PBT and the News Filters

You mean PTB as in powers that be, right?”

No, actually, I meant PBT as in pass-band tuning.

Please note the concept of “passbands” – lifted from Wikipedia over here:  You’re looking at the intermediate frequency amplifier passband of a receiver:

Does this, by chance, have anything remotely connected to the stock market, investing, long wave economics, and making a killing in the market?  Otherwise I’m out of here…”

Well, yes, it has EVERYTHING to do with all the above, and move.… >>> Read More >>>

Coping: Of Moles and Morlocks

The question du jour, though early, is a fascinating one:  Why are there persistent rumors, stories, and even pictures of massive boring machines floating around the Internet – all clustered around the notion of “secret bases?”

An email from our friend warhammer is on point:  What is it about EMP, nuclear threats, and such that drives government to turn mole and dig deeply?… >>> Read More >>>

Markets Extend Weekend

(Gig Harbor, WA)  Hit the snooze button  Oh, sure, you think the markets are opening this morning and they may be – on paper – but with the Dow flopping between positive and flat-line, it’ll be like rigor tradeus until we get some data rolling in.  Not that we don’t have some suspicions…

My friend Roger Reynolds offered his email readers this gem:

Friday the dow and SNP both gave weekly broadening top sell signals.

>>> Read More >>>

Coping with the WoWW: A Great “Falling”

What happens next in markets may be a huge reversal to the downside beginning this week, or maybe next week after options come off late this week.  And I suspect this why?

There has been a “Great Falling.” 

A what?  Allow me to elucidate:

The Universe talks to us…often in ways that are too subtle for our busy minds to hear, but that’s mostly because we have such busy schedules and we’re texting so much drivel that we miss the signs when they are thrown in our faces.… >>> Read More >>>

A Course in Relative Values

(Gig Harbor, WA)  One of the biggest “prepping problems” is what threat to prep for.  While there are no hard and fast rules, there is something to be learned from a study of relative values.  With this in mind, a long ramble this morning into the mindset that works.… >>> Read More >>>