Although the Colonies have had to save British bacon a couple of times (WW I and WW II come to mind) they are generally good people and bright.

But after the last radical Islamist did intentional harm it has become clear to us that the people of Europe (the Brits excepted) are some of the most brain-washed, politically correct fools around.

Mark these words:  The Continent will feel even more pain because the Muslim Reconquista is just in the warm-up phase.

Sadly, for the Brits, turning off the hate and blowing out of the soft-headed European laydown came too late.

Now four are dead from an  extremist attack and who knows when the next one will come?

But it will.  This is a war.  If you don’t see it, you’re blind.  Slow-motion, yes.  But war is war at any speed.

And I’d like to thank the Obama administration  (and their shadow government embeds) in advance for letting in so many under-vetted and keeping the borders open. 

And setting America up for the same kind of disaster.

Trump May Have Been Right

Oh the spin – here we have the chairman of the House Intel committee saying he has personally seen data suggesting Donald Trump really was “incidentally” spied upon.

Keeping Score

CNN video of the House Intel Chair: 14 seconds.

Anderson Cooper “Keeping Them Honest – Another Wiretap Dance” segment: 3-minutes and 50 seconds.

Also not to be missed:  CNN’s “Biden suggests Trump owes Obama an apology for wiretapping allegation.”

All we need is a calliope and some dancing monkeys for the complete innuendo circus.

Meantime, as we explained in a Big Picture earlier this week, the FBI is not indicating that it is cooperating and perhaps because William Comey considers himself  “fireproof.”

Healthcare Stalled

Republicans have been up late and early trying to figure out how to repeal and replace Obamacare.

Gee, imagine that: Control both houses of congress and the WH and still be a bunch of lazy, do-nothings.

Sad I once considered myself an R.

They have turned the Party of Lincoln into the Corporate Party of Ineffective Suck-ups and Back-biters.

Know how you can tell if a dictionary was written by a Republican?

Word TEAM is not in it.

Doofs & goofs.

Painful Lack of Data

Not much in the way of news today – KC Fed Manufacturing index this afternoon and more FedSpeak than you can shake a stick at.

Including Janet Yellen who was speaking this morning:  At a Fed meeting on the economic futures of kids she laid this idea out:

Broadly speaking, children who grow up in insecure circumstances, those often experienced in poverty, seem disproportionately likely to experience financial insecurity as adults. This conference is about understanding what kinds of environments and resources can best help children meet with economic success after they reach adulthood. There has been a lot of discussion in the aftermath of the Great Recession about how to best connect people with steady jobs. But research presented over the next two days makes a compelling case that there is a need to also think longer term about how to prepare people for success in the labor market. In fact, this research underscores the value of starting young to develop basic work habits and skills, like literacy, numeracy, and interpersonal and organizational skills. These habits and skills help prepare people for work, help them enter the labor market sooner, meet with more success over time, and be in a position to develop the more specialized skills and obtain the academic credentials that are strongly correlated with higher and steadier earnings. Indeed, a growing body of economic and education literature has focused on the relative efficiency of addressing workforce development challenges through investments in early childhood development and education compared with interventions later in life.

I believe that data, evidence, and research can help policymakers and practitioners think more clearly about the implications for improving economic and life outcomes for everyone. To this end, the speakers at this conference will focus on three broad issues. I would like to briefly mention each, highlighting some of the questions that I believe can be informed by the research that will be presented here.

Not to take the issue too light, we do have to wonder if this isn’t the longest-yet restatement of “The Rich get Richer and the Poor get Screwed.”

That’d be a Yale grad, for you.

The futures have gone back to sleep, flat lining.

Move Over St. Louis

The next big Bent Building is on the drawing board for NYC.

Could St. Louis stop this by claiming infringement on the grounds of prior art?

Consider this part of our “full employment for lawyers” program…

Coping: Millennial’s Missing Manual [keyword: Mate]

(Simple Title art)

Reader Note: If you are just catching on, each Thursday we’re are doing a chapter each week of a book I’m writing for Millennials – teaching the insights that will (hopefully!) allow them to live long and prosper – and be around to clean up after us Old People who made a mess of getting civilization this far.

There are three sections to each chapter. Something you can read to children, a general reader part, and the advanced/business section.

Here’s where the book has explored so far:

We established in the first chapter that there is RECIPE for everything we do.

Chapter 2 involved understanding (and owning) PROCESSES.

Chapter 3 discusses recipes and processes of INVENTION.

Chapter 4 looked at FLOW  The reason we do management reports is so we can spot problems and head them off at the pass.

Chapter 5 considered “WORLDVIEW” and how that “place we stand in our minds” determines what happens in the strange land “outside our heads.”

Chapter 6 focused on “TRAVEL” and considers the importance of travel as a way to more deeply understand worldviews since people with similar problems will come up with surprisingly different answers to the problems of Life…

In Chapter 7 “Matrix 512” is discussed as a unique way of keeping your worldview consistent and how to use it as a tool for clarified thinking in an every increasingly complex world.

In Chapter 8 we discussed the keyword “MAKE” and how it is that what we produce really is a large measure of our value in the world.  Being natural DIY’ers, humans love their tools and what they can “make” with them…

Chapter 9 discussed the the LIFESTYLE tradeoffs we make when a certain lifestyle is chosen for one’s time on Earth. What, after all, is “living well?”

Chapter 10 considered our PURPOSE in Life.  And in the process, we found the recipe for plugging into unlimited energy for those lucky enough to have their attention totally arrested by a great purpose in Life.

Last week we began to wind up the series (and book) by looking into one of the most important aspects of all:  EXECUTION (Doing)

Today we ‘finish ‘er off’ by considering [keyword: Mating].  Do we or don’t we?

For All Readers

Little John was becoming a bit concerned about Tom the Baker and Head of the Royal Kitchens.

He was working tremendously long hours and constantly coming up with new recipes and processes which kept the King happy, but occasionally he would become tired as all workaholics will. When this happened, Tom would sometimes snap at the staff.

He wasn’t abusive, but he was gruff and that set other people on edge.

When it was announced that the King would be going to a neighboring kingdom for a week of state visits, Little John came up with an idea.

“Say, Tom: With the King out of town for a while, Maid Marion and I were going to invite you over for some Sherwood Forest-style barbeque on Friday night. Some glasses of mead and darts, too, if you’d like. Doesn’t that sound like fun? ”

Tom the Baker was taken by surprise. He hadn’t expected to be invited over to Little John’s home and he wasn’t sure how to respond.  Tom liked his surprises planned.

“OK, I’m usually so busy with the Kitchens that I feel like I’ve forgotten how to be social. But sure, I’ll come. What time?”

