Can the Markets Forecast a NK Strike?

Maybe…maybe not.  But this morning we game out how the mesh of Chinese regional interests, the attacks on Trump, and eye the crazy markets with suspicion. And as Spain cracks down on the Catalans, we wonder what’s ahead for freedom in the corporate world.  Bean up and let’s roll. More for Subscribers       ||| SUBSCRIBE NOW!       |||   Subscriber Help Center … Continue reading

NWO’s “Red-Meat” Attack on Trump

Sure, sure, the headline on The Drudge Report today may be confusing, if not downright baffling to some.  “BUSHOBAMA SLAM STATE OF NATION! ” Unfortunately, those who have read the distillation of Professor Carroll Quigley’s work, Joseph Plummer’s savory Tragedy and Hope 101: The Illusion of Justice, Freedom, and Democracy, can see only all too clearly what’s going on: The New World Order is pulling out all the stops.  They want Trump out of the White House…and all their levers of power are being pulled at once.  This results in … Continue reading

Coping: UrbanSurvival’s Winter Planner

I hate to intrude on the sham and shambles of football, and all the other seasonal fall stuff going on, but in just a few weeks, the clocks will return to where God meant to set them and life will roll into Winter. So this morning, a “thinking-ahead” piece so you can get a head-start on Winter this year, To do this, we will be methodical, as always.  We will begin with “local data” then we’ll move on to actually use of those Seven Major Systems of Life that I’ve … Continue reading

Ure Goes Short: Market to Drop

It looks to me like the “K3” formation in the markets may have completed yesterday with that smoking Dow rally which left the headline average 160 points higher by the close. But on inspection, around mid morning (the trade chit says I went short (SDOW Executed @ $24.2765 10/18/17 | 10:41 AM ET), it looked to me like we had gotten to a tradable high.  We begin today 50% short.  (This is not financial advice, because if you try to parallel-trade us, you’ll be a day late and many dollars shy – … Continue reading

Coping: A EQ Note from Tehachapi

You remember my deflationist pal Jas Jain?  The fellow who went long bonds from the late 1990’s and has done very well as the Long Wave has done well for him? Well, he looks at things a little differently than most – perhaps because as a multiple-patent holder in DSP, you have to think new and innovative thoughts. Regardless, he sent me a note about Earthquakes.  And since Elaine still remembers the 1952 Tehachapi earthquake, a bit of a heads up is in order: (Continues below)   If you were … Continue reading

Why Reagan Tax Cuts Won’t Work Now

A subscriber asked a damn fine question in response to one of our columns.  “I’m confused. Reagan overcame the worst economy with the highest interest rates I have seen in my lifetime. And started the biggest economic boom I have seen in my lifetime. Reaganomics worked extremely well for a very long time! “ No, Reagan was LUCKY.  For reasons we will explain this morning.   After a few headlines, charts, and coffee… More for Subscribers       ||| SUBSCRIBE NOW!       |||   Subscriber Help Center … Continue reading


We have an idea what to expect in coming years, thanks to the presidency of Herbert Hoover.  Oftentimes, we have drawn parallels between Donald Trump and Hoover – because both face transitions from runaway serial bubbles to “normalcy” – and the transitions include long wave economic cycle lows. We are likely, in my view, just coming to the (delayed) Hooverian Transit. The “transit” is the danger period when long-term interest rates begin to rise while the economy is too fragile to absorb any additional debt.  Like now. (Continues below)   … Continue reading

Coping: Mailbag and Aging Notes

We get a ton of email around here – and there are some that offer outstanding ideas.  Take, for example, this note from a long-time Peoplenomics subscriber who sent us this: “Wow, George! This year you have given me two fundamentally useful recipes for organizing life. The first was the article about aircraft mechanics organizing tools and gear, then rolling carts around to pick up stuff for a given project. (Continues Below)   “I took the idea a step further. Bought a bunch of the rolling wire shelf carts, perhaps … Continue reading

The Games of Options Week

No telling for sure what will happen this week, but we have some benchmarks we’d sure like to see. For one, with Bitcoin at $5,700+ this morning, we would like to see it hit the upper target we put in Saturday’s report.  That would be especially cool if it happened within a day or two of the stock market hitting new all-time highs. As subscribers know, this week is when we’re expecting K3 in our work and that might mean a sizeable decline next week after slugging out options Thursday … Continue reading