What the Fed Doesn’t Understand

As a subscriber, you already have my mailing address…so please pass it on to the Nobel Prize people. I’m sure you will want to do this – after you read this morning’s dirt-simple explanation of the “new Reality” that the Fed just don’t seem to be able to get its arms around. That, plus a discussion of the manic markets and the charts – the ones we don’t give out on the free site – plus coffee.  What better kind of Saturday could there be? More for Subscribers       ||| SUBSCRIBE … Continue reading

SBT: Substitute Bubble Theory Says Bitcoin

A remarkable idea has put my “brain on fire” since it occurred to mean at 1:345 AM today:  What would have happened to the Stock Market in 1929 if there had been a widespread, Tulipmania-like competitor to investing in stocks at the September 3, 1929 all-time highs? It is well-documented in the literature that bubbles in one class of investment are only loosely linked to performance of other investments. We can see this working out in the Housing collapse circa 2008-2009: In April 2009 the Case-Shiller/CoreLogic 20-city housing index stood … Continue reading

Coping: Overwhelmed by the ToDo List

My personal “to-do” list is about 10-miles long and it will likely take most of the weekend to get it done. Sometimes, there is – as a mentor trained me years ago – no alternative but to write it all down, prioritize the list and then just devote time on task. The new treadmill that was so graciously replaced by Schwinn (now Nautilus) is sitting in the shop.  So it a replacement motor I found on eBay for the old treadmill.  The lesson worth sharing?  You can find damn near … Continue reading

America’s Useless Press

The biggest headline on Drudge  earlier this morning?  “FoxNews host death threats after criticizing Trump.” Following linked story from Drudge will land you on a Variety page where we read “Fox News host Eboni K. Williams on receiving death threats after segment criticizing Trump.”  Yet, after reading the story (several times) I couldn’t find anything very specific – no mention of the word “police” or “FBI” – just references to posts on her website by what the reader is left assuming were put there by persons unknown. Yet, prominently featured … Continue reading

Coping: With “One of Those Weeks”

Been “one of those weeks” so far. Turns out the doc appointment is this morning – not Wednesday.  I missed a meal for nothing.  Why I had both days marked in Outlook is a mystery. And then the replacement treadmill showed up Tuesday.  The delivery truck couldn’t get onto the property (too big) and they weren’t keen about driving on pasture land for some reason.  So, out comes the tractor and we moved it in that way. (Continues below)   With the treadmill up to the top of the car … Continue reading

Book Preview: “Dimensions Next Door”

The first 40-odd pages of “the next book” is up for subscribers to have a look at – and comments are welcome.  A second novel in my David Shannon adventure series is in the works, but I felt it was necessary to first write a non-fiction book to explain how some of the concepts central to the novel – working title is “Grav” – came to be. As the balance of the book will explain, multiple hoola-hoops and electronics might get physics a lot further than CERN and cost only … Continue reading

Markets & Doughnuts +BTC 4K

“As you go through life, make this your goal:  Keep your eye on the doughnut, not on the hole.”  [old school wisdom] The holes are?  Well, lemme see: Charlottesville, and the hype about follow-on places where idiots of all stripes can be gathered in.  Followers are everywhere if you find the right pied-piper. North Korea seems to be in “chill” because (as we quietly pointed out earlier) there’s no manpower for warfare until the crops are all in.  When they rattle-up next (late fall, to early winter)?  Then it’s time … Continue reading

Coping: Fasting for the Vampires

Ure’s “Personal Health Report” time:  At 10 AM today will be my last meal until about noon tomorrow.  Reason?  Off to see the vampire – the nice nurse who does the periodic blood draws. A reader advised me, since my last visit, that going with a longer fast prior to the doc’s office, may significantly improve my cholesterol levels.  Apparently, he (patiently) explained:  When you fast from 6 PM on (having had a nice Porterhouse of other decent cut for dinner) there’s no way for the body to do much more … Continue reading

Rally to Our Top Call?

I mentioned to Peoplenomics.com subscribers this weekend that I had gotten back on the long side of the market again after my short-side play didn’t work out.  After all, I’ve been calling for an all-time-high next week for, um, a year, or so. Those playing the game of “See Market’s Kill George” (home edition) will remember I put on a good-sized short (about $30K worth) expecting the markets to go down from more than a week ago.  When that position hit my self-imposed loss-limit, I bailed, only to see the … Continue reading