Working Sideways, Rally to Come

Although it is not a hard-and-fast rule, there is oftentimes something of an upward bias to markets in the period leading into major holidays.

So, with the Fourth Of July three or four day weekend just ahead, it’s no wonder that I find myself somewhat long the market, waiting for the Big Move to the blow-off highs of July/August we’ve been predicting to show up.

There is some sense that the market is climbing a wall or worry, the more realistic outlook is that it’s climbing a “wall of cash…”

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What is meant by this is simple.  There are two factors which are driving the market onward and upward in our view:  The Federal Reserve slopping cash on the market the same as you’d slop strawberry jam on  a PB&J sandwich.  It’s hard to put on too much jam, or for that matter, too much cash.

Still, we will see how the “monetary sandwich” is coming when the weekly Federal Reserve H.6 Money Stocks measure comes out this afternoon.  Short of a revelation about testing ANS brakes on money-creation, the paper-hangers are one reason for the upward mobility of this pig.

The other reason is a little more subtle, but not much.  We are almost to the end of a quarter – June 30th – and for the unfortunates of finance whose compensation depends on hitting performance benchmarks on a quarterly basis, this will be when a higher market will – for some – mean higher paychecks.

And if there are pension funds still putting in money on a quarterly basis, rather than monthly (or on-the-fly) that would help goose things in coming weeks, as well.

Now a lot of people may be under the mistaken impression that the market sold off yesterday.  And while that’s true – if you look at the singular Dow Jones Industrial Average – when you look a bit more deeply on an aggregate basis – which is our stock & trade – the market actually went up yesterday.

The rise yesterday was due mainly to the fact that the NASDAQ increased more than the Dow went down.

Whether our latest hare-brained trade will work out remains to be seen, but 9-1/2 trades into the year, we don’t have any complaints.

For now, the futures are about flat.  The Kansas City Fed Manufacturing number about 10 AM Central may be of interest, though I expect it to firm which may move the market up a bit…but mainly this is a slow week.  Holiday is still more than a week off, there is only minor news next week,

Even the week after will be a bit dry.  That’s because the June Employment Report won’t be out until Friday the 7th which we’re sure suits the party-goers to the Hamptons just fine.

I will try to wake up from my morning nap around 10 to see that KC Fed number, but this is one of those “dog days of summer*” when I’ve lightened up on the coffee early so as to not have the kidneys interrupt nappy-time.

[Literary Critic Note:  Although various computations of the dog days have placed their start (and it’s a Sirius matter) anywhere from 3 July to 15 August and lasting for anywhere from 30 to 61 days, we beg to differ.  Around here, we use damn near any trite phrase handy in our feeble efforts to make the droll business of market-watching seem interesting.  Most times it’s not.  So we beg your forgiveness for such literary trespass.]

Tropical Sprinkler Cindy

While our friends in the mountain country of Arizona suffer through another day of heat warnings, and people down in the Valley of the Sun are thinking of renaming the Phoenix metro area The Surface of the Sun, our house guest Cindy will be dropping by the neighborhood shortly.

As of this morning, it looks like we will get two inches of rain and we will be unseasonably cool for another week, or longer.  Won’t see 90 until a week from tomorrow at the earliest.

The rain, however, is a mixed blessing.  If you happen to run  beef cows this is like money falling from the sky.  A four-cutting (of hay) year is a marvelous thing agriculturally.  It’s also dandy if you sell power equipment parts.  Because people like me will be mowing longer and more frequently than usual and that’s always good for business.  Parts in particular, since every so-often a fence post will jump out and hit the mower deck.

Not to be fooled, I’m going to the eye doc next week.

We now return you to the asylum.

Drudge and Putin?

About the dumbest headline I’ve seen in a long while: “FEC Dem eyes widening Russia probe to Facebook, Drudge, foreign companies.”

Since America doesn’t seem to have anything else to do, the Trump-bashing by the snowflakes, the looney left, and the uninformed voters does remind us of one bit Reality often overlooked:

The Trump-bashing is largely a product of Desperation Media which – which has been featuring such late-breaking news as a certain television host farting in 2010.

This is “sticky content” (if you’ll pardon the word choice) for the low information voters.  The rest of us have lives and don’t sign petitions orchestrated by the Obama government in exile, Soros Inc. or whoever is paying the lefties under the table.

You do know what GTFU means, right?  (Hint)

More Is Less

We’re not the only ones on point: “Michael Moore: Dems have ‘no message, no plan, no leaders’.”

But then we hold these truths to be self-evident.

Pelosi’s Product Pull Date

House loser Nancy Pelosi is running out of time.

But she’s really had a pretty good run.  Says here since 1989 she has raised something like $22.6-million for her various campaigns, spending $20.9 million.  That’s on top of $560 raised for louse house democrats.

When you dig into her past support you’ll see a lot of healthcare, lawyers, and union support.  All yesterday’s news.  Healthcare is a financial nightmare – and going up 25% next year on top of this year’s load, lawyers are facing the prospect of swamp drains, and unions?  Hell, with the exception of Letter Carriers and UPS drivers, who’s left?

Spinning Anti-Trump

The NY Times piece is headlined “:Trump turns Iowa Rally into a Venting Session.”

Makes it sound bad, but a more honest headline might have been “Trump talks straight with the Base…:  Which is still refreshing in flyover country.

They focused on the Left’s immigration hot-button instead saying Trump was crafting legislation to bar new immigrants from receiving welfare for at least five years.

Here’s a revolutionary thought:  Since most of American have roots going back generations how about under the Equal Protection clause we all file for back welfare not paid our families in the 1800’s?  With interest, too…. I’m mean equality is equality, is it not?  Why should new arrivals today get the free ride our ancestors did not?

Oh, whoops.  Forgot myself.  Equality isn’t equal…just keep repeating that.

Love to see hear the government-in-exile spins this one…and sadly we probably will.  The media-left will make sure of that…

Speaking of Which: Losers

CNN rolling with “Trump: ‘I just don’t want a poor person’ in Cabinet.”

What the CNN reporter apparently missed is this thing called pro sports.

The way that works is pretty simple:  If you want to win a Super Bowl, you get the best athletes you can find.  They’re expensive but they win.

Same thing is (or ought) to be true in government.  If you want success, bring in winner.  If you want political correctness, and are willing to flush American down the financial crapper to get there, then sure, staff up with losers.

No Super Bowl rings in that approach, but Reality’s a bitch.