“Marion usually likes to eat around six, so five-thirty would be great. Are you bringing anyone?”

Oh-oh!  Suddenly Tom felt perplexed. “No, you invited me…I don’t know anyone….”

“YOU WHAT???” Little John’s voice boomed and then he caught himself and toned it down a bit. “A King’s career Kitchen Boss like you? Why you must know that every woman in the Kingdom would love a man to cook once in a while.  Especially a front-burner rock star!”

“Well, I know who they might be and all, but I’ve never asked anyone out before. And coming over to your place would be like asking someone…you know…on a date!

“Well, duh, Tom. I don’t mean to get personal here, but do you think if you had a little more social life you’d be happier?”

“I hadn’t thought about it, Little John.  Too busy. The King keeps me busy all the time and it just seems like a relationship would….oh, you know…get in the way of get in the way of my career.”

Little John’s look softened. He understood that Tom’s life had been terribly busy what with his traveling all over the world looking for new foods and ingredients, plus ways to cook them. It would be terrible to be in a relationship and not be able to spend lots of time together – because that’s what people in relationships do.

“I’ll tell you what, Maid Marion is really good at understanding these kinds of things…and she will be here in a while, bringing me some fresh coffee…”

“Why would she do that, Little John?” Tom was really confused by this. “We have the finest coffees from all over the world…and the King has made it clear that we are to help ourselves to coffees and teas any time we want. So why would she bring it? And even more, why would you let her?”

Little John smiled. “I think you are a hermit Tom and this may be hard for you to follow, but have you ever been in a really good relationship? People do nice things for one another because they like to. Marion knows I can get better coffee than hers, but she also knows that the “secret ingredient” to the Happy Little John recipe isn’t the coffee beans we use: It’s HER – MAID MARION man. Can’t you see how this works?”

Tom the Baker shook his head sadly. “No, I have never had any luck in relationships.”

“My Marion will fix you up straight-away, Tom,” Little John reassured him.

An hour, or so passed and Maid Marion, as promised appeared with a double-shot Americano tall with a shake for Little John. Even Tom the Baker was impressed with her presentation.

It wasn’t just the coffee, you see: It was Marion. She was totally attentive to Little John. Why from the moment she entered the Kitchen building, their eyes never left one-another. They were not so much smiling at one another so much as glowing toward one another.

Glow is a hard thing to explain, but once you feel it, you’ll never want to let it go.

After several rounds of hugging, a few kisses, and of course, drinking their coffees, Marion’s expression turned serious, Tom noticed. She nodded her head a few times and then looked in Tom’s direction.

Seeing Tom, she smiled and waved and without thinking, Tom smiled back and waved at her. Yes, Tom thought, she is a beautiful woman, indeed as he sat in his Kitchen Office watching the couple. A cheerful, to boot.

Presently, Marion stood up and came over to Tom’s office door and knocked.

“Do you have a moment, Tom?”

“Sure, come on in, Maid Marion. I wanted to compliment you on how happy you have made Little John. Since he met you, and you two married, he’s been the best person in the Kitchen. Why, some days he’s better than me. How are the kids?”

“Oh, they’re fine. Little John tells me you’re coming over Friday night but don’t have anyone to bring…is that right?”

“Well, as I told your husband, I’ve never been very good at relationships. Kitchen work just came easier, if you know what I mean?”

“We know lots of young eligible ladies, Tom, and perhaps one of them would be interested in coming over. Tell me…what sort of relationship are you interested in?”

“Gosh, Marion, I don’t think I’ve ever thought about it that way. You mean like what are the ingredients I’m looking for?”

“Yes, that’s it Tom. What ingredients would the perfect date recipe have for you?”

“Hmmm… well, I’d like a woman who is good looking, physically fit, intelligent, well-traveled, a college degree would be nice, uh..athletic, a good cook – that one goes without saying. And I’d like her to be totally loyal, play chess, and likes to detail cars and go fishing….”

“What about hobbies besides fishing?”

“Oh, I can do just about everything, so pretty open there. But I like good straight teeth and a ready smile. No shrew-like voice and a nice even temperament….”

“Let me give you some choices. One of the young ladies I was thinking of is named Prunella. She got her name because she used to steal from a plum tree owned by a wicked witch. One day she was caught and grew up as the witches captive. Finally, one day at the market, she met a social worker who started legal action against the witch for kidnapping and Prunella not only got a great settlement, but she also now owns the largest plum orchard in the region. How does she sound?”

“No. Too much Plum craziness for me. It doesn’t sound like someone I’d be interested in. I mean think about it Marion, she had started to steal at a very young age. Why should I believe she’s over that “bad behavior” part of life? Especially now that she has money and freedom. Might be too wild for me…”

“Little John didn’t think she’d be your type either, so he suggested this woman named Rapunzel he knows.”

“What’s her deal,” Tom asked.

“Her parents were a real pair. He dad was a thief who stole rapunzel plants – it’s a kind of weed – and the mom got hooked on it. Must have done something to the parents to name a child after the weed, but she is called Rapunzel, though.  You’ve never seen anyone with so much hair. OMG it’s phenomenal hair. It must be 15-feet long if it’s an inch. The only downside I can see to her – she’s drop-dead gorgeous – is that she spends a couple of hours a day grooming her hair. A couple of times a week she has to wash it, too, and that’s an all-day deal. Needs a swimming pool, so she goes to the Y.”

Tom shook his head. “Marion, do you think she could cut off her hair?”

“No…that’s her schtick. Never…see? That’s what I told Little John. Besides, she used to date Robin Hood for a while, too…the creep.”

“I’m sure she’d be OK with the hair, but I run Kitchens and remember even Little John and I have to wear hair nets. King’s got a thing about hair in his food. So I think she’s off the list…got anyone else?”

“We do have this one friend – really cute – who works for a podiatrist. Wears glass slippers – you gotta know he’s weird, right? Anyway her name is Cindy Rella and she’s cute, has the college degree but you don’t want to mess with his sisters – terrible women.”

“Say, she sounds pretty good…” Just as Tom spoke, Maid Marion held up her hand.

“Wait, I just remembered. How do you feel about mice and pumpkins?”

“Hate mice…pumpkins are good though.”

“Yeah, well Cindy thinks the mice are horses and she’s said some weird stuff about pumpkins making a fine carriage last time she was over for drinks….so maybe she’s not a good candidate, either, Tom.”

“Maybe I need to come up with a more detailed recipe to find someone to bring,” Tom suggested.

“Maybe,” admitted Marion. “But L.J. and I know lots of people…give me a minute to think about it.”

