The Games of Options Week

No telling for sure what will happen this week, but we have some benchmarks we’d sure like to see. For one, with Bitcoin at $5,700+ this morning, we would like to see it hit the upper target we put in Saturday’s report.  That would be especially cool if it happened within a day or two of the stock market hitting new all-time highs. As subscribers know, this week is when we’re expecting K3 in our work and that might mean a sizeable decline next week after slugging out options Thursday … Continue reading

Coping: With the End of “Marriage?”

No, Elaine and I aren’t splitting the sheets…we’re just as (or more) in love & lust than when we got hitched almost 18-years back.  But Marriage is over and Mergers have replaced marriage globally. That’s what we got to talking about this weekend:  The whole notion of marriage going by the wayside.  So, maybe in our ever-so-on-point view of the world, we ought to retire the word “marriage” because it is quickly sliding from the “Applicable” column to the “Archaic” side of Language. Let’s start with a definition… (Continues below)   … Continue reading

Restyling Thought Processes; Bitcoin Outlook

A couple of interesting topics this morning.  The first ought to really be considered an “application note” from the manufacturers of your brain.  That would be biology, parents, schools, and relationships.  All brought up because I’m knee-deep in the new genre of self-help books arriving. The Bitcoin outlook?  More a mechanistic outlook, based on Elliott wave theory and trend channels.  Depending on your inclination, either one of them could be profitable. More for Subscribers       ||| SUBSCRIBE NOW!       |||   Subscriber Help Center … Continue reading

CPI, Retail, and An Outlook

No point wading through all the data first:  After all, most folks these days “…don’t let the facts get in the way of their opinions…”  We’re good with that.  Who needs facts when we have social? Here’s what I think the market should do in simple 1-2-3 fashion (but if it doesn’t, don’t whine to me, this is an opinion, not advice):  1)The market should drop a bit today because ‘hot money’ likes to keep time-risk to a minimum.  2) Markets should rise next Monday and maybe carry into Tuesday.  Hot … Continue reading

Coping: A Senior Bug-Out Bag

Yeah, sure, we wrote the book on bugging out.  Who else do you know who was ready at the time of Y2L to unplug the power from the dock and was ready to head out to see the world with a few gold coins and a paid-for 40-foot sailboat – fully stocked for the occasion? That, my friend is paranoid.  And yet, the evidence continues to build (especially with the false flag evidence mounting in the Las Vegas story) they really are out to get us….And this being “tricky-dick-phobia day?” … Continue reading

Bitcoin Booms + Producer Prices

With Bitcoins going on to new – record – highs today, $5,179 and change, we will be updating our projections on the Peoplenomics side of the house Saturday. No point to getting too carried away with things just yet:  We want to see the new highs hold for a couple of days.  But if they do, as expected, we will use one of our “trusty trading tools” – the BrainAmp spreadsheet to answer “How far is up?”. The BrainAmp is a simple spreadsheet that allows us to measure an Elliott wave 1 move … Continue reading

Coping: With Wildfires & Landsmanship

If there’s a lesson to be learned from those horrible fires that continue to plague the area of Sonoma and Napa counties out in California, it’s that land management needs to be taken more seriously. I took the camera out on our property Wednesday and shot a few pictures to illustrate a couple of points from the perspective of a “fireman’s son” who has been slowly whacking on the land for a good long while now. Remember, when we bought this property in 2003, it was virtually all overgrown.  Elaine … Continue reading