We are SOOO Screwed

World population to hit 9.8 billion by 2050, despite nearly universal lower fertility rates – UN.

Coping: With “Dancing Wu Li Physics”

With me focused on a new way of looking at statistics, and applying it at the gaming tables (remember that odd symbol in the dream world a while back?) I can’t think of a better discussion than the little matter of the evolving merger between physics and the world of religion slash belief sets.

What makes this so much fun to watch is that a fellow by the name of Gary Zukav wrote a book a long time back in which he explained to the slow and those missing perspective how this merger would be coming down the pike,  His book?

Dancing Wu Li Masters: An Overview of the New Physics.

(Continues below)


So that’s the Big Picture.

Funny thing is, as we move closer to the merger there are fundamentalists on both sides of the equation (e.g. the “science” and the “religion”) who are having one hell of a time letting go of what they previously believed.

And that’s one of the big trip wires to change:  In order to go with the change you need to be open to change.  So whether you are a strict Reductionist in Science, or a Fundamentalist in whatever Religion, you become a partisan.

And if there’s a sure-fire way to have your soul kicked off the way Forward it is to be a partisan in either camp.

All of which leads into a savory email from frequent contributor Warhammer, who as a brother of the oak leaves in dotmill lands, has some very solid takes on the very unsolid (and mostly empty) space we mistake for present:

“Reading your column Monday morning about the apparent correlation between solar and Juglar cycles reminded me of this article (below) which I read earlier on the NBCNews website:

You might want to run with this a bit  in one of your Wu columns.

What pops out at me is how quantum and molecular science are moving closer and closer to the fundamental tenets of Tao and Buddhism to explain what data is increasingly showing.

The scientists cited in the article believe it feasible for stars, planets and/or other celestial objects (or groups of  objects) to exist in a different kind of state of consciousness.

The premise is essentially that consciousness somehow originates in the minute quantum foam between subatomic particles.  Consciousness is a quantum effect.  Organic molecular structures, while convenient to our current level of understanding, may not be necessary for consciousness to arise.  The article describes a conscious being as one that can learn from its past experiences and influence its own future.

Let me wax theoretical for a moment – quantum physics shows that one can measure either a particle’s position or its energy, but not both.  As the article notes, at the quantum level, the simple act of observing is, from a certain point of view, an act of creation.  When we choose to measure a quantum particle in space/time (e.g. is the electron a wave, or a particle?), that choice is expressed in the ‘creation’ of the wave or particle out of the quantum foam.

Can this demonstrated scientific process be extrapolated to our macro world?  Taoists and Zen masters say “yes!”  Scientists may be on the cusp of agreeing with the masters.

Taking this all one giant step further, the Book of Genesis and numerous other stories of creation fit the quantum measurement/creation model at the macro scale, assuming that there was some conscious being outside of our known universe which was able to influence our universe’s ‘big bang’ through thought/observation/measurement alone.

Such a grand theory of conscious creation allows for consciousness to scale from a tiny one-celled creature up to something beyond the scope of our known universe – ‘learning from its past and influencing its future.”  Problematically, the theory fans the flames of ‘creationism, tangentially validating countless creation ‘myths’ as well as the presence of an all-knowing, creative consciousness many call God.

What this all means with regard to any and all objects in the solar system, living or not, remains to be seen.  How our Sun interacts with the planets, let alone with other suns, a galaxy, or the whole enchilada we call the universe might ultimately, dramatically impact the fate of conscious lifeforms on our planet Earth (any your stock portfolio).”

Very nicely said, indeed.  Those are the kinds of thoughts that I remember having back in about 1983, or so, when living in the Cayman Islands, when Dr. Fred Alan Wolf sent me a galley print of his (then) forthcoming book Star Wave: Mind, Consciousness and Quantum Physics.

While it is still a difficult read (in that it’s not like a book you can be watching something on YouTube in the background…it takes a focused mind to absorb some of it) the core tenets are excellent.

For something more contemporary,  Fred’s The Yoga of Time Travel: How the Mind Can Defeat Time may offer some useful insights if you’re a scientific reductionist at heart and just don’t see how science can let this out of body experience stuff, which bumps into dreams and remote viewing and religious experience become objectively real, then it’s a solid read.

But not while in/ id-focused.

The one mental construct worth passing along that has helped me visualize where the boundaries of modern science are going may be built by thinking as follows:

  1.  Imagine that every dimension we have is not a “solid” but rather everything is a wave function.
  2. Thus, we have dimensions that include height, width, depth, time (or duration) and even less tangibles like heat, density, and so forth.
  3. It then becomes clear how Crazy George, here at Nutjob Labs in the Outback, can seriously begin to look at things like running wave-interference research to ascertain where we might be on each of this “collapsing wavefronts” of these different types.

Surfing the Physics of IT All

Easiest, perhaps to imagine one of those 1960’s beach party movies where the girls were on the beach and the young dudes were out riding the surf.

Consider that everything we are doing is “riding an exact” front on this continuously breaking rolling wave that goes on forever.

It works…but more importantly, we see in this analogy how it is that millions, nay, billions of other universes could be riding the same wavefront…just offset from our position on the wave by the tiniest amount.

Now we get into the wu-wu part.

Once you accept that there is a vibration (consisting of a wave-interference patterns that is unique for each location on the wavefront) then teleportation, remote viewing past and future, and even the legendary “star gate” stuff all fades into view as perhaps not so unreal after all.

In a 55-year period of reading gobs of physics, science fiction, quantum physics books, and the borderland stuff – UFOs and time travel and what-not, it becomes clear that humanity has become infatuated with the simplistic.

There’s a belief – set out in Occams Razor – that if there are multiple choices for event drivers, then the simplest of these will oftentimes be more likely to be correct.

But alas, Occam was a simple reductionist, himself.  And he was far from a man of science, but more a man of the cloth at a time long before the slow-motion merger began.

William of Ockham (/??k?m/; also Occam, from Latin: Gulielmus Occamus;[1][2] c. 1287 – 1347) was an English Franciscan friar and scholastic philosopher and theologian, who is believed to have been born in Ockham, a small village in Surrey.[3] He is considered to be one of the major figures of medieval thought and was at the centre of the major intellectual and political controversies of the fourteenth century. He is commonly known for Occam’s razor, the methodological principle that bears his name, and also produced significant works on logic, physics, and theology. In the Church of England, his day of commemoration is 10 April.”

Though simplistic, Occam’s approach is still adhered to by lots of so-called climatologists who say global warming is real.

