Housing: It’s Back in Trouble

How long have I been telling you?  About five years now?  This was when we looked at the 2008 housing rubble collapse and figured that there hasn’t been enough widespread pain yet to really let the air out of the bubble.  The Fed just put a little tape on the balloon, congress jaw-flapped and everyone cried “It’s solved!” 

Which is a crock, as the new Housing report from Case Shiller/S&P/Dow Jones out this morning is beginning to show:

New York, September 30, 2014 – Data through July 2014, released today by S&P Dow Jones Indices for its S&P/Case-Shiller1 Home Price Indices, the leading measure of U.S.

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Two-Part Tuesday: Market Collapse Tomorrow?

Check back at 8:20 AM Central for the latest Housing data.

A look at the calendar is all it takes to figure out what will (likely) happen today and through the balance of the week in markets:

The Dow and other indices should post small rises today as this is the end of Q3 and we usually expect to see window-dressing, which in this case may be holding us up.… >>> Read More >>>

Another Clump of Slump

When I looked, the Dow futures were down about a hundred points.  And so today we could answer that guillotine question:  If 1,965 is decisively breached on the S&P do we need to start retooling our thinking toward this being The Big One…

And then…if it is….then will the S&P 1,740 level hold (no, but that’s only obvious when you look at charts that are inflation-adjusted.… >>> Read More >>>

Life or Death at 1,965

So we start this morning with the futures up – but not much – considering the 265-point downer on Thursday.  But it is playing out just as laid out in Peoplenomics on Wednesday.

A couple of days of closing below the 1,965 level on the S&P would send us into short positions and waiting for the world to end, but the flip side is that there is so much money floating around (from the central banks, anxious to flood with liquidity) that there may be no other investment choices to speak of, at least for a while.… >>> Read More >>>

Coping: Screaming at the Milliseconds

In case you didn’t drop by the website during the day Thursday, there were a bunch of experimental changes going on in order to keep UrbanSurvival at the “head of class” in a numbers of areas.

There is – if no one has ever talked to your before – a huge battlefield for your mind that’s based on such subtle things as how fast a web page loads.… >>> Read More >>>