Tom quietly nodded to her, encouraging her to go on. He had heard that the best source of introductions are friends.

“L.J. mentioned three other women you might be interested in. One’s named Goldilocks. Seemed nice enough and gave us a bear skin rug for Christmas last year.”

Tom frowned. “I don’t think humans should be killing animals for rugs,” he said. “Doesn’t sound quite right…bear meat is awful, too.”

“I’ve got it!!!” Maid Marion stood up. “Her name is Thumbelina and she’s from Denmark. Only thing is she’s really short.”

Tom the Baker was only 5-foot 6-inches so he naturally asked “How short is short?”

“Let’s just say she’s under five, but she used to be even shorter,” Maid Marion reassured him. “Besides, she has a wonderful accent and she loves to bake desserts.”

Tom could hardly wait until Friday.

But alas, when the big day came, Thumbelina had come down with the flu.

As he sat drinking mead with Little John and Marion after dinner, he announced he had devised a sure-fire way to find the perfect relationship.

“My newest Recipe!  I based it on what the worm salesman told me about selling lots of worms,” he began.

“First you make a list of everyone in the Kingdom. Then you see who you might be interested in.  Gardeners and Fishermen for him.  Single ladies for me.  After that, you contact every one of them and find out if they might be interested in you. If that part goes well, then you go out on a date. Then you get to the tricky part.”

“Tricky part?” asked Maid Marion.

“Oh yes. On the first date people must always agree to eat the very same food. That way if they have matching food, they will have matching breath. When I was researching my biggest discovery of all was that people who were happy all tended to eat the same foods as their partner.”

Maid Marion and Little John looked at each other then leaned forward and breathed on one another. Sure enough, it was just as Tom the Baker had suggested: Neither of them seemed to have bad breath.

Little John took another sip and then exclaimed “Tom, you have rocked it, dude. You have explained at last why some people seem to have very bad breath while others don’t. How much of a relationship do you think this accounts for?”

“I don’t know, Little John. I haven’t been in a relationship so how would I know. But people are animals and animals are all about smells and I think between brushing, flossing, mouth wash and eating the same food a lot more relationships would work out… Ever smell the breath up in the King’s chambers after we serve him roasted garlic and some of my bread? Yikes!”
Eventually, Tom found a mate…a dental hygienist and the ate happily the same thing, ever after.

For General Readers


I have been asked many times by others how to “Successfully Mate.”
It took me more than half a century to get it right.

The process – as in many management projects – begins with a Needs Analysis. This is followed by an implementation plan, and then a conventional “sales closing process.”

The biggest downfalls to mating tend – in my experience – to be honesty and communication.

The Needs Analysis

What are you looking for in a relationship? Everyone will have a different answer to this one. Some want someone to be “bling on the arm” while others are looking for a partner for a lifestyle (rural living and personal growth) while still others look for someone to travel with, attend school with, advance professionally…the list goes on and on.

I’ve been in a number of relationships prior to finding Mrs. Right (Elaine). Several of my friends asked me “How did you find her?”

The answer is two-fold.

I became very focused on what I wanted. I had a fairly decent income and I was willing to toss all that into the hopper and in return I wanted a wife who would participate in the crazy life I had in mind.

I remember on our second or third date saying “I am looking for an ideal mate who will be a part-time personal assistant. I can take care of the money end of things, but I need someone who can do all the things I can’t without cutting into business output.”

It wasn’t one-sided at all: In return there was a car, healthcare, money, time for personal pursuits, and a gym membership and…well, it was a good list.

Must be open to moving so I can advance my career was one of the “deal points” as well. Good thing I was up front about it: We’ve lived in Seattle, San Francisco, San Diego, Boca Raton, Burbank, rural East Texas, and well, maybe Arizona will come along. We’ll see.

We’d both been through enough crappy relationships that we both valued (top of the list) loyalty, honest, and being emotionally available.

You list may be different.

Because we’d been “tempered” by what didn’t work, we were blissfully able to articulate who we were as persons and what we wanted to accomplish in life and retirement.

It’s more complicated, of course, when two people have 60-hour a week professions. My personal experience is that with one 60-hour per week and one in the dilettante mode, it works out really well – or has for us.

Back to the Big Recipe? Sure. You need to literally meet everyone you can.

Elaine and I met at the Seattle Single Sailing Club in January of 2000. She wasn’t particularly interested in sailing (in the winter on Puget Sound, especially). But – and this was a HUGE plus – she was game for it if I was. Attitude and willingness are harder than you might think to track down.

It’s funny, too, it really was one of those things that I knew “OK, this is the one!” the minute she walked in the door with her friend Cindy. To this day I couldn’t remember what Cindy looked like… pleasant, blonde, but my attention was Arrested.

The “arrest of attention” is something I’m very big on being partly ADHD myself. My sense is that a lot of people who are in relationships and then begin to feel like running around, go down that path because they are just looking for a “new thrill.” Unable to articulate that to their partner, they go looking around for someone else on the theory that somehow the sex or companionship will be better. And it might be, but only for a few minutes.

Mostly, the really useful advice I learned from a wonderful woman some years back (even more of a workaholic than me) was “You can never get happiness out of Life unless you ask the people who can give it to you.”

Write that down on a card and keep it where you can see it. Whether it is renegotiating a grade in Accounting 605, or whether it’s popping through six-figures per year, you’ve got to ask the people who can give it to you.

When I was single (the second time) I observed a terribly interesting phenomena at the Top of the Hilton – which used to be the “bring your toothbrush singles hang out” in the 1970’s in Seattle.

A beautiful woman would come in, usually with a couple of friends (not as good looking) and they would sit down.

No one would get up and go over to talk to them.

Beautiful women scare the hell out of men, I noticed and so – being a problem solver – I decided NOT to be one of them.

After dating a fair number of (admittedly some gorgeous) women, I decided based on personal experience that what is on the inside is more important than what is on the outside. Some models are so full of themselves there is literally no room for anyone else in their life – so I leave the Ken and Barby stuff for you to sort out.

Point is, never be afraid to ask ANYONE to take part in exploratory conversation or to dance. The only way (as any gambler will confess) to Win Big is to Wager Big.

This is a very useful point in sales, too, which is to this day the easiest profession in life and it pays the most. Know why? Because most people can’t stand rejection. Amazing, isn’t it?

Moderately average old George got dates with gorgeous women because why? I DON’T FEAR REJECTION.

Look: Rejection doesn’t weigh anything if you don’t allow it too. Yet people hate sales – even when a good telesalesperson can pull down $50,000 and up in almost any economy – why? Fear of rejection.

Scripting is important, too.