It is, of course.  But the man-caused portion is infinitesimally small while the natural drivers are huge in comparison.

But men, being what they are (and in this case women don’t want to demand equality) pigheaded ignorance is a tribal quality.  The Puritans of Science and the Fundamentalists of Religion.

Out here on the leading edge of thinking, however, we continue to make pertinent observations.

My favorite so far is that in stories about dimensional portals or time travel, or antigravity effects, there is the usual presence of multiple wave generators.  A point few remark on.

Yet however much the data suggests that there are massive physical effects to be found within the confines of multiple wave front replacers, we instead work on building massive colliders (think CERN) where we are like apes trying to extract the secrets of the universe by merely hitting the rocks harder.

There is another way.

We can sing to the rocks.

Not literally, of course.  Although examples of acoustical levitation are easily found so those 64 monks blowing long horns to raise massive stones may be more than just folk lore.

No, I’m suggesting a Thomas Edition-like diligent process of multi-field wave-interferometry.  Where you would have literally focused energies from D.C. to daylight, and look for the anomalies resulting at various field densities.

My work on the mapping of such anomalies is done…so now it’s just a matter of counting the fields, setting parameters and running the tests.

You can get an idea of how it could work from the legends/stories around the Philadelphia Experiment or the stories about the Montauk Project.

In each, there was a strong magnetic field, a strong ultraviolet light source (high voltage mercury vapor rectifiers on the USS Eldridge), a microwave transmitter in the 200 MHz class (Eldridge) to 900 MHz (SAGE radar range at Montauk) and possibly HF radio signals or, perhaps, an AM radio transmitter nearby.

If you want a good project, find me estimated field strength readings for AM and commercial radio stations near the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard, during the time of the purported events.

Yet there is lies, like a nugget of gold at Sutter’s Mill awaiting to be discovered by a worthy soul with the right taste for inquiry and a comprehensive plan backed by lots of computational horsepower and enough background in RF engineering to build the equipment necessary to measure down into the noise floor of reality.

For now, I’ve down in the 1-part in 18-million range, which I think ought to be close enough to begin the work.

Is it a fools quest?

Oh…I don’t think any more so that a bunch of apes hitting rocks hard and expecting God to come out.

As always, I put my money on myself…but unlike others, I’m putting a lot of this stuff out there in advance so that others may follow.

A structured research into physical anomalies generated by a wide range of wave generators is something no one has done so far.

But perhaps it’s because we lack the capacity to effectively generalize and learn from out lack of progress in other areas.

I’m guessing three – maybe four – wave front over-riding signals ought to do it.  But I admit to dragging my feet just a bit.  Not sure about power levels so I want to have more fun in life before I settle into the quest too deeply.

Besides, the first of the fallout from the research along the way will show up this weekend on Peoplenomics.

Remember that column “Math in the Afterlife” back in May?

Out of this:  has come?  A new way to play poker!

Who would have thought?

Write when you break even, win the Lotto, or teleport,

Time for a Free, Federal, Online University

Onto the battlefield of Social Delusions this morning as we take on the Higher Education Lobby.
There is no reason why we – as a country –  can’t offer free, government-paid four year degrees to all citizens.  Anyone hear of “online?”

Except for the simple reason that we all too often say one thing and then happily go off acting in a manner completely contrary to our vocalized wishes.

A few headlines and than off to the shrink’s couch we go as we examine the pros and cons of a free federal online degree program.

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Making Up Climate Change

Why, the headlines this morning are good enough that Al Gore should be flying to Phoenix right now in order to do another sales job on climate change and his friends in the carbon exchange, which was all enabled by a then-junior state senator in Illinois, back when, one Barack Obama).

Here’s a headline from (Hillary endorsing) USA Today which goes to the idea that it’s so hot in Phoenix that they can’t fly planes.

There are a couple of reasons that some planes don’t fly when it gets hot.  One is something called Density Altitude.  As air gets hotter it becomes thinner and thus, the lift provided by a wing changes – degrading the hotter it gets.

(Continues below)


Elaine and I ran straight into the phenomena a few years back when we owned our own plane.  We’d landed for lunch at Scotts Bluff, Nebraska and topping off the tanks before heading up to Sheridan Wyoming on a cross-country flight to Seattle.

We literally climbed at 75-feet per minute for what seemed like forever trying to move up to higher altitude for the trip over the bad lands to the north.  Down low, the turbulence was pretty bumpy, and there was no going higher because at maximum gross takeoff weight (MGTOW) we just couldn’t (pardon this) “get it up.”

There’s another reason some planes can’t fly when it’s hot:  Temperatures of “glass panel” instrument clusters.  Those of us raised on “steam gauges” when leaning to fly (shortly after Wilbur and Orville) never were deterred by such.  But today, those high visibility displays have some serious limitations.

In private aviation, too.  Especially for people foolish enough to try and use a consumer-grade electronics device (like an iPad with Retina display) some of which will shut down when the screen gets hotter than 95F.  Which is why we went with the instead of a less temperature resistant display.

Back to point, though, a quick read of history reveals that – Earth has been slowly warming since the end of the last Ice Age.  So yes, global warming is real, but the fraction that is man-caused is small.

That still doesn’t stop the elites of the self-designated Ruling Class from jiggering data, raising money, effectively monetizing “climate” in a manner n ot dissimilar to monetizing “spousal abuse” and calling that progress.

Oh, and the other reason for the heat?

This afternoon at 1:24PM Central Time, SUMMER arrives.

Phoenix has always been a hell-hole in the summer and when one of our children called from Payson, AZ – up in the mountains 80 miles north – to complain about 100+ heat there, we listened patiently and then went outside to sit on the screen porch at “adult beverage time” and discuss how gullible climate believers are.

While the Earth continues getting warmer, as from the last Ice Age, we’re pleased to report that a major unseasonable cold snap is due to hit the East Texas Outback next week.  By the forecasts, we might not even break 90 and lows at night will be into the mid/upper 60’s.

Climate, therefore, is rightly seen in the same light as any other trip to the Big Casinos in Life (marriage, gambling, premature mortality, speeding tickets and such):  Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.

We are shocked at the sale of both climate tulips and digi tulips, but it’s the Age we live in, I suppose.

It’s the kind of thing that will rattle the mind as I mount up the riding mower and baler and take on the yard again before the big rains come in Thursday.

For once in my life, I’m thankful to be below average.  A rare and pleasant circumstance.

Those Pobrecitos of Congress

Oh, sure, damn shame the do-nothing fools on the hill may actually work in August.

