 328,000. 

Housing Completions Privately-owned housing completions in April were at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 1,106,000.  This is 8.6 percent (±10.8 percent)* below the revised March estimate of 1,210,000, but is 15.1 percent (±12.2 percent) above the April 2016 rate of 961,000.  Single-family housing completions in April were at a rate of 784,000; this is 4.5 percent (±10.6 percent)* below the revised March rate of 821,000. The April rate for units in buildings with five units or more was 299,000.”

Photo op?

An hour before the opening the Dow was up 35.

Adventures of Kid Korea

Interesting story in the NY Times about how the NK’s may have crossed a US tripwire with their recent intermedia range missile test.

More interesting is the notion that they might have been behind the ransomware outbreak this past week, too.

Do remember where the ransomware source came from, right?


An America “Whodunnit” — 46 Comments

  1. Ha!…We have been reading your postings for some years now George. Seems like you got a real-live Sharia-Blue posting on your blog under the name of Jon… Amazing. Usually they spend their time down voting over on Reddit but I suppose some are branching out to other popular areas of the “inter-webs.” It’s kinda like trying to shake off a tick. Facts won’t matter, only feels for those types.

  2. While I love reading the comments I was thrilled when Jon shutup. Who passes out the talking points every morning….I swear they all say the same things. Not a unique or thoughtful idea in the bunch. Now that’s my idea of the walking dead

  3. A: An ex-cop says he knows a guy who talked to a guy – a stale, far-fetched Clinton Conspiracy reheated


    B: Trump jeopardizes lives of deep cover Mossad agents inside ISIS to try to impress his Russian handlers

    Which is more important?

    • C./ the Media – as McMaster said – is the one group that revealed the Mossad insider but the Obama soft coup supporters won’t be allowed to find out the truth. Trump said nothing per McMaster.

      No, this was some serious Obama choreographed made-up shit to feed the anti-white guy press of the ultra left NE

      Uh…C hands down

  4. Jon, it seems that the WaPow and NY Slimes is spending copious amounts of time on the election recount, Russian hacked election machines, Trumps personal Russian Connections, His family’s Russian connections, his associates Russian connections, his dog’s Russian connections etc. If they had spent only one tenth that amount of time on Obama’s College transcripts, or sealed birth certificate, or if they had spent one tenth the time on Hillarie’s uranium connection (read RUSSIAN) or for that matter Nancy Pelosie’s Russian contacts, I do believe we would have a whole different country today.
    That being said, Donald won the election, get over it. Also the usual reason some one demeans a person (the president in this case) or calls him names is because the individual as run out of intelligent well thought out and logical argument.
    George Ure, I thought you were going to weed out the name callers??

  5. It’s all just mafia infighting as an unqualified son got himself in charge because the previous head expired, and now the others smell blood in the water.

    What else would you call an organization that has such a pervasive lack of integrity? It certainly isn’t a business, it would have failed eons ago. There is $1.5 trillion annually of new money at stake here (national debt plus trade deficit), so it’s a big game. Unfortunately these people control your lives and the currency you use to meet your basic needs. When they come by and shake you down for a little more (Obamacare?) you just hang your head and reach for the cash drawer. They do nothing unless there is something in it for them. Absolutely nothing.

    • Agreed; mafia style shakedown going on. Watch the feeding trough. Going to a health sharing ministry is ONE way to avoid the shakedown called Obama-non-care. PEOPLE, wake up, you do NOT have to have those high premium and high deductible ‘insurance scam plans.’ WAKE UP! Why do you think the economy is slowing down…think about it! At least $1,000 dollars a month is coming out of many people’s pockets! It is a discriminatory mafia style shakedown, rated for AGE, INCOME, and ADDRESS. Go find a doctor who takes cash and doesn’t want your Social Security Number. 30% of our GDP is tied up in Healthcare! Ya’ll are not getting health care, you are getting insurance and that is not the same thing!

  6. It’s clear that republicans have gone from the party of opposition to the party of enabling, apologist and absolution. Even to the point of not caring that a foreign power was mucking around in our election. It’s more important to republicans to cover up and enable than it is to stop foreign meddling in our elections.

    I KNOW how republicans would be reacting if Obama was still in the White House!

    • This is the first time we’ve had an ex president leading a soft coup with embeds, too if I recall. Other presidents just left town, did a book deal and played golf…

  7. I feel much safer knowing that Putin received Trump’s gift in the Oval Office. What did Trump get in return?

    • You didn’t hear the McMaster presser with the jackals. I did.
      Trump didn’t give a “gift” – But seriously? >>>you’ve been left-sucked by the SMS crew at soft coup hq

      • I first though you wrote, left-sucked by the SMS screw at soft screw hq!!!

        Same difference, right? MOST of the news is made up BS by the MSM, then they argue the made up points, and repeat them until they have a brainwashed mass of snivvling gullible gutless wonders running around causing havoc over made up BS. This is just another one of the made up messes.

  8. “Trump, as a developer, has a vested interest in a continuation of the shopping mall and mixed retail/residential models….” I thought he was supposed to leave all that behind, put it in a blind trust or whatever, leave all the workings of that to his relatives or trusted business partners, with whom he would not converse about their activities as not to appear or eve be favoring all that in any way. I thought he was supposed to have the bigger, far more complex interests of the USA as his top priorities. It was obvious to me well before the election that he would be unable to turn away from his business interests and making more money for himself and his friends (see, for example, who is paying for his weekend trips [+$3 million each?] and his wife’s stay in New York [+56 million so far?]). I’m surprised that anyone still thinks he ever was serious about even trying to put aside anything that he sees will boost his own ego and fortunes. Sad.

  9. New Flash: The President of the U.S. is the Commander-in-Chief and Chief diplomat. He can unilaterally declassify information or decide to share it with other nations, as Truman did when he shared Manhattan Project nuke specifics with Stalin at Potsdam. Once the president decides to share, there is no ‘leak’ of classified information. It is a ‘sharing’ to further U.S. national interests in accordance with Article II of the U.S. Constitution. This story was nothing more than a WaPo reporter pushing out a hit piece on the President, trying to strengthen the tenuous, alleged ties of his campaign to various Russian election influences. In this growing and ominous ideological war between the defeated and demoralized Obamanistas/Clintonistas and Trump. Citizens beware – our nation is at war with itself.

    • My husband laps up anything anti-trump but every time I look past main stream media (MSM) headlines I have found there is not only definately two sides to the story but that over time the Prez comes out looking remarkably legally clean. Mistakes are made but this is no different than any other administration. No one can function properly under a microscope in a hostile (got ya) work environment. This is not good for the country.

      Bottom line is that laws and trust are being broken, progress hindered and negative emotions stirred. As far as I can see the MSM have a lot to answer for legally and morally.

      • Exactly! All this made up MANIA by the MANIASTREAMPRESSTITUTES! Remind us again how many corporations own 99% of the American news organizations (tv, print, radio, hollyweird, movies, etc.?). IF this isn’t a concerted effort to bring down an administration, I don’t know what is! Oh, surprise, same statistics in the UK and EU, those conglomerate push the agenda, create it, sustain it, milk it, stir it, fire it up, release it over and over in droves, and hardly EVER correct lies, fabrications, misunderstandings, illegal leaks, etc., all drummed up by the corrupt core!