Monday on Tuesday and the MMBD

So nice of you to come back from the weekend.

You’re just in time for the MMBD – Monthly Metals Beat-Down – that seems to come 3-4 trading days either side of the month end.

Rumor is that the big (metal price fixers) have a club that drops the price of metals so they can scarf up enough to meet month-end deliveries and typically, the price zips back up to previous levels within a week, or so, after hitting the low.  But you can’t believe everything you read on the internet.

The equity futures were bright earlier this morning, but whether it’s just a holiday relief rally finishing up won’t become clear until tomorrow, or so.… >>> Read More >>>

Coping: With War and Peace

No, I have not read Tolstoy’s “War and Peace” cover to cover.  But that’s OK, because our discussion here is not about the troubles between Russia and France.  It’s the troubles of today and how things in the international stewpot work out in the age of swaying populations

Here’s the problem in a nutshell: Who do we believe when comes to the mess in Ukraine and how do we shade our investment decisions with the possibility of wider war in Eastern Europe?

It’s not a simple question.  But it is one of our own making.

This assertion is based on two simple facts.  The first being the operations of the US State Department which sided with the right-wing/ultra-nationalists in Ukraine back in December.  If you remember the famous cookie episode.… >>> Read More >>>

Labor Day Notes: Blame the [effing] Banksters

I’m not sure who will take down America:  Jihadists, hackers, Vlad Putin, or corporations.  But, one thing is certain:  The question is far from mute.

But, in all cases, the correct most pressing danger to America may be offshore bankers.  Let me explain:

Because the US markets are not open, because of the holiday, I’ll keep my remarks this morning short – and to the point (for a change ) – as we consider not just “news” events, but the larger context of what our shared future will look like.

Jihadists:  There have been a number of reports over the past week, primarily stemming from the Judicial Watch bulletin we covered in our Saturday report for subscribers.… >>> Read More >>>

Coping: Kudos to Washington State’s Parks

The last time I went to Penrose Point State Park in Washington State, just down the road a bit from where we’ve been living for the past month in Gig Harbor, it was about 1959.

A family outing involved pappy’s then brand-new 1959 Ford 4-door six cylinder sedan and a load of ham sandwiches and milk.

Once there, we’d fire up a white gas stove, put on coffee and have a look around.

imageWe hit Penrose yesterday about 11 AM…Subway instead of a loaf of Gai’s Seattle Bakery French bread.  And instead of picking up driftwood for a campfire, we were reduced to having a fire in a large BBQ.… >>> Read More >>>

Economic Implications of Electronic Families

Oh, boy!  Another one of those “bridge-the-generations” insights this morning that ought to make us all (subscribers, anyway) better investors and thus richer.

The insight came in the form of an email from a friend – who was upset that I covered the “team approach to job search” in Wednesday’s Peoplenomics report.  A kind of roadmap.

But my long-time colleague said no!  People of the Now need to stop texting and get out and hit the bricks to find a job – just as we all have..back in the day.

It was in the process of thinking through my defense/explanation that a critical insight hit me like a ton of bricks…and it is now coloring the way I look at ALL forms of lifestyle - and more critically INVESTMENTS. 

This morning we answer a question that is hidden from the Second Wavers (second wave of technology) yet it’s an un-stated fact among the Third Wavers.  We can now articulate a psychological gulf that drives investing, lifestyles, and a lot more.… >>> Read More >>>

Special Update: Dallas Meme Update

For several weeks now, I have been telling you about the odd way that Dallas, Texas has been cropping up in our data as a “hot” word…particularly in the work done by Chris McCleary over at the

There, using the technology that Grady developed for our members of the public have been contributing to something I cooked up several years back called “The DreamBase” – a database of dreams.

As frequently mentioned, in Chris’ unique application of the technology, instead of looking at general language on the Internet for hints about the future, his DreamBots look at the linguistics within dreams.  Those linguistics scream Dallas.… >>> Read More >>>

Zoot Suit Leadership: Policy? WHAT Policy?

I’m no fashion expert, but except for the tight cuffs (gathered) on the pants, I thought president Obama didn’t look the least-bit convincing in his press conference Thursday.  Wiki it:

zoot suit (occasionally spelled zuit suit) is a men’s suit with high-waisted, wide-legged, tight-cuffed, pegged trousers, and a long coat with wide lapels and wide padded shoulders. This style of clothing became popular among the African American, Chicano and Italian American communities during the 1940s…

Can someone please mail the White House a copy of John Malloy’s book on dressing for success?  And, while you’re in the book shop, how about some Harvey Mackay on negotiating?… >>> Read More >>>

Coping: A Most Unusual Golf Story

(Gig Harbor, WA) While the nature of UrbanSurvival is generally serious, we do (now and then) actually tear ourselves away from the computer long enough to have contact with the occasional human.

Such was the case Thursday when my friend, the retired Major-fellow who I’ve known for  60+ years and I decided we would hit the local driving range to hit a couple of buckets and then wolf Chinese food and talk about the ‘old days in the ‘hood; growing up.

The first indication that the day would be strange happened when I asked at the front desk where the drivers were to rent.… >>> Read More >>>