About damn time, though.  The working class won’t be taking a month off.

Welcome to Reality, congressoids.

But it ain’t all bad for them:  Look at all the free lunches they’ll be able to score.

Every wonder how many people in congress pack a sandwich like the rest of us?  (You guess may be wrong because they are experts in bologna.)

Point:  For now they are only CONSIDERING doing actual work.  Let’s see what’s hype and what’s bullshit going forward, shall we?

Georgia P-Tics

We find it refreshing that the democrat running in the contested Georgia runoff today has the name “Jon.” 

This particular Jon is typical of the Left:  Promoting a “free press” but only when they control it.  See, for example what happens when non-left media show up: Free Beacon Barred From Covering Jon Ossoff Campaign Event.

Of course, everyone is equal to democrats, although they’re more equal than others.  Them and their “social just us” jingoism.

This farcical media circus will spin this into a referendum on the Trump agenda, or so the unseasoned junior twerps d’ tube will dutifully spin it.

The facts are a little “inconvenient” and the reason Trump has gotten so little done is false-flagged politicians who call themselves republicans yet are really funded by the left.

Here’s an article for example, on how the McCain Institute is funded in part by the progressives reveals the Daily Caller: “Soros, Clinton-Linked Teneo Among Donors to McCain Institute.”

Might this explain some of the decidedly non-(real) republican views espoused by McCain lately?  Here I thought it was just losing it, lol. Guess I missed the pay stubs.

The Odessa Files

Still being written as Nazi World War II Artifacts Found in Argentina Includes Hitler Busts and Medical Tools.

I suppose we ought to Paperclip that story…

Surviving Urban

Interesting work at the Technical University of Munich: Watching cities grow — New algorithms for evaluating satellite data.

Is this like SatServers Crawl the Sprawl?

Also on the tech desk:  Warnings about Smart TV hacking are up.

World’s Going to Pot

This as the feds crack down on opioids and Chronic pain patients say opioid crackdown is hurting them.

Don’t Bother Wall Street

Since our Big Shtick here is the study of long wave economics – we would lead today’s report with some real economics news – but there is none.

Instead, as I told you in the Monday report, with all those containers coming in along the West Coast from Asia and beyond, we have more and more crap to fuel our extremes of consumer supersaturation.

And that, in turn ought to lead to an increase in the Current Accounts deficit, right?  So care to guess who is less than awed by this just out from the Bureau of Economic Analysis (and fairytales)?

The U.S. current-account deficit increased to $116.8 billion (preliminary) in the first quarter of 2017 from $114.0 billion (revised) in the fourth quarter of 2016, according to statistics released by the Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA). The deficit increased to 2.5 percent of current- dollar gross domestic product (GDP) from 2.4 percent in the fourth quarter.

The $2.8 billion increase in the current-account deficit reflected a $5.3 billion increase in the deficit on goods and a $3.6 billion decrease in the surplus on primary income that were partly offset by a $5.8 billion decrease in the deficit on secondary income and a $0.3 billion increase
in the surplus on services.

Still, since our long wave work says the market high shouldn’t come until around August 21-24, we can sit back and ponder the Big Question:  Which side of Dow 30,000 will we be on?

Oil continues to crater and our outlook there is for lower 30’s as we go through peak production.  But in the second depression, energy prices will flip as short-term fracking wanes and then we’ll all be cold and miserable, but that’s what depressions are about, kiddies.

Meanwhile the digital tulip bloom is in the Great Hesitation in the Parabolic Blow-off.  Or so it looks from here.  BTCs $2,636…and will they hit our $3,150 optimistic track?

Meanwhile Wall St. has softened a bit on the Current Account news, but the market is still going places and as it goes up, we will be shopping those deliciously priced put option contracts for early winter.

Time to go mow and bale…so have a splendid and you’ll love Peoplenomics tomorrow where I explain:  Why we should have a Free Federal Degree-Granting Online University.

Think of this as an opportunity for the government to give us a pleasant F.U. for a change.

Coping: Launch! of

Why would anyone spend money to launch a new website to be called

The answer is simple:  I think people are sick and tired of special interests outbidding us in local government, state offices, and in Congress.

But, as I will map out this morning, we actually DO have the power to change that.

(Continues below)


Assessing the political process in America today is an exercise is creative depression:  We like to think that there is a working political system, but there is NOT.

A visit to any website, like, reveals what most of us already know:  Politicians are bought and paid-for by special interests and effectively corporations have stolen the political processes.

Corporations are “legal fictions” which masquerade as humans and somehow have the ability to buy and sell influence at unspeakably corrupt levels, yet they are not accountable to voters nor do they live in jurisdictions where they wield their crooked version of power.

How We Can Change the Game

There are three aspects to the American Voter Boycott concept.

First there is a legislative agenda.  This is to change voting rules so that special interests may not own outcomes – as they presently do.

  • Eight year term limits for all elective offices.  Two for President, four for House members, one for Senators, etc.
  • Campaign contribution cap of $100 per voter per office. This would be a hard cap with jail time for non-compliance for convicted excess contributors.
  • An end to all political organizations claiming tax exempt status and no political fund-raising permitted.
  • No campaign money from outside the office service area.  E.G. county, city, state, legislative, house districts, and so forth.
  • If no person gains 10% of registered voters, the winner of any indecisive election would be decided by lottery.

Secondly, there is a personal pledge agenda.  This is where each of the few thousand, or so, still-free Americans vow not to vote for any politician who accepts more than a single penny from outside the jurisdiction they serve.

Thirdly, there is a prosecution of voter fraud agenda.  This would need to be passed as part of the legislative agenda in order to be meaningful, but the basic idea is this:  If a person is elected to office, they may be summarily removed from office and the second-place finisher installed in their stead, should any of the following be demonstrated in a limited-range lawsuit:

  • The candidate accepted money (* or other valuable consideration) from persons outside of the area served by their office.  Contributions would only be accepted if from registered voters.
  • The candidate accepted money (*or other valuable consideration) from any company, organization, or committee, defined as any entity that is not a singular, human, non-fictional, legal aged registered voter.
  • Last, during their term in office, they voted in a manner that directly conflicts with promises and representations made to the electorate in the district which their office serves.

In addition, a natural fall-out of this movement is to band all interstate funding and fund-raising for political purposes for anything other than the Presidential election.  This is the ONLY office, after all, that represents voters of more than one state in size.

