Working Sideways, Rally to Come

Although it is not a hard-and-fast rule, there is oftentimes something of an upward bias to markets in the period leading into major holidays. So, with the Fourth Of July three or four day weekend just ahead, it’s no wonder that I find myself somewhat long the market, waiting for the Big Move to the blow-off highs of July/August we’ve been predicting to show up. There is some sense that the market is climbing a wall or worry, the more realistic outlook is that it’s climbing a “wall of cash…” … Continue reading

Coping: With “Dancing Wu Li Physics”

With me focused on a new way of looking at statistics, and applying it at the gaming tables (remember that odd symbol in the dream world a while back?) I can’t think of a better discussion than the little matter of the evolving merger between physics and the world of religion slash belief sets. What makes this so much fun to watch is that a fellow by the name of Gary Zukav wrote a book a long time back in which he explained to the slow and those missing perspective … Continue reading

Time for a Free, Federal, Online University

Onto the battlefield of Social Delusions this morning as we take on the Higher Education Lobby.There is no reason why we – as a country –  can’t offer free, government-paid four year degrees to all citizens.  Anyone hear of “online?” Except for the simple reason that we all too often say one thing and then happily go off acting in a manner completely contrary to our vocalized wishes. A few headlines and than off to the shrink’s couch we go as we examine the pros and cons of a free … Continue reading

Making Up Climate Change

Why, the headlines this morning are good enough that Al Gore should be flying to Phoenix right now in order to do another sales job on climate change and his friends in the carbon exchange, which was all enabled by a then-junior state senator in Illinois, back when, one Barack Obama). Here’s a headline from (Hillary endorsing) USA Today which goes to the idea that it’s so hot in Phoenix that they can’t fly planes. There are a couple of reasons that some planes don’t fly when it gets hot.  … Continue reading

Coping: Launch! of

Why would anyone spend money to launch a new website to be called The answer is simple:  I think people are sick and tired of special interests outbidding us in local government, state offices, and in Congress. But, as I will map out this morning, we actually DO have the power to change that. (Continues below)   Assessing the political process in America today is an exercise is creative depression:  We like to think that there is a working political system, but there is NOT. A visit to any … Continue reading

The Bitcoin Bubble’s “Great Hesitation”

A number of people have asked me privately to explain where we are in the parabolic blow-off in digimoney, especially Bitcoin. As you know, it did look like the BTCs were going to the moon, or $3,000, but then a funny thing happened. So let’s take a look at a couple of chars because there is a certain self-similarity between ALL market bubbles, whether you’re talking our favorite “air money” or something as delicious as tulip bulbs… (Continues below)   Here’s how the BTC chart ( hat tip) looks since … Continue reading

Coping: Fictions of A Working Democracy

We need to understand that the US Congress and Senate are presently structuring their slow-motion war on the average American citizen’s private assets which will be finalized when the U.S. economic system descends into Depression shortly. That’s because in finance, as in rocketry, what goes UP usually comes Down.  And we’ve been going up since 1943. This means the War on Cash, the War on Bitcoin, the War on Savings, the plans for bail-ins, and the tightening of the working class noose via Obamacare increases for 2018 -which none of the office-holding turd … Continue reading

Things "Preppers Usually Miss" – II

There is a “missing R” in the phrase reuse, recycle, repurpose…and this morning we delve into the surprisingly favorable personal economics behind it. First, though, a few headlines as we roll into what it technically the last weekend of Spring. More for Subscribers       ||| SUBSCRIBE NOW!       |||   Subscriber Help Center … Continue reading

Print!!!! Fed Jamming Up Money Creation > Markets

For months we have been waiting to see how the suspected all-time-high in markets will work out for the final third of August.  Now, things are slowly resolving into focus. The stock market continues to fight something of a losing battle on an aggregated basis (which as you know is all we really care about) and was turned back at the 9-day moving average Thursday. But the REAL news Thursday was the weekly Federal Reserve H.6 Money Stocks report… (Continues below)   So how big is this story?  REALLY DAMN … Continue reading