Fed Steps On Gas: Market Going Higher

You ever see one of those movies where a really hopped-up car (usually with either a supercharger of nitrous injection system) is “lit up” with the wheel cranked over…and then goes around in tire-smoking circles? That’s about as good a mental picture as it gets to explain what’s going on with the U.S. economy right now.  We have a Fed that has stomped on the gas (the money supply) while holding the wheel over (unloading its balance sheet) while entertaining and sending a message to the viewer that Modern Monetary … Continue reading

Coping: With Holiday Comfort Food

Food:  We have arrived at the most calorie-laden of yearly events, at last.  So this morning I wanted to share some things that will make you drool and wonder why is it Elaine still weighs what see did in high school. We can divide this into four parts:  Breakfasts, Lunches, Cocktails, and Dinners.  Sized for two and a half.  Elaine is one and…we’ll you know I’m the 1-1/2, I suppose. I’ve taken three steps to prevent overeating this season:  1) I have scheduled a fasting/cholesterol check in mid January.  2) … Continue reading

Delusional Finance 101

We were almost astounded to see the Fed actually raise rates at their Wednesday session. But what was even more remarkable was the trading on Wall Street in the aftermath. The two key takeaways:  the Dow still gained 34-points and it’s set to open (again) on the upside by another 30 according to the futures. (Continues below)   Even more perplexing was the 10-year Treasury note. It actually DROPPED from 2.38% to around 2.345%.   One would logically think that if the Fed announced a rate hike that rates would go up, too.  … Continue reading

Coping: The Survivalist’s Cheap Santa List

Survival/Prep:  I had a toothache this week so one of the first items on my “survival/prepping” list is a good supply of whole cloves, clove oil – anything clovey.  Bet you weren’t expecting that, were you?  A trip to the dentist yesterday (and an emergency walletectomy is being scheduled with a colleague), some antibiotics and pain meds…and nearly good as new, though perhaps less coherent…at least till the pain pills run out… (Speaking of which: We’re big not fans of hydrocodone but it’s very useful when comes to tear-rendering tooth pain…With … Continue reading

Our 2017 Christmas Letter

In higher education circles it would be called an SER (self-evaluation report) and people would read it knowingly. This morning we review how well our market model has done this year (amazingly well, BTW) and we consider a bit of what’s ahead for 2017.  But, not before some talk of the new CPI data (which sucks) and plenty of coffee and charts… More for Subscribers       ||| SUBSCRIBE NOW!       |||   Subscriber Help Center … Continue reading

Awakening in the Ultrasocial World

As we outline (eventually getting to the point in Coping this morning), ultrasociality seems to be the new ruling paradigm.  Thanks to one of our brilliant readers, who used the phrase “like Microsoft software – there’s a million ways to do something,” Ultrasociality may be a great key for understanding the world in a new way.  (Suggested reading: Ultrasociety: How 10,000 Years of War Made Humans the Greatest Cooperators on Earth by Peters Turchin) The difficulty is that ultrasociality doesn’t seem to have nice, soft, fuzzy edges to it.  In other words, the high sense of … Continue reading

Coping: With Media [ Mob ] Rule

Communications:  We begin this morning with an interesting phenomena up on the “gurney” here at  Cleat Through Labs. We look at the problems around us and wonder how much of it is being whipped up by electronic versions of mob rule? Let’s back up for a second and understand how it happens.  Maybe the best place is to consider a few thoughts about “flash mobs.”  These things never happened before the arrival of “smart phones” – which in the hands of dumb people can be used for all sorts of nefarious … Continue reading