Sorry, Sinator.  Sorry Congressoids.  No out of state money, no PACs, not Party slush funds…look how Debbie Wasserman Schultz screwed Bernie Sanders out of a fair run.  Under this system, such miscarriages of democracy would not happen.  Take away the money and you end the poisoning of the system.

Boycott Rationale

As I showed yesterday, the American Voter is being outbid on all fronts.

Newspapers and electronic media have turned the once political process into a huge business model.  As they have done so, the Courts with perverted definitions (see Citizens United v. FEC case) have reinforced the further extreme monetization of what could otherwise be good political decision making.

Simply, the complicit Courts, broadcast, print media, and others, have turned America into an auction process.

On  the specifics above, I believe the rest is plain enough to see:  If money flow from outside a district, then the outcome does not represent the Will of the (resident) People.  Rather, it represents voters (and non-voters alike) outside of the political entity.

This is clearly NOT what the Founders envisioned.

How Broken Systems Work

A voter boycott will only really work once the legal frameworks are passed and this would need to occur at the State Legislature level.

Here, the odds of finding still-honest political representation is somewhat higher than at the national (bought and paid-for) Congressional (House and Senate) levels.

Again, to reiterate, look who is passing out the Big Bucks to politicians and then compare this with the money raised in a home district.

Let me use the example of local U.S. Congressman Jeb Hensarling (R) Texas 5th district.  From, we read how our nominally local congressman gets big money from Goldman Sachs, the American Bankers Association, Scroggin Capital and so forth.

This is both legal and currently proper because that’s how the system is built. Hensarling is a big deal in House Finance bills so, yeah, the money interests pay it forward.

But you see, as voters in the Texas 5th, Elaine and I are asking who are all the financial groups and why so much to Hensarling?  How is this helping us out here in the dingle berries of East Texas?

Which  gets me to the point: Hensarling and his other colleagues that we collectively call the Fools on the Hill are hardly fools at all:  They spend a pile, are essentially up for bid, and they will have retirements for life far beyond the maximum Social Security payment per person allowed us mere mortals, so who can blame them?

They see the loopholes (like Trump working depreciation of huge buildings, right?_) and they run and get “elected” – all the while promoting the illusion of “responsive government.

My ass.

Real Responsive Government

Real Responsive Government is something we don’t have.  The Code of Federal Regulations is over 80,000 pages long.

Like the IRS Code, you will never meet a lawyer who has read it all – that YOU can afford.

There are three simple steps to making American government responsible once again.

The first is why I am willing to put up (as my buy-in) the website name.  And the concepts that go along with it enumerated above.

The second is to end the lousy seniority system in Washington in both the House and Senate.  Draw lots and things will change.

The swamp will quickly evaporate when the power structure is in constant flux and when voters are measuring results, not political bullshit.  Oh, and the corporations can’t buy outcomes.


The idea here is simple.

I don’t think our local Congressoid should have to purchase a home in a spendy high-density swamp land like Washington (much of which is really built on fill, by the way).

Instead, he should do what the rest of us in consultant land so:  Skype from home….or in his case, maintain (and cast votes from) his office in the home district.

The question I’d pose is simple:

Will a seniority-selected representative who seems to get most of his money from outside the home district and who lives in Washington D.C. act and vote a little differently than a…

Randomly committee membership representative who gets ALL of his money at no more than $100 per person from inside the home District and who LIVES IN THE DISTRICT?

The answer to this is simple:  Of course.

If you don’t believe it, then congratulations, you are a political pseudo-crook ( sociopath?) and eminently qualified to run for office.

Because this defines you as a person working toward your own ends, not those of the community in which you live.

And this boys, girls, and those of indeterminable gender, is why we desperately need an American Voter Boycott.

Though it may already be too late.

Write when you get rich (of if you’re a member of congress, in which case how about sharing some of that insider trading stuff that the rest of us would be jailed for trading on?)

The Bitcoin Bubble’s “Great Hesitation”

A number of people have asked me privately to explain where we are in the parabolic blow-off in digimoney, especially Bitcoin.

As you know, it did look like the BTCs were going to the moon, or $3,000, but then a funny thing happened.

So let’s take a look at a couple of chars because there is a certain self-similarity between ALL market bubbles, whether you’re talking our favorite “air money” or something as delicious as tulip bulbs…

(Continues below)


Here’s how the BTC chart ( hat tip) looks since December:

Now look closely at where we are in this chart.  We are in what would be called in Bubble Lingo – if there was such a language – a Great Hesitation.

Now let me pull out a chart of the U.S. Stock Market Bubble going into the summer of 1929 for you:

See the area in Yellow I have circled on the 1929 track?  This is where I think (but this is not investment advice!) BTC’s are right now.

Once we get past the next week, or three, I would expect that the  BTCs will zoom up into the mid to late August period, when the whole financial complex should end it’s diabetic sugar rush and set up for the near-brush with death that will roll out over the next year.

Something on the order of $3,150 would be ideal from a modeling standpoint.  But we shall see…

This tells us that all the Trump probing and such, well THAT will be quiet until this summer (late Aug) when the dems will be raising hell with wave three of the coup attempt and with all the libs on the Mueller witch hunting squad, I’m sure we will have a delightful fall.

Just think of it:  War in Korea, a Salem Witch Trial in Congress, a Collapsing Economy…why it just doesn’t get much better for the short-side players who manage the down-side of live in a disciplined way.

Not that we’re here to get RICH on the misery to come, but a 39% gain (which our Peoplenomics Aggregate model back-tested for 2008-2009) would be fine with us.

As we drive the “get away car” to our TreasuryDirect account to avoid the Bail-Ins that will likely follow when the Too Big To Fail card is turned over on the taxpayers, yet again.

Fortunately, for those of us who read history, Greed is not only powerful as a financial aphrodisiac, but it is semi-predictable, too.  Which is how I’ve come to describe our site as “Viagra for the Wallet.”

The “Electrical Nature” of Markets

With the markets set to open higher this morning and they rocked it in Europe last night.  Germany’s market is up the equivalent of 170 Dow points and the Hang Seng in Asia was up what would be about 230 by the Dow.

Nice moves.

And with the week ahead in the US looking tame to lame in terms of data, why would we be having this discussion?  Well…

There was this fascinating alert that popped into my email this morning:

Geomagnetic conditions measured by Dourbes have reached major storm levels, K = 7. However NOAA Kp has remained at Kp = 2. It is unclear if this is a measurement anomaly. The solar wind speeds are currently registered at 550 km/s with interplanetary magnetic field values close to 4 nT, confirming the suspicion that this is a measurement anomaly. There are currently two coronal holes approaching the West limb, but are not in a favourable position to be the source of the enhanced geomagnetic conditions. If the K index remains at enhanced levels for a sustained period a further presto will be issued and the cause investigated further.