I have a relative (who also had no fear of asking anyone out) whose opening line I saw him use once floored me. “Hi. Want to go for a mustache ride?”

He told me a couple of times he got a drink tossed in his face, but the vast majority of the time…well, let’s say risk-reward is real.

I was much more subtle. I’d use an opening line like “Hi, care to engage in trite and meaningless conversation with a stranger?” Backed by a warm smile, over half the time the answer was yes, and the rest “No, I’m waiting for my (fill in the blank) husband/ lover/ boyfriend/ girlfriend/ boss/ coworkers/ a birthday party. No drinks in the face. And you can do better, I’m sure.

It didn’t hurt that I’d been trained by some of the best sales professionals in the world, either.

“The script is good,” they would assure a roomful of telesales people. “Just stick to the script and you will close 23% of calls…”

They were right, too.

You can see where this is going, I’m sure. The main steps of Mating are the SALES steps. The rest is flossing and food matching.

  • 1.Prospect
  • 2.Qualify
  • 3.Demonstrate
  • 4.Overcome Objections
  • 5.And Close the deal

Not very romantic? What did Tina Turner teach us? (“What’s love got to do with it?”)

Mating is a sales program just like the little reptile selling car insurance. Just most people don’t know that.

You need lots of prospects. Since you only have one of you to sell, you get to be extremely picky. Here are the numbers: A man has 3.5 billion prospects. A woman has that many, too. Gay, straight, makes no difference. This is all a numbers racket and anyone who says otherwise is a fast-talking fool.

Numbers, numbers, numbers.  (*Oh, don’t forget to share financial statements!)

Tinder? Craigslist? Little Nickel? Personals in the dating rags? Hell yes.

This is an ad campaign. Lead flow, lead flow, lead flow.  Take you – the Product – to market in a Big Way.

If you only have one lead, the odds are 3.5 billion to 1 you will end up miserable. If you could sort through all 3.5 billion? You would be the happiest person on Earth because you have considered ALL the options and have picked the one that’s best for you.

Lead flow is not how we talk about dating usually. Often I hear people go “Well, I want a good Catholic girl,” or “I want a good Mormon husband…”

Fine. Process doesn’t respect lines, it still works. BUT it will take more effort. It might involve more travel, going to new groups, different cities, hell, even different states or countries. But the leads are there waiting to be worked.

Once I beat it into your head that Mating is like Shopping (only vastly more expensive to screw up) most of the usual sales process things fall into place.

Prospecting we covered.

Demonstrating is anything from dinners and snuggling to living together and overcoming objections – well, that falls out of living together.

The close is where you need to pay 100% attention.

Try to make a list of everything you want in your life on into your 90’s. Then have your intended do the same list.

Share the lists – what you agree on is how your life will roll.

Then do a prenup. These are important for young and old alike. Preferably (if you can handle the stress) even work out whether you’re going to have a family together because – if you do that – you will need to have that stuff off the table, too.

Then set a date and stick to it.

Other ground rules: In a marriage both partners have all the passwords. If not, there are secrets presumed. If secrets presumed, then distrust follows. If distrust then misbehavior and then…. Well, just keep it an “open books marriage” and no problems.

If you want to have a secret porn account? What the hell did you get married for? You partner IS your fantasy, dammit. If not, you weren’t honest with them or yourself.

I could go on about this, but I doubt you would believe me (or you’d tear your hair out going “TMI!”). But a well-chosen partner should be able to deliver on the fantasy as well as Reality side and if you didn’t work this into your “sales process” for mating, your bad. Change it.

This process seems to work for either/both/whatever sexes, too. Don’t be afraid to improvise and improve and revise it, though. Make it work with the person you want to be.

Each of us has an Observer state in our heads.

When you wake up in the morning and you don’t feel well, who is the little voice saying “George you don’t feel good today, do you?” Well THAT is your Observer.

You need to kick your Observer’s ass on a regular basis. Ask tough questions like “Hey Observer, why don’t I have a better Life?” “What don’t I have a happy relationship?” And ask some tough ones “What is my purpose in Life?”

Brutal honesty – inside your head – is where it all begins. Shameless honesty with yourself and all others is the spring from which a happy life can spring.

Or, if you lie to yourself or a potential mate, you will be opening the personal gates of hell.

Having seen “them gates” and resolved that for myself, The Who song here means a lot to an honest person on a quest for personal excellence. Play it often while sorting through leads. Full volume is fine.

For Business Readers

Sure you want to get mated?

We have friends who decided to remain childless and they are now just as happy as us (they mated very well) but they are half a million per child ahead of us financially.

The old Texas oil money advice comes around again but it’s especially true if you’re on the money wheel more than 60-hours per week and your mate is, too.

With that many hours and that much headspace you’re statistically likely to be a crappy parent and there’s a reason why couples in the $100-$250K household income range are happiest. They still have time for lives with each other and the kids.

Time, like money, is something you can only spend once.

Don’t take this wrong but… If it flies, floats, or fornicates?

Consider leasing it.  You don’t have time for a proper search.  This one can’t be delegated.

How you work out the depreciation at the other end of Life? Just another accounting problem, I would imagine and workaholics seem to like those or they wouldn’t be working all those hours, would they?

Leave the “go forth an multiply” to the people with time to do long division properly.

Write when you get rich, Continue reading

A Pause or a Panic?

We will skip the usual chit-chat about “routine news”  today – although some headlines will be included because they directly impact market psychology…  This aside, there are some very important developments in how Global Markets are organized and readers have asked for some in-depth remarks on our forecast of a year and a half back in which we raised the possibility that the week of March 6 this year would line up with the all-time high in 1929.

While that is certainly true, there’s a lot more to it than that, so time to roll up the sleeves and get on with it…

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Waiting for the Inflows

We will have an update Wednesday for our subscribers on how our latest market observations are working out.  Follow-up to last weekend’s discussion about Global Market Entrainment and Historical Resonance.

In the meantime, though,  everything – and I do mean everything – hinges on the global markets ability to make an upside breakout.

As I showed recently, the old high in the global index we construct was 24,315 and that was the all time high in 2015.

Since then, we have seen a decent pullback, but as of this morning’s check of things, the global market was sitting at 34,245.

This means we are close (like 70 points in our odd approach to things) BUT we are not there yet in terms of a breakout.

To give you an idea of how slow and sticky this overhead resistance level is (which is what old highs are – they take some work to bust through) the UK stock market was only a point and a half from where it closed last Friday.  The German market has moved about 32 points. 

In asia, Hong Kong’s Hang Seng is up but the Japanese market is down.

And our own  index?  Down about 13.5 points which considering the raw index n umber is over 34,000 it pencils out to a move of 3.933420937363119e-4.  Go ahead, slide the decimal point left 4 digits and it will all make sense…engineering notation for breakfast is a good thing.

