Coping: About the Antigravity Project

My antigravity research has stumbled on a damning question that I’m, having great difficulty answering: What does “work” weigh? No…seriously! Sure, it’s an odd question for a Monday morning to bandy about. But nevertheless it’s a fascinating one when you get into it a ways. The question came up as I started to clean up the shop this weekend. A number of paint cans were on benches; stains, spar varnish, and such. While moving them back to their shelves I got to thinking about how much “work” weighs. Conventional wisdom … Continue reading

Should You “Document” Your House?

This morning we look at a kind of novel idea:  Should you “document” your home? What would be involved – and what are the payoffs – if any? But first, we zoom-in on our Replay of 1929 roll along and see how the market is doing as it tracks our parabolic blow-off expectations…on our way to a “content-controlled world” in five, or less. More for Subscribers       ||| SUBSCRIBE NOW!       |||   Subscriber Help Center … Continue reading

Up, Down, Or Sideways?

Yeah, I know most people think the stock market was up Thursday. Up about 35 points on the Dow. And I’ll even grant you that the S&P was up a point, too. But please look at the NASDAQ: Dropped 25 points. This is why on our site we tend to look at markets in aggregated terms. If the S&P was up 0.04% and the Dow was up 0.17% but the techs were down 0.43%, do you really think the market went up? With a lower open ahead, we would … Continue reading

Coping: With Roll-Around Joy

Thursday morning I went down to the airport here in Palestine, Texas, where my flight instructor (prior to selling the plane) helped me put the hangar door back on its track. Last weekend, we had serious winds come through East Texas. The NASA Balloon Base recorded winds as high as 68 MPH. That’s just two miles an hour short of hurricane force. After that was taken care of, we loaded up the truck with the things you need to keep an airplane going. Air compressor and my roll-around cart plus … Continue reading

Like I said: Boring News Week

I could tell you the futures are about flat. Might even mention that Europe, which our readers know is in a “must rally” position to avoid global collapse has given up more than 200 points in the last 24-hours so doesn’t look like we will see a new global (aggregate) all-time-high this week. Or I could mention that this week’s “time out” for the markets is merely a rest stop since next week we get a ton of real economic news. Durable goods come Monday, GDP and the Case-Shiller … Continue reading

Coping: Millennial’s Book 8: [keyword: Make]

simple title art) Reader Note: If you are just catching on, each Thursday we’re are doing a chapter each week of a book I’m writing for Millennials – teaching the insights that will (hopefully!) allow them to live long and prosper – and be around to clean up after us Old People who made a mess of getting civilization this far. There are three sections to each chapter. Something you can read to children, a general reader part, and the advanced/business section. We pick up with morning like so… We … Continue reading

“Factor Three” Stock Bubble Behaviors

We will be focusing on the one reason Peoplenomics exists:  To make money by outsmarting the herd when it comes to managing our personal retirement accounts and such. Remember, subscribers have been long this market for 15 weeks and some – using triple levered ETFs – have gains north of 30% which is a huge success by any measure lasting. This morning we look at a couple of past bubbles and consider what’s the “bubble factor.”  How many times can a market multiply from its baseline?  The answer is….no, you … Continue reading

Monday on Tuesday, News Full of Filler

A forty-ounce Thermos of hot coffee and I’m ready to face Tuesday after the Monday semi-holiday. Yes, a lot of people worked it. Since the headlines are devoid of the “world ending” today, the futures are up about 70 points. What I expect will happen will be a modest trade up today and Wednesday and then money coming off the table by the end of the week.In the meantime, other than a speech by Neel Kashkari of the Minneapolis Fed shortly and the PMI manufacturing number this promises to be … Continue reading

Coping: Water Heaters and Forced Consumption

When I pulled out the defective water heater to replace it, I discovered that there had been a tiny bit of water leakage under it. Not enough to require pulling up flooring and such, but we will leave it out of commission for another day. Then when we get close to battening things down, we will put a coat of KILZ on everything in sight. KILZ does a fine job not only of sealing things, but it also has anti mold properties and such. Good stuff. The trip to Lowes … Continue reading

HAARP is Back!

It doesn’t give me any particular pleasure to report this – other than the odd coincidence of how “Slipping Time & the Mandela Effect” is the topic of our “Coping” section this morning, but seems the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program is back on the air today. Seems a fellow, Chris Fallen, has gotten permission and some (tax) money as a grant from the National Science Foundation. We he will be looking at is something called the Luxembourg Effect. “Whazzat?” Ure wondering… Wikipedia ‘splains it this-a-way: “In radiophysics, the … Continue reading