Which means?

Honestly, we don’t know.

But whenever we get a note like this, we begin to look at markets with a slight tingle of anticipation.

Back in 1998, or so, a doctor by the name of Robert Becker wrote a WONDERFUL book on point:

The Body Electric: Electromagnetism And The Foundation Of Life

In it, you will get all kinds of information about the subtle (and not so) ways that electrical influences change our behaviors around.

So, naturally, when we get any kind of solar activity – especially something new and different-looking,, like this morning’s alert, we go into studious watch-mode.

Other things influence the market, too.  Stephen J. Peutz has done a lot of work on market-related topics, such as the influence of the full moon on timing of market crashes – and while expensive, $65, his …

Universal Cycle Theory: Neomechanics of the Hierarchically Infinite Universe

…is something to read if you are trying to figure out exactly when the sky might be falling.

As long as we’re on point, I should also put in a plug for some of my recent work on the Peoplenomics side of thing, especially the recent article on the biphasic market solar cycles.  Essentially, I argue the data in long wave economics suggests that it may be a Sun-driven market cycle of 11-11.5 years that drove Clement Juglar to cite the 11-year (Juglar) cycle in economics.  The Wikipedia entry, please?

The Juglar cycle is a fixed investment cycle of 7 to 11 years identified in 1862 by Clément Juglar.[1] Within the Juglar cycle one can observe oscillations of investments into fixed capital and not just changes in the level of employment of the fixed capital (and respective changes in inventories), as is observed with respect to Kitchin cycles. 2010 research employing spectral analysis confirmed the presence of Juglar cycles in world GDP dynamics.

What other researchers seem to have missed (but not us, no sir) is that the solar/stock market relationship may be driven by solar activity as measured by sunspots… BUT it is apparently moderated by the solar AP Index.

All of which causes us to expect a rip-snorter of a market rally, at least early this week and with a lack of economic news in the (lazy) MSM…you can be forgiven for reading either Becker or Peutz at work.

What the MSM Ain’t Saying

Two snapshot of data to ponder since everyone knows we use West Coast container traffic flows as a real useful economic indicator that no one else seems to pay much mind to:

Containers through the Port of Long Beach were up 12% in May, but down 1.3% year-on-year (YoY).

Port or Seattle – part of the NW Port Alliance which is more Bigger government – hasn’t been able to post their May data to their website in a timely manner, but their through April data showed container growth of about 1.2%.

Port of Oakland looks like 4% growth, but hard telling and their “downloadable spreadsheet” was uselessly not updated with 2017 data.  Port PR people make HOW MUCH MONEY??

But the Big Kahuna in all this is the Port of Los Angeles which is reporting up 8.5% for the year-to-date.  And gee, even with all that work going on, they still manage to public readable and timely statistics.

Toss in the Baltic Dry Cargo Index at 848 (lower end of range) then drop in the Fed rate hike, mix thoroughly, and you can make a case for euphoria peaking late summer in the U.S.

Aw, Shoot

Things in Syria are on the front burner this morning as A U.S. Warplane Shot Down a Syrian Jet. Here’s Why That’s a Big Deal.


As Brexit negotiations: David Davis ‘positive’ as first meeting begins.

News and Such-wise

We can hardly wait for the Climate Change marketeers to ramp up on their claims related to the Portugal forest fire disaster which has already killed something like 65 people.  This morning Portugal forest fire: 12 survive by hiding in a water tank.


Death toll in the London fire still adding as Grenfell Tower fire: Seventy-nine people feared dead.

Managing Without Data

We see a positive sign as Trump to meet with tech CEOs on government overhaul.

Problem is, as I explained in the Coping section this morning, is really two-fold.

Sure the bureacrazy needs to be hot-swapped. But Congress?

Biggest group of flim-flammers ever.  They meet, appear to actually do things, but when comes to benchmarks, outcomes, metrics and such?

NOTHING USEFUL to speak of.

The poor get some buy-offs, but the higher ed lobby is still over-charging for what could easily be a free, universal online college system for less than the endowment fund of any of the Ivy Leaguers and such…

So sure, nice Trump is working the government overhaul angle, but the truth runs a little deeper and more intractable:  We have monetized government and that leads ultimately to totalitarianism or financial collapse.  And the embeds now have their Salem Plan for Trump, so change?  That’s about all we will have left, and damn little of that. A few cents on the dollar.

Coping: Fictions of A Working Democracy

We need to understand that the US Congress and Senate are presently structuring their slow-motion war on the average American citizen’s private assets which will be finalized when the U.S. economic system descends into Depression shortly.

That’s because in finance, as in rocketry, what goes UP usually comes Down.  And we’ve been going up since 1943.

This means the War on Cash, the War on Bitcoin, the War on Savings, the plans for bail-ins, and the tightening of the working class noose via Obamacare increases for 2018 -which none of the office-holding turd sandwiches is being honest about.  So we must report what others will not…,

(Continues below)


Let’s begin with the Big Picture so we are clear on what’s going on.

To begin with, the war on cash is real.

As the government’s financial position becomes more and more obviously fictional (in terms of being able to repay value-for-value) the war on the middle class has rolled into a “war on  the fungible holdings of Americans.”

Fungible meaning?

“adjective: fungible…(of goods contracted for without an individual specimen being specified) able to replace or be replaced by another identical item; mutually interchangeable.  Example: “money is fungible—money that is raised for one purpose can easily be used for another”

If it has never really seemed important before, it is becoming very much-so now as the government’s general level of panic (GLP) is presently heading towards the stratosphere.  Cops are using civil asset forfeiture to screw whoever they can out of money, gained legally or otherwise, with no proceeding in the Courts.

As of Sunday, the US Debt to the penny was?  $19,846,150,150,843.92.

I want to round that off to “about $20 trillion dollars” because it is, near enough.

Now let’s talk about people who create value:  The American workforce.

The number of people employed in America by the Labor Department’s own data was 152.923 million for May.  New (and equally depressing numbers) will arrive July 7th.

Let’s do the math, huh?

Debt: $20-trillion divided by actual working people (not counting the leach class):  Every worker is on the hook for $130,784.77 of government debt.  And that’s before your buy food or the other “government required” items you “are required by law” to have.  Like car insurance, like medical coverage.