The good news, such as it is, features the S&P looking like it will go up 5 around the opening.  Should theS&P climb and close there, then we would be through the old top but by only 0.14 of a point and let’s face it – dead-banding and noise are real problems in this kind of modeling.

Remember, the only time we REALLY have confidence is when “hot money” has come off the table for the weekend and that means waiting until the Friday close.

Historical rhymes say that Trump should get his tax break and bond money should come in, especially if we get good quarterly inflows but that could be another two weeks getting here.

In the meantime, though, it is a terrible grind to watch since the market needs some decidedly good news and the Trump administration on all fronts looks to have its hands full.

And hour before the open, the Dow was up a bit but the S&P looks like it might not press our Global Index past overhead resistance.  Yet.

Comey and the Big Picture

Did the Russians attempt to influence the U.S. election?

Allow me to step back and think about this logically for a moment:  Yes, the Russians would likely have some interest in seeing Donald Trump win, as opposed to Hillary Clinton. 

But what no one seems to be wondering is “Why?  What would Putin see in Trump?”

If anything, Putin would have loved Hillary Clinton.  Have you forgotten “Clinton accused of aiding Moscow ops with push for ‘Russian Silicon Valley’?”

I think the answer as to why there was no action on that one is simple: You-know-who wouldn’t drain the swamp.

Frankly, it’s a stumper until you remember that Russia used to be communist/socialist and effectively went capitalist.  At the same time, however, the Obama administration – and no doubt a Clinton II administration, would have gone even more socialist in America.

When you read the news closely, in fact, you can see the U.S. is setting up for the same kind of governmental collapse that Reagan  presided over as Russia fell.  And now that the shoe is on the other food, maybe Putin is looking for payback.

Since Reagan, the U.S. has embarked on a huge budget deficit – and there are no plans to end it.  In addition, the U.S. has become socialist even more so through expanded entitlements, more social spending, and importing as many foreigners as we can get our hands on – and prior to Trump, a good many without thorough vetting.

You can bet that if Comey and the FBI had found something, they would have tabled a case by now…but they haven’t.  Instead, Comey looks to me like some of the corporate suck-ups that I had to tolerate in my management days:  By “keeping the cloud” around Trump, Comey essentially makes himself fireproof.

That’s because if Trump fires Comey, the Left will scream cover-up.  Already, we see tweets from the lakes of former senator Barbara Boxer who said “Glad the FBI is taking Russian interference in our elections, and Trump’s connection to the Russians, seriously.”

Trump’s “connections to the Russians?”  Pray tell, what are they?  And what about Clinton’s? 

Where is the charge? Whny all the BS and headlines?   Where is there evidence  that this a) it is true, b) that it directly involved Trump, and c) was not a false flag?

Did we ever get to that point withg the Clinton deal?  No sir.  We did not.  And why is that, Director Comey?

I’m trying to keep an open mind here, but the anti-Trump side is piling on because (and lest we forget) they have a Swamp to save.

Like most stories, this one can be written either way:  Giving Trump the benefit of the doubt.  Or, it can be reported giving credibility to the rumor-mill.

Even though there may have been Russian involvement, remember that Wikileaks Vault 7 revealed that the U.S./West really has the technology to make it appear as though Russia is to blame in cyber warfare, so even if the FBI were to find a smoking gun, where would the proof be that it was genuinely Russian and not a U.S. shadow government covert psy-op?

As you’d expect, the NY Times coverage plays up the currently investigating angle. And since accusation are the new national pastime, it will be instructive to see what – if anything comes of it all.

The report from the McClatchy DC Bureau that the “FBI’s Russian-influence probe includes a look at far-right news sites”   simply gets us back to the “How do we know which bots were really Russian and which were false flags?”

Moreover, questioning whether a media organization too any actions to “assist” Russian operatives, to me reads like a ‘soft smear” of alt-news.  Well, gee, color me surprised by that.

What is more telling is that outside of the Washington/New York corridor, life seems to have gone on.

In Philly today, a local political story leads. 

Even more interesting (and telling, but you might not read about it in New York) is how the Chicago Trib this morning leads with how “Emails to (Rahm) Emanuel raise questions about dozens of possibly lobbying violations.”

Is Comey going to send FBI in to look into that? 

I’m not holding my breath.  Or, being fireproof for now, is conduct of Obama’s former chief of staff something the FBI doesn’t need to get involved in?  I mean, it’s only Chicago, after all.

I’m still at a loss to understand why the FBI didn’t jump in last summer when the Wall St. Journal reported “The Clinton Foundation, State and Kremlin Connections
Why did Hillary’s State Department urge U.S. investors to fund Russian research for military uses

Damn fine questions there…I don’t recall it getting answered (I am an old man, though)  but why no FBI grilling on that story?  And the conduct of a certain foundation?  Poof!

I must be a dim-witted farmer, not to understand this…I guess it’s why we live out inn the woods.

Meantime, though, we do note the Washington Post report that “Andrew Napolitano reportedly pulled from Fox News over debunked wiretapping claims.”

Debunked?  Well, not quite.  The reason the US has communications platforms in such scenic places as Alice Springs Australia and Menwith Hill, England is so that foreign persons can monitor U.S. persons without violating U.S. law.

That there is a “workaround” for U.S. law is obvious.  But unless Napolitano can produce more detail, and prove his assertions, his assertions may have torpedoed the Trump presidency.

As a legal analyst should know, there is a difference between an assertion and a proof.  And when the proof ain’t talking…

Back to the Data

Press release du jour is from the Bureau of Economic Analysis:

“The U.S. current-account deficit decreased to $112.4 billion (preliminary) in the fourth quarter of 2016 from $116.0 billion (revised) in the third quarter of 2016, according to statistics released by the Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA).

The deficit decreased to 2.4 percent of current-dollar gross domestic product (GDP) from 2.5 percent in the third quarter. The $3.6 billion decrease in the current-account deficit mostly reflected a $19.9 billion increase in the surplus on primary income that was largely offset by a $17.5 billion increase in the deficit on goods. The changes in the surplus on services and the deficit on secondary income were relatively small.

And no, it didn’t seem to move futures prices.

Coping: When You Find Yourself in the Asylum

I was thinking Monday (after revisiting my pillow for a while) “What would people find really useful – compelling – conversation on a Tuesday morning?

I kept staring at the headlines about the Shill and Comey staging in Washington when it hit me like a ton of bricks!

How to survive in an Insane Asylum!!!

