You Can Turn Off The News

And why would you want to do that? Well, because I have the week all planned out for us, of course! (Aren’t you on the distro list?) Here’s how it should play out: The market this morning will fall flat on its nose. Why lookie here! Dow futures down 109! Reasons are all over the place, but a couple of them include the Japanese market not looking exactly “In the pink” and then there is the German equivalent of our Dow which used to live in the low 10-thousands, but … Continue reading

Coping: With Bathroom Feng Shui

Off on a different track this morning. In fact one of the oddest things I have run across since I ran into the “earthing” results. You might remember our discussion about sleeping on a special “grounded half-sheet.” This morning, we get into another one of those little “subtle energy” discussions which has been a remarkable experience for us. A little background first. I have been looking at the art of feng shui a lot lately. The reason for my research? Purely financial. Yeah, base motivation, I’ll grant you. But in … Continue reading

So: This is Progress?

I happened to be listening to one of my all-time favorite econ books Sunday and I was reminded of something we try to forget on Mondays. Namely that in hunter/gatherer societies, people only works (on a community average) about 1,000 hours per year. Of course, it depends on what your definition of “work” is, too. For example, to a freeway and desk-bound human with a phone and Facebook as their primary means of entertainment, going hunting and fishing all the time could hardly be considered “work” but there you have … Continue reading

Coping: Losing Your Senses, Gracefully

I apologize, once again, for the short column that we put up  Friday morning. 2.5 hours on an operating table is, well, a bit less than inspiring – and because the eye patch was still on from the removal of my failed implant (after 25 years, just to be fair) it was Elaine doing the rewrite of Mr. Scribbles. This morning, however, things are much better. The doc figured Friday that the “bad eye” was doing much, much better than expected. That’s what you call it when 20 hours after … Continue reading

Synthetic Economic Growth?

Maybe it was something in the drugs the anesthesiologist was pushing Thursday, but an incredible moment of economic insight slapped me up-side the head on Friday while the market was tanking.What if economic growth is all simulated and nothing is as it seems. We get into that in today’s report, along with a few headlines and the best cliff-hanger of all (now being played in markets near you…)  Is this a correction or is something really “evil this way coming?”  Some damn fine questions, even if the answers are still, … Continue reading

Saturday Special: Word From the Front

We have a number of things to cover this morning, so an unusual “Saturday Special.” ITEM ONE: Peoplenomics will likely be posted on Sunday. It’s only partly due to surgery. Turns out I’ve come up with a whole new paradigm for investing through all this disruption this week. And it’s taking a while to get it all written down. (Slow typing speeds). ITEM TWO The Peoplenomics weekly charts are EXTREMELY interesting – so stand by for that, too. Working on things as fast as possible. Expect Peoplenomics late today or … Continue reading


Although the Dow fell 200 and change THE DOW FELL 200 AND change Thursday, my concern now is that we are not yet to the break-point of this decline.  The reason may be understood two different ways: ONE, would be a discussion of how things look from the Elliott Waver perspective, while the other is from the Trend Channel view. Let’s talk about Elliott first. As you know, we have completed what looks like the three waves down of the larger IV which followed the completion of the highs last … Continue reading

Coping: Time for Plan B

Well, that wasn’t much fun.  The eye surgery Thursday was something of a train wreck.   When I went into the operating room, the main idea was that they would put me under, I would have the old eye implant repositioned, and they would put a stitch in – and that would be that. Well, life didn’t turn out that way. Seems the old implant had sort of “grown attached” to me over the past 25 years and would not be repositioned. So, as a result, this morning I have … Continue reading

Downer: Market’s Post-Fed, Pre-Facebook Blahs

If my brain is still functioning (a matter of some dispute, I’ll admit) we should have Facebook earnings out after the close today.  Not always, but often enough, when a company announces a new way to raise revenue a week or three before earnings, there is a reason.  Might be an unspoken message like “If we come out with earnings that aren’t all that spectacular, remember, we are well on our way to putting in new systems and software that will make more money for us – so don’t you … Continue reading

Coping: Rolling the Dice on Eye Surgery

Apologies that we won’t be putting up the usual post-Fed decision and what our outlook is until tomorrow (at the earliest) and Monday (I hope at the latest) but my eyes are about to “go done” for some offline maintenance today.  A little background, if you’re following the home game of “Trials of George” – I had both eyes operated on for cataracts in 1979 which were due to either playing with lasers, coal tar ointment for eczema, or just because people with lots of allergies tend to have cataracts … Continue reading