That’s because the government has become the financial henchmen of the Insurance Industry.

He’s a shocker for you:  It was once legal to drive without insurance.  It was also legal to live and throw yourself on the mercy of charities for major medical.  Not now; Robin Hood is out and government mandates are in.

Deconstructing Healthcare

Next, let’s talk about why the super sleaze in Washington haven’t ditched Obamacare yet.

Two things going on:  First, as I have told you many times, we do not have a republican majority in the House or Senate.  We DO have a group of false-advertising opportunists who have no more fealty to small government and balanced budget principles and low taxes than Karl Marx had fealty toward capitalism.

These short petchewzelwhackers call themselves “republicans” because it sells.  Most people are stupid – present company excepted.  Dumb people buy brands not products.

Allow me to now roll back WHY the aforementioned weaseldicks have not reformed Obummercare yet (although surely you know this?):

Obamacare rates in Michigan could skyrocket as much as 31% in 2018.”

How can Washington sit by?  Well, they’ve been told to.

A Course in Crooked / The Callous Calculus

Here’s what it comes down to:  The R-wearing sleaze think if they let the Obamacare hikes (figure 25% for 2018) to come in, then people will reelect them to “fight the good fight.”

Of course, these (shit-for-brains) types will sing the same old song:  “Please, dear Voter, I need just one more term to do some real good.

If enough people are stupid enough to buy that hog-slop, they will get back in, too.  Brains spread slowly and unevenly.

D-circus players are already working the same angles:  “Those damn republicans, I have to go back and fight them…”  Not to mention the Obama Trump-slamming of O’s government in exile has been effective…mainly thanks to the revolutionary idjits in mass media. Think a million Jons.

Stupid voters – who don’t demand action AND MEASURABLE PROGRESS – are how America has pissed away $18-trillion in the War on Poverty alone since 1964, and the War on Drugs, and all the other mostly failed social initiatives is what, twice that?

In management we do benchmarking.  In politics we do crack.

BUT, understand this:  All these things are (like the War on Terror etc.) all HUGELY successful in Washington where success is measured in size of Empire, not in terms of deliverables.

There are still a few Americans who OWN THEIR LIVES but that’s not enough for the system masters as we head toward the final slope and massive decline.  The sleaze are pulling out all the stops to make having independently managed assets a punishable crime and thereby are ensuring that the public will be used to grabbing their ankles when the Big Bail Ins come.

If you think asset seizures expanding under SB-1241 (I will explain in a sec) is just for the border entries, think again.  Better yet, read some books on strategic thinking.  Refresh on the ACLU’s Constitution-free Zone.

Another example of waste?  Cost of higher education.  Saddle the poor and the young with debt so only the upper class can get out of school with a paid for degree while children of others (like our kids) suffer through payments for programs and course content will never deliver a working wage job at anything other that minimum wage.

Yet again, I tell you, the fact of the matter is that some schools have billion dollar endowment funds, tax-free status, and other perk’s yet when comes down to it, they get the keys to the student loan vault because of the sideways process called “accreditation.”

This is the consensus game among the insiders all designed to keep the upstarts out – which is why not other information industry on earth has seen its core product cost going up….save “higher education” which is a crock.

Higher education just means a bill…not that you’re really smart. Smart comes from reading, living, doing, traveling.  Degrees come from groupthinkers cutting the fat hog with FAFSAs and bilking parents into co-signing.

None of this was worth mentioning to you this morning, except a young man and I were talking this weekend about Senate Bill 1241 – sponsored by Chuck Grassley – that moves the country along toward broader asset seizures at America’s borders.

About SB1231

As you read the text of SB-1241 here, remember that the proposal deals with monetary items in the aggregate.

So let’s say you go on vacation and you have $4000 in cash, $4,000 in BTCs on your laptop, and a blank check your parents gave you plus a $500 prepaid credit card.

Guess what?  YOU bubba are about to be legislated across the $10,000 line and the government there will claim the right to do a snatch and grab.  No showing of intent, no trial…just a big expansion of civil asset forfeiture.

Over time, the “border” will become anywhere in America and bada-bing…totalitarians win.

Why No Obamacare Improvements Yet

While the government prepares to “migrate” their “war on fungibles” in from the borders, massive new anti-cash legislation which will criminalize privately held fungible assets when the crap hits the fan is coming.

Look at the average republican stooge.  How about (dart please?) Chuck Grassley and see what the real agenda is.

Just here in the last couple of weeks I read how “Grassley, Ernst say health law repeal is unlikely..”

I know…how could a real republican already admit such powerlessness and defeat…where’s the gung-ho, right?

I’d argue gung-ho was bought off.  Says here that Grassley got $257,000+ in campaign donations from the Insurance Industry for the 2016 cycle.

Gee, what a coincidence, I’m so sure.  And “Little Marco?”  Why he lead the list with more than $669,000 in payments….oops…I mean contributions.  Wonder why Trump’s promises aren’t met?  We have been outbid!

And you can’t see through the smoke and bullshit to see how Congress is being bought off and we’re sold bald-face lies?

See here:  If you’re confused on civil asset forfeiture and why Obamacare hasn’t been improved, and why kids are broke due to college and such…it’s all in the payments and the business models if you just read.

Its further examples of how the voting public is continuously outbid.

We need PACs, Parties, Associations, and grassroots completely OUT OF POLITICAL FUNDING.

Oh, but the National Association of Broadcasters spends how much on contributions to they don’t lose all those PAID political ads?  It’s all a business model, you see…monetize everything.  Niche to rich.

Yes, the entire country is a freaking business model.

Don’t mean to pick on Chuck Grassley, but it should be obvious that when a candidate spends $10.866 million to win  an election where the whole salary for his next six years is just over one million, something just ain’t right.

And yeah…we’ve got a whole bunch of “just ain’t right” going on in Washington.

Which makes getting up and going to work out here in fly-over country less than enjoyable.

As long as America’s Heartland continues to feed the corruption monster, things aren’t going to change.

It’s just another Monday.

Write when you get rich – which explains the lack of email….

Print!!!! Fed Jamming Up Money Creation > Markets

For months we have been waiting to see how the suspected all-time-high in markets will work out for the final third of August.  Now, things are slowly resolving into focus.

The stock market continues to fight something of a losing battle on an aggregated basis (which as you know is all we really care about) and was turned back at the 9-day moving average Thursday.

But the REAL news Thursday was the weekly Federal Reserve H.6 Money Stocks report

(Continues below)


So how big is this story?  REALLY DAMN BIG.

