The Computational Bolsheviks

(Reno, NV)  Peoplenomics reports are always a joy to write – and unlike the UrbanSurvival columns, they have a serious-as-a-heart-attack angle to them because it’s where we get to nail down key aspects of the future and work out strategies for dealing with it.  This morning we put down four “corner posts”  that define our future.… >>> Read More >>>

Future’s So Bright…We gotta wear shades…

(Canyonville, OR) The rally in the stock market didn’t come as any particular surprise to our readers:  It’s quite possible that this is the bullish breakout to the upside that we’ve been waiting for coming on several months, now.

What COULD be going on is that the caution on the Fed’s part may have touched off a rally that could “go parabolic.”  I sure hope so, since I’ve been believing in our Trading Model and its unbridled enthusiasm for a long time.… >>> Read More >>>

Coping: With Branded America

(Canyonville, OR)  The drive from Purdy, WA (a western outpost of Gig Harbor, an outpost of Tacoma that’s in turn an outpost of Seattle, that’s a subset of Washington State) down to our first night out on the long road back to Texas, was punctuated mostly by looking at how branded Americans are.… >>> Read More >>>

Coping: With Investment, Risk, Speculation, Gambling

(Gig Harbor, WA)  As soon as this morning’s news portion of the column is done, we’ll be piling into the car to begin the long road back to Texas after being off the ranch for fully 5-weeks now.

Along the way, we’ve had a lot of fun…and from an economics research perspective, I’ve gained all kinds of new insights from talking to people ranging from restaurant wait-staff to  marijuana growers, to check-out clerks.… >>> Read More >>>

PBT and the News Filters

You mean PTB as in powers that be, right?”

No, actually, I meant PBT as in pass-band tuning.

Please note the concept of “passbands” – lifted from Wikipedia over here:  You’re looking at the intermediate frequency amplifier passband of a receiver:

Does this, by chance, have anything remotely connected to the stock market, investing, long wave economics, and making a killing in the market?  Otherwise I’m out of here…”

Well, yes, it has EVERYTHING to do with all the above, and move.… >>> Read More >>>

Coping: Of Moles and Morlocks

The question du jour, though early, is a fascinating one:  Why are there persistent rumors, stories, and even pictures of massive boring machines floating around the Internet – all clustered around the notion of “secret bases?”

An email from our friend warhammer is on point:  What is it about EMP, nuclear threats, and such that drives government to turn mole and dig deeply?… >>> Read More >>>