Scaling the Summer Rally

This morning we put on our “Look-Aheads” and size up some of the economic data that is beginning to form.  Will it support some of our notions about a run-up into the presidential election and then a very bad patch starting in 2017?Yes, it seems so…But first a few headlines as we run through what will hopefully be our last “partly sighted” view of charts with major eye surgery tomorrow and hopefully a new contact lens today for the one that went missing last night… More for Subscribers       ||| SUBSCRIBE … Continue reading

Be Unmoved by Moving Averages

First thing this morning before we get into the data of the day, and we walk through the zoo and see how the )political( animals are doing, yada, yada, a reader asked a fine question that deserves some thought. Do I attach any significance to the market when the 50 week moving average (50 dma) moves below the 10 week moving average (10 dma)? In a word, no. But let me tell you why: Humans are drawn like flies to whole numbers, round numbers, even numbers, and lots of other … Continue reading

Coping/Brain-Cleaning Week: To-Do, Or Not To-Do?

But before we get to that… a quick note to Bruce down in Ecuador. Long an ex-pat and a key contributor around here, Bruce and I agree on many of the big points, but certainly not all. Let me pull a comment or two from his Monday retort to set the stage. “You will never free yourself from regret as long as you live in a country where you cannot optimize your decisions. Underneath those decisions is a thin layer of anger for the powerless you feel, even subconsciously. That … Continue reading

One Week to a Holiday–and counting

You couldn’t tell it from the weekend in town, reports the spousal unit (Elaine). Stores were packed and people were shelling out easy money for anything that had a sale tag on it. Still, a weekend in town does not an economy make. So we will just hold our comments on the illusion of growth until we do a more methodical check of business in the Wednesday report. Still, the market should not begin to rally much this week (or next) because of seasonals as much as anything: The … Continue reading

Coping: “Brain-Cleaning Week” on Remorse and Regret

I have decided to dub this week National Brain Cleaning Week. And along the way I decided that we could actually turn this into a “two-fer.” A two-fer, if you haven’t figured it, is when you do one thing, but it serves two purposes. Which, in this case is separate and distinct from one another. The dual purpose of this morning is simple: How to get rid of remote and regret. That’s one. T’other is to show you how my “Recipe Method of Learning” works. Peoplenomics readers will see it … Continue reading

A Note to the Kids: On Growing Rich–Slowly

This morning, we lay out five simple rules for young people (40 and under) which – if followed – will almost guarantee that over time you will rise to the top of net worth individuals.Oh, sure, it’s popular to be young, full of piss and vinegar and be anti-establishment and all that happy young radical crap.But at some point in life, you’ll want a new Lexus or that Audi A-8, or that cruise to Europe, or that exciting new…err…fill in your own blanks.If you’re ready to see through the political … Continue reading

Rocky, Bullwinkle, and Options Day

“Hey Rock, wanna see me pull a rabbit outta my hat?” Everything you need to know about finance today from an ancient but very adult cartoon series.  Even had a Fearless Leader in it…and a socialist at that. The Battle to Save America is not over yet, I’m pleased to report.  Although a modest rally in stocks today ain’t even the tip of the iceberg. Why is there reason for optimism until sometime in 2017 and maybe into 2018? I’d like to thank George Noory for asking the fine questions … Continue reading

Coping: A Bit More Personal Woo-Woo

Oh, boy.  Here we go again.  Remember this part from the bottom of the Coping section on Thursday? This latest one is worth keeping an eye out for in the headlines. I was a worker in some kind of large mine – many side shafts off the main tunnel. The scene was brightly lit and all white. We were taking turns working – about 10 minutes at a time because of dust that was quite chalky. On the other side of a collapsed part of the tunnel were 10-20 men … Continue reading

As I Was Saying…Markets to Drift Lower, Social Mediots

With the Federal Reserve rolling in M1 (which is being puffed up at a nearly 12% annual rate presently) it seems odd that I would tell you in the May 6 column that “Markets to Drift Lower.” Yet, on May 6th, the S&P 500 closed at 2,057 and change. Yesterday’s close was at 2,047 and change. Pretty much exactly what we’ve been telling our subscribers to be on the look-out for. There is a lot of good news, however, once we drift down more (perhaps 2,020 on the S&P … Continue reading

Coping: The Prepper’s E.E. Lecture

Did I mention I will be on CoastToCoast with George Noory tonight? Something of a victory lap from my January market call, which has been very good, so far… Lesson 1: Complex Design Gets Ure I don’t think I ever told you why I got kicked out of Seattle University back in the day. Mostly it was bad grades. I hated philosophy and putting my hands “in the same water of a running river, twice…” sounded suspiciously like BS. It still does. Even worse was freshman engineering. I had been … Continue reading