Well, it sure as hell is bigger than the Trump witch hunt, the democrats and their government in exile, and the nonsense about Uber’s future.  These are footnotes of history especially for the man reprising Hoover’s run from Inauguration (March 4, 1929) to crash.

I would put the Fed story right up with the coming (decades-long) rollover of humans out of the “work force” as robots are coming for virtually all of those jobs.  Eventually, you will be replaced by an expert system…but I digress.

There are two “windows” that the Fed publishes weekly in the H.6 report.

The first one is more historical in nature.  This report says “TO May.”  But in the slippery (yet refreshingly precise) lingo of the Money Masters, what this means is “Here’s how fast we were really printing money…” 

You may need a nitro pill as you look at the Table 1 summary because is screams that the ONLY reason there is even a stock market today is that the Fed was goosing money supplies at a 16% annualized rate TO MAY – the February, March, April timeframe:

Over the past 20 years, we have held to the view that when we got to this part of the Economic Long Wave (those 48-90 year cycles in economic matters) we would see the Fed trying to drive by simultaneously jamming their foot on the (money creation) gas while at the same time stomping on the (rate increasing) brakes.  Under modern monetary theory, MMT, what could go wrong?

Except, of course, when you do this with your car, you are either going to b low out the transmission or smoke the brakes at some point…but it might take a while.

So now onto the second part of the Fed slider…

Wow, huh?

This demonstrated the Fed still has an 11.7% annualized “print rate.”

In a perfect (remember the word “transparent” lol?) world, the Fed would just come out and say:  “We are going to print like hell, try to avoid sliding into negative rates and get consumers spending again… and then, after a bunch of stimulus, we will switch over into selling off the MBS trash we have on the books and this way will have room on the balance sheet to intervene again when the market tanks this fall.”

But, of course, they can’t say that because that would out the Fed as a private bankster cabal that stole the Congressional duty to control the creation of “money” in this country and they manipulate it for the very rich who understand their gig.

Most people don’t.  Even professionals are stymied.

People at the C-level of investment companies write to us questioning the Fed Statement gibberish this week.  (“Whatthehelldoesthatmean?)  No, not kidding – here’s an example:

“If the Fed raises rates it’s hawkish

If the Fed leaves rates unchanged it is presently neutral

If the Fed lowers rates it’s dovish

You can’t raise rates and make a dovish statement, nor can you lower rates and make a hawkish statement – it is just talk

The Fed has talked about normalizing the balance sheet – unless and until they do – it doesn’t mean chit. They will not sell securities………. It’s a fairy tale

OF COURSE they can’t sell the MBS crap.  If they do, it would compete with bonds (much of which includes their own government’s bonds) and that just would never do.

But no worries…yet.  As long as the Fed window shows the 3-month rates are running ahead of the 12-month rates, life here in Financial Wonderland will be “steady as she goes…”   Up.

It’s like of like the old joke about the man jumping off the (1,454-foot high) Sears  Tower with a cell phone.

On the way down he was being interviewed by one of the Chicago all-news stations.

I’m just passing the 20th floor now and everything is going fine…”

So that dear reader, is where we are this morning.  Down to the 7th…no make that sixth floor.  And everything is STILL going fine.

Until the second half of August.

(Let me pause to huff some china board marker….there, better now…)

Economics is very similar to the study of free-fall.  We have been in a long-term cyclical bond market decline since 1981/1982.  Apparently, you didn’t get the memo.  Or, if you did, you didn’t pay attention to the fine pint.

Understand this:

It’s not the rate declines that kill economies.  But, like our hypothetical Sears Tower jumper, it’s the sudden stops that kill.

We are witnessing the oddest damn phenomena ever:  Tap-dancing on policy while trying to tap both the gas pedal and the brakes.

You can work out the odds of “performance success” from here, without too much coaching, I trust?

Which is why war on the Korean Peninsula looms as a bait-an d-switch along with “domestic terrorism” this fall…

We now return you to the usual crap for the NTP (non-thinking public).

Housing Starts – Miss You a Million

Pictorially, first:

Now the press release:

Building Permits Privately-owned housing units authorized by building permits in May were at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 1,168,000. This is 4.9 percent (±0.9 percent) below the revised April rate of 1,228,000 and is 0.8 percent (±1.1 percent)* below the May 2016 rate of 1,178,000. Single-family authorizations in May were at a rate of 779,000; this is 1.9 percent (±1.0 percent) below the revised April figure of 794,000. Authorizations of units in buildings with five units or more were at a rate of 358,000 in May.

Housing Starts Privately-owned housing starts in May were at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 1,092,000. This is 5.5 percent (±11.9 percent)* below the revised April estimate of 1,156,000 and is 2.4 percent (±11.4 percent)* below the May 2016 rate of 1,119,000. Single-family housing starts in May were at a rate of 794,000; this is 3.9 percent (±10.4 percent)* below the revised April figure of 826,000. The May rate for units in buildings with five units or more was 284,000.

Housing Completions Privately-owned housing completions in May were at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 1,164,000. This is 5.6 percent (±9.2 percent)* above the revised April estimate of 1,102,000 and is 14.6 percent (±10.9 percent) above the May 2016 rate of 1,016,000. Single-family housing completions in May were at a rate of 817,000; this is 4.9 percent (±11.6 percent)* above the revised April rate of 779,000. The May rate for units in buildings with five units or more was 335,000.

Yes, living/renting in those convenient in-city human coops is running tough competition to owning your own.

Dow and S&P flat, NASDAQ down 11…

And In Other Snews

Washington Post Takes Another Leak:  This as The Hill writes: “Trump’s backers are furious about a story that appeared Wednesday in the Washington Post, in which five anonymous sources alleged that the president is the target of an obstruction of justice investigation for allegedly trying to bury an FBI probe into his former national security adviser, Michael Flynn….”

Even one of the Justice Department types is warning on unnamed sources

But Mueller investigating Kushner’s business dealings, Washington Post reports…

But, as usual, the public is figuring out the left wing witch hunt with Trump approval up, not down.

Also on the dance card:

Google Said to Be Facing Record E.U. Fine.

Serbia to have first gay prime minister as Ana Brnabic is chosen.

Russia Claims Airstrike May Have Killed ISIS Leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

U.S. Accuses Chinese Company of Money Laundering for North Korea.

An d the New Hunt for ET May Be Coming

Ring, Ring: ‘Earth? It’s space calling, on the quantum line’