Forget Jobs: Is the World Ending?

Yeah, yeah. We will get to this morning’s jobs report in a sec. But first, a number of readers have asked me whether the world is ending. The answer, I’m afraid, will not be very satisfying. The main attention-getter seems to be the Baltic Dry Cargo Index.  That index as of this morning stands at 298.  To put this into perspective, we know that when the economy has been percolating along in the past that this index has been previously in the 1,000 and higher, level. There are likely two … Continue reading

Coping: With Woo-Woo, Being 67, and Gone Driverless

The first bit of Woo this morning was that after working for about 8-hours on Thursday, I decided to take a 2-hour nap.  This is not common for me, at all.  Usually I’ve got more pee & vinegar in me than a SaniCan outside a salad bar. This was odd in that it felt like a phenomena we have talked about before:  something I call the “earthquake tiredness.” It doesn’t happen all the time, but the sequence of events seems to be something like this:  I’ll be going along with … Continue reading

The Secret Behind Wednesday’s Rally

We begin with the daily reading of Gospel here at the East Texas Synod of the Church of the Almighty Basis Point, which my buddy Howard founded.  Please open our Hymnals to Page 317 and read from the book of Fortune.    “And thus, there came a Miracle on the street. Lo, the market dropped 300 points.  And verily, the quote of the flaming Dollar fell with it.  And by the arrival of the Faithful’s tears, it had fallen from 91.50 to 90.03 Europe.  The archangel Angela was blessed. So the … Continue reading

Coping: With the Global, Planetary, Screw-fest

I was about half-way through an interview with Jake Fox at Black Tower Radio up in (is that you?) Rochester when the global, repetitive nature of the human condition hit me like a ton of bricks. Jake had made the mistake of asking a logical question and I’m not sure he was prepared for an answer of the length delivered. I don’t do a lot of radio interviews lately – just enough to get back into my “talker mode” from the broadcasting days now and then.  Heck: One question and … Continue reading

Brainwork While Waiting for Markets to Decide

Today, we stay right on our major task around here:  Navigating the financial minefield that becomes apparent when we are, as now, flirting with “disaster in the charts.” Which means what? Well, a simple discussion of charts this morning, plus a couple of technical indicators and our own Aggregate Index work (which a few people still don’t understand) as we await what will likely be a key driver this week:  Employment data which began flowing this morning… More for Subscribers       |||        SUBSCRIBE NOW!       |||      Subscriber Help Center … Continue reading

Market Bummers Return: The Thing About Pandemics

For one thing, the price of oil is back under $31 basis the West Texas. Oddly, Asia was not in the crapper and in fact the Shanghai market was up better than 2%. Europe, on the other hand, is doing its damnedest to drop that much.  In doing so, the U.S. will like fall 1%, or so, and that should set up a decline in China overnight.  Back in serious trading days, set-ups like this would have me eyeing Asian ADRs (American Depository  Receipts, stocks traded by proxy here). Well, … Continue reading

Coping: With a “Fixit” Trip – Driverless Cars

(Shreveport, LA)  So, you’re wondering: What are George & Elaine doing in Shreveport? Answer:  I have made a resolution to keep our old Lexomobile until the eventual arrival of “self-driving” cars. We will also cover the world’s most convoluted accounting problem, too…but in due course.  It’s going to take a bit of explaining. There is a piece from a while back (maybe a year?  One loses track of time at this stage of life) about how such machines will change the way we live.  By the time the analysis was … Continue reading

Markets Take a Breather

A fiery cup at the speed of light, a cloud of dust, and a mighty “Where goes Silver?” echoes across my front yard as the Sun tries to figure out where Texas is. This may sound a bit melodramatic, but it mat have been the highlight of the day. You see, Japan was up 2%, the Shanghai was down almost as much, and this morning the mumbletards of Eurabia are down over one percent. That doesn’t bode well for ‘Merica , formerly a land of borders and common sense. The … Continue reading

Coping: Where is ONLINE Government?

Being a (semi) retired management & software “slinger” it’s fun every so-often to see if one “still has it.” So there we were, Sunday morning, coffee on the deck… and we hear noise at the local gravel crushing site down the road from us. Crap!  It was supposed to be closed by now. Here I was, thinking I would not really have to go through with my promise to run for County Commissioner if nothing was done to improve the state of local roads. So far, nothing has changed but … Continue reading

The Peoplenomics Second Depression Handbook (i)

We are off on another book-writing adventure.  This time, we will pull together and synthesize from of our earlier Peoplenomics reports, a bit of economic theory, and even a fair bit of look-ahead material which we use to divine trends in their infancy where they can be utilized to personal advantage. Regardless of whether our expected fifth wave up occurs, it is now time to begin looking in earnest at the daunting project of collecting several tons of material and putting it into lay form so that people not versed … Continue reading

Strong Rally to Close Week

Today begins to look like an interesting day to think about getting back into the long side of the market. Not that we will actually be so silly as to do that; the tools over on the side of the house are not giving us a green light yet and I invented those tools to keep our personal finances out of the ditch since I am one of those people who tends to fall in love with positions. Still, we have to look at some of the factors that … Continue reading