Yes, a visit to our Comments section pretty-well made the decision for me: Seems like everyone today is fairly NUTS. Unable to get anyone to agree anymore, everyone has been reduced to what I think of as verbal flagellation.

The “Art of the Argument” is nowhere to be found. If you’re old enough, you may have seen it on display eons ago.

A person would assert something untrue, and then a critic would ask questions and a kind of civil discourse would take place…and eventually the critic would – thanks to a participating claimant – be able to lead them on the path to their side of the argument.

That’s not how it works today.

The typical exchange goes more like this:

“I support the President,” says person #1.

“F**k you,” responds person #2.

And that’s the end of it. Done, finis, over, kaput as we all flip on to the next page.

Not the kind of world you want to live in? I mean really, who would? But to quote some Millennial BS that swirls about the ‘trons “It is what it is…”

There is a way to solve this Asylum-like problem, but not everyone like our Ex-Pat friends down in Ecuador has the gumption to get while the getting is good. Helps to have m ade a fair bit of dough and socked most of it away, too.

For those of us remaining, we can use training on how to survive other personally challenging events.

WikiHow, for example has a great article here explaining “How to Survive Being in a Mental Hospital.”

The first rule offered is to avoid conflict.

While this might be easily done in a mental institution, it’s a lot more difficult when the news channels in America are all running the same soap opera day-after-day-after-day. Still, I’ve come around to thinking that there’s no point of me trying to explain anything to my kids and while Elaine and I see eye to eye (as do the people we know) for the most part, avoiding conflict has come down to avoiding people. We’ve made an art of it.

The second strategy the article puts forth is making friends.

Friends are nice, don’t get me wrong, but they do take time and I’m surprised anyone in the electronic world has any.

Oh sure, a “friend” is like a “Like” on FB, but real friends? I’ve got less than a dozen and that’s after 68 years.

Third idea is to establish healthy boundaries, but in today’s world, we can’t even figure out who’s to use which restroom.

For me, it comes down to “avoid people, avoid problems” and when you need something, just pay for the best you can find – like in healthcare.

The next survival method involves “Complying with Treatment.”

Sounds good, doesn’t it? While that might work in a mental institution, though, our here in the Real World – where lying is as common and fluoridated water – who has announced a real “course of treatment” for America?

Sure, Trump has given it some effort, but turns out that the republicans in CONgress are a terrible bunch of spoil-sport, egotistical, self-aggrandizing bozos who seem mainly intent on making a bundle and getting out.

Trump’s approval rating has fallen to 37% but even before they muck up anything else, CONgress is sitting on a 19% approval rating,, so sayeth the Gallup folks.

Besides “taking our medicine” – which no one is prescribing exactly, the next thing to do is “participate in therapy sessions.” Which, in real life in a country more than half-crazy, comes down to nothing more than the charade of voting. Hard to elect common sense when the last load of common sense left America in 1989, or so.
Next is the edict to “Follow the Rules.” Works in a mental health unit, probably, but it is virtually impossible “out here.”

We have so freaking-many “laws” that it’s virtually impossible to go through Life without breaking several laws per day. LifeHacker did an article on just one of them: Copyright infringement.

To make it even more fun, the inmates of the Real Asylum proclaim their power, hold nuclear weapons, and make up more new rules every day.

The third method to cope in the WikiHow article is to “Make the most of your Time.”


Like while stuck in traffic?

The WikiHow article suggests exercise, catching up on reading, and learning a new skill.

No, they didn’t mention the high value of lock-picking, but that’s an interesting one to try…

When all is said and done, any time you have more than three people, one of them will decide to “be in charge.”

So the next model to consider should be “How to Survive in Prison” since maybe that’s a closer analogy to where America is right now.

Next WikiHow article to study was “How to Survive in a Federal Prison…” which, come to think of it, very nicely derscribes America today.

The short shrift of it is:

1.Don’t trust anyone. …

2.Hide your emotions. …

3.Make use of your cellmates. …

4.Choose your words carefully. …

5.Always be polite and respectful to guards and other prison employees. …

6.Don’t stare at the other prisoners. …

7.Don’t be a snitch. …

8.Don’t ask the staff to solve your problems.

How does this apply when a whole country is crazy?

We find that not trusting others until some mutual respect is discovered is a good policy wherever you are.

Ditto hiding emotions. Sure, I sound like a pro-Trump guy (he did win, remember) but in the end whoever sits in the Oval has little to do with life out here in the woods.

Making use of your cellmates could re retooled as “make use of fellow citizens.” That feels OK.

Choosing words carefully works inside or out.

In terms of being polite and respectful, the easiest way to avoid things like police encounters is not to do anything to draw attention to yourself.

There… I’m feeling better already.

The term “Prison Planet” seems to be pretty close to real. And when the inmates are in charge (and set up shop in Washington), it’s taken as poor form to stare at other prisoners like those foreigners who the last set of inmates brought in.

Rule #8 ends the list on a depressing note: Don’t expect the inmates to change how they run things.

As the Trump Presidency unfolds, it will become even more clear than it is today, that yes, this is an asylum and even a well-meaning real estate developer is not likely to solve the problems which we have so deftly allowed to be “institutionalized.”

How long have we been “fighting poverty?”


How long have we been “seeking peace?”

Yada, yada.

A deeper study of how to survive in a mental institution or 50-state jail could be some of your better time spent.

Write when you get rich,

Where is the Trump-Bashing Apology?

Didn’t see it, did you?

Well, there are stories both on WND and InfoWars this morning about the NSA program called Project Dragnet.  SAurveiled Trump (18 locations?).

Now, you may not LIKE the story (if you’re a Trump-basher) and we certainly didn’t see it mentioned on the front page of the NY Times today, but as the intelligence committee of the Fools on the Hill gets ready to look into such claims, we have near –certainty that all that will result is either a complete whitewash (80% odds) or a single scapegoat (20 & odds).

Sad, ain’t it?

When I see stories in the Times like “What to Expect when Comey Meets with the House Intelligence Committee – I could have written that story as a one-word article:


Jeez Louise…can we get some grown-up reporting going on???

Sure, the surveillance story has links to Joe Arpaio and such…BFD.  Follow the damn story – enough of the fake news mainstream and covering up for the idiot class in D.C. for crying out loud…

Still, the non-stop bashing is making headway in the polls.  See the latest Gallup results here – 37%.

I figure it would be 10 points higher – or more – if the surveillance story was more widely covered…but that’s not what the MSM is selling, is it?

We have to agree with the Galway Pundit remark “It’s really funny to see fake news CNN try to call out Trump as a liar…” 


The Trumpster tweets it right: 

“The real story that Congress, the FBI and all others should be looking into is the leaking of Classified information.  Must find leaker now!”

The Week Ahead

Press release of the day is the Chicago Fed National Activity Report:

Led by improvements in employment-related indicators, the Chicago Fed National Activity Index (CFNAI) increased to +0.34 in February from –0.02 in January. All four broad categories of indicators that make up the index increased from January, and only one of the four categories made a negative contribution to the index in February.

The index’s three-month moving average, CFNAI-MA3, improved to +0.25 in February from +0.07 in January, reaching its highest level since December 2014. February’s CFNAI-MA3 suggests that growth in national economic activity was somewhat above its historical trend. The economic growth reflected in this level of the CFNAI-MA3 suggests limited inflationary pressure from economic activity over the coming year.

The CFNAI Diffusion Index, which is also a three-month moving average, moved up to +0.17 in February from +0.02 in January. Fifty-five of the 85 individual indicators made positive contributions to the CFNAI in February, while 30 made negative contributions. Sixty-three  indicators improved from January to February, while 22 indicators deteriorated. Of the indicators that improved, 15 made negative contributions.

Other than that, a lot of FedSpeak on the rubber chicken circuit this week.  Yellen herself speaks Thursday morning.

Friday the Dural Goods report is just barely moving the meter around here.  All in all, we could call this a news weak period.

BREXIT at Last?

Happens next week.  Maybe.

As usual the Brussels sprouts (the E.U. clown posse) is saying how sorry the Brits will be…yada, yada.

We cynically wonder how is it Hitler’s idea of a unified Europe is any better than what the current cast of clowns is doing? 

Fire Disaster North of Denver

400 homes up in smoke from the Sunshine fire so far.

Spring is Sprung

Five things to expect.

None of them worth clicking.

In fact, screw it…I’m going back to bed.  This week ain’t worth losing sleep over.

Why even the futures are asleep…flat opening coming.

Where’s my pillow?

Coping: UHD 2 and The Art of Parts

Good morning from yet-another writing location.

No, not on a road trip, or anything like that.

Instead, this morning I am using the music studio computer which has not enjoyed our publishing software until this weekend when I did some major “surgery”on the room.

This morning I have that 49” UHD monitor online in here and it’s working just sweet.

I can not say enough good things about these ultra-high-def screens.  They make writing a joy.

We have the 49” Avera which we picked up for $268 from Walmart.  An Avera 55” will show up today – another one of those casualties of the Amazon-Walmart wars for pricing dominance.  I think the 55” was $321 including the tax and shipping.

Until recently, I’d been using the three 24” monitors, but the larger screens make it possible for me to whip out a column without putting in the hard contacts that are a (miserable) part of life now.  This way, I can save the eyes for when the contacts are really needed.

As  I warned you before, though, there are a couple of gotchas that go with the bigger of the big screens.  The main one is you will need a bigger video card.  I’ve gone to the NVIDIA 730.

The “stock” onboard video cards built into most computers (including laptops) will only hit 1080 resolution due to screen pixel density.  The new ones will do an honest 5K.

Another little slice is the problem of connectors:  You will need to be HDMI on both the computer end as well as the new monitor.  If you run a DVI connection,, you may not get the full UHD McGillah.

Today, the third UHD (55”) for the office shows up and that may lead to a bit more visual contend around here since we will be able to use a video capture card to pull down a few frames from Iranian TV and other Free-to-Air (FTA) satellites that we monitor now and again.

Stick around – life is never boring around here…,

The Art of Parts

I think it was KAYO newsman Dave Langley who first got the idea of serious parts-shopping into my head.

This was back in the early 1970s, best I can recall.  Dave and I were covering some news story, or other (might have been the Seattle Grand Jury that was looking into police corruption back when) and we were having a smoke (yes, bad, don’t lecture) and Langley was telling me a story.

He and a buddy of his (this is 40-year old memory stuff,m remember) had gone over to either Wenatchee or Ellensburg, Washington the weekend before because he’d gotten a line of a ‘23 Ford T-bucket in good shape.

Dave had great taste in restored cars. Expert fellow. At the time (I think 1973 come to study it) I was restoring a 1939 Chevy.

Asked about using a few parts for it from J.C. Whitney, I was advised that there are much better sources for parts and a fair discussion about shagging parts ensued.

Ever since then, I’ve remembered his advice – still solid after 60 years is pretty damn good advice, too.

If you want to have a REAL fine collectible, you have to cast your parts net wide and then – almost like panning for gold – you have to sort through lots of potential nuggets and then pick out only the best.

Fast forward to a month ago.

I think I’ve mentioned that in my spare time (what’s that?) I have been restoring a pair of old Hallicrafters radios.

The receiver is an SX-117, the transmitter is an HT-44 and the power supply is the matching PS-150.

If you’re not a ham radio geek (having a life, perhaps) you would not immediately see the missing piece.  I’ll help:  It’s the HT-45 Loudenboomer linear amplifier.

Picking up on Langley’s advice from back when, I watched eBay for some months and couldn’t find a complete unit.  So I posted an ad on


Turns out there is a fellow down in Austin who has what might be almost the perfect amplifier, but he doesn’t have the power supply.

However, a fellow ham up in the Woodland, Washington area does – he’s got only the power supply – and so I’m waiting for pictures and prices from them.

I n the meantime, though, a fellow in Shreveport checked in to tell me he has both units (power supply and amplifier) but he doesn’t have the tube for the Amp.

You can see pictures of the Loudenboomer over here.  The first versions of it were made by Radio Industries.  It was built around an Eimac 3-400z but most hams updated to a 3-500z which provided for a bit more power at the expense of not being able to have a piece of sheet metal inside precisely where it should be.

Over the coming weeks, I hope to get this all sorted out.  The Shreveport fellow is interested in some of my trading stock – another skill to have if you’re into collecting real collectibles.

This is not something unique to cars and ham radio, either.

In airplanes, you can find a zillion parts in Trade-a-Plane and every group of collectors is something like a school of fish:  They tend to read the same websites and such.

Once you find them, you can get as deeply into restorations as you want.

In the case of Ham Radio Disease, the best source of fine-tuning and upgrades is a magazine called Electric Radio. (

They have many fine articles on updating and upgrading old ham gear.  About the only things you’ll need besides that would be a hot soldering iron, the eBay store of K5SVC who has great deals on complete sets of tubes, and of course the Hayseed Hamfest store where you can find replacement capacitors in shiny, new containers.

So weekends between ripping the stairs off the front of the 180-room (getting ready to put in another deck, lol) and mowing the south 16, this is what passes for recreation around here.

The only thing better than tube radios (which glow in the dark unlike these silly SDR and chip things) is knowing that you have restored a little bit of American and can talk all over the world with it.

Like reading a good book, casting your parts net wide is one of the finer adventures in life…damn shame to spoil it with Monday, eh?

Write when you get rich,

Global Market Entrainment and Historical Resonance

While we sit around waiting for the Global Upside Breakout (or fifth wave failure) to clarify, we have some interesting theoretical ideas to bounce around this morning…

In coming weeks, we will get back into the more prosaic problems of Urban Survival in the Age of Funny Money…but for now,, we’re seriously focused on helping our readers maintain a sense of calm, balance, and purpose while the doom porn machines and the Trump bashers duke it our for mental processor clicks.

Around here, other than shrimp pizza and a glass of Paisano, little takes processor time away from making the other kind of dough.

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Where is my Damn Rally?

Yee of little faith.

No, our blow-off may not begin today (as we have been hoping with a very large long-side position on the table by our standards) but we remain hopeful the world will shortly see things our way.

Allow to to explain how markets work in our nut-job  point of view:

If you happen to have something like a TR3-B space plane handy and you can get high enough, you’d see that all financial markets on Earth operate in a sort of linked/entrained Unity.

Then, under the Big Onion, if you want to think of it that way, there is the U.S. market.

Now here’s out picture of this Global Market which I don’t mine sharing because Peoplenomics readers will get the update whole enchilada tomorrow and the numbers are only meaningful when the game of musical chairs/money stops for the weekend.

But here’s what’s going on:  A Global Breakout to the upside appears to be at hand and it could swing in today’s trading…


The point being that if we can pop up even 50 points on a global basis over the coming 8-hours of trading, then we will be in a position next week when the quants who advise Big Money what5 to do will stare at their math and decide that the market has a LOT more room to run on the upside.

When this happens, all that money which has been piling up on the sidelines will come pouring into the market on as longs and we should still hit 22-thousand on the Dow in April if this crackpot view is anywhere near valid.

No, this is not trading advice.  Just a chat amongst friends.  But I’m a patient fellow and tomorrow in Peoplenomics we will not only discuss how we got to this, but we will also discuss something I call “dampening factor” which is a calculation to correct for why market dynamics are not more PRECISELY tracking historical data as they should.  Works out to 0.998731734294463 if we can close at 21,056 today….but we’ll just take our cues from the day’s action trading.

Now, is there other REAL news than making money and getting read for the weekend and Spring sometime next week?

NO!  So let’s go over the “morning filler” that passes as news, shall we?

Merkel and Who Cares?

Big headlines about Angela Merkel going to the White House today.

We don’t think it’s much of a story.  If she didn’t leave, well THEN that’d be a story…

North Korea Ready to Pop

SecState Rex Tillerson is getting tired of babysitting the whiners in North Korea.  He’s turned down the idea of talks and says the era orw “strategic patience” is done.

We look for the Trump administration to toss a preemptive attack on all kinds of NK militaria.  All at once – massively – and it will be seen as a kind of “Shock & Awe II” that will not just total the next decade of despots in the North, but which will also demonstrate to the whole Rest of World (Row) which includes China that Trump is not one to be trifled with.

There’s patience and then there’s bullshit.  Too much of the former inevitably leads to the latter.

Hopeful, the Obama coup-types will send a message to Iran on point, too.

The great thing about a preemptive attack on NK will be to hear the Liberalista fifth-column whine.  Maybe Rachel will get even better ratings from Generation Brat. Refer to previous “too much patience” dictum.

Ure’s Personal Boycotts: McDonalds and SNL

WWLP is reporting that “McDonald’s “hacked” Twitter blasts Trump.”

What that story doesn’t mention is that McDonalds communications director is an ex-Obama spokes and I haven’t seen what I’d take as a serious apology or explanation of how the Twitter account was checked.  Russians maybe?

I’m on a Mac-free diet till I see more corporate remorse. Although “legal fictions” the Courts seem to treat corporations as super persons – with super rights, too – so a major act of contrition is in order, methinks.

Meantime, I’m not going to watch SN L, either, until they stop acting like revolutionary stooges of the Obama whatever it is.

I don’t need to watch TV for a Trump bashing finale to a busy day, thank you.  So I vote with my wallet.

SNL is acting (in my opinion) like the video version of a flash mob.  Kicking a guy non-stop when he’s up, too.

There’s humor – to a point (like 10% of content maybe?) but past that it becomes mean-spirited and vicious.  The worst of wrestling hiding behind humor.  Think we’re past that.  Again, Generation Brat.

For heaven’s sake, Trump is the President.  Remember that you didn’t see George Bush skulk off to attempt leaks about Obama and lead counter-revolutionary activities in D.C. when Obama won, did you?  No.

Where are the democrats of the middle?  The stylish ones?  The reasonable ones? 

Either one of ‘em would be welcome about here.

I remember when democrats were smart – like Scoop Jackson.  Remember when America had a middle instead of dueling mobs?

Is NY After Free Speech on the Net?

Is this an attempt to “sanitize history,” or what?

NY State Rep (and democrat) Tony Avella of NY is asking for a state law in NY that claims a right to be forgotten…

“Requires search engines, indexers, publishers and any other persons or entities which make available, on or through the internet or other widely used computer-based network, program or service, information about an individual to remove such information, upon the request of the individual, within thirty days of such request.”

Called the Right to Be Forgotten law it features a $250 per day fine included in the proposal.

Sorry, but scrubbing data in search engines?  I’m pretty sure that private citizens already have recourse  under Times v. Sullivan if something is malicious or libelous…

Nader May Be Right

I’ve told you that most of America has been electronically hypnotized into a kind of mass stupidity which the corporate exploiters are working for all their worth.

Well, here comes ol’ Ralph Nader – consumer advocate to this day suggesting the FedGov “Hit Google-Facebook-Apple ‘monopoly’ with antitrust laws.”

When you get tired of Alt-Real, please come visit us survivors our here in Real World and try IRL instead of digital swill for a change.

Snap Crackle and Drop

Speaking of “Money’s Out Here, Idiots are In There”  Snap has gone from $29.44 down to $19.89 as of the close Thursday.

Yahoo statistics page is an interesting read here, but you might want to bring some Quik-Clot along.

(Let me pop a few more cynical pills, yum!)

Eventually it should bounce and up things will go.

Social ETF SOCL may be ready to move up…we shall see…25.73 still overhead resistance to my eyes and no, not advice.  Just watching the pulse of things.

The Market Today

Hour before the open, futures were up 17.

Fed H.6 Money shows the Fed being presently accommodative to money.

And the Fed Industrial Production and Utilization numbers out in 15 minutes may move expectations around a bit.