When in Doubt, Blame GDP or Anything Else…

Want to see something spinning faster than a gas turbine engine?  Try media coverage of GDP. Not just here in ‘Merica, but overseas as well. Take England where the GDP is written of this way: “Brexit latest: GDP growth slumps to 0.3% in first quarter of 2017.” Pretty ballsy conclusion, I’d have to say, since BREXIT hasn’t happened yet.  Seems more likely the PTB are using British GDP as a lever to whip the May government out of trying to leave the megalomaniac club (the EU).  (Today’s nominee for EU theme … Continue reading

Coping: Nuke Prepped or Nuke Paranoid?

Two phone calls in quick succession Thursday are the set-up for this morning’s column. One, from my consigliere was to inform me that one of the MSM had run a “scare piece” about how people need to be planning to get out of two in the event a nuclear war ever threatens.  Like you’ll be able to miss the traffic for that one?  Sheesh! The second call was to my old friend Shane Connor, who you will remember owns www.ki4u.com down south of Austin. (more after the ad) I had … Continue reading

N. Korea Worries Rising

An hour-long “secret briefing” was held by the White House Wednesday for member of the U.S. Senate.  Grace concerns about Hawaii being in range of the NK weps. Afterwards, per this coverage in the Washington Free Beacon, there were some very serious faces about.  Ah, set up for a photo op says CNN.  Like he wouldn’t brief on where the “line in the sand is?”  Never stops… What will happen?  Nickel bet? Sure: We expect the logical escalation from here would be for the U.S. to use all that naval … Continue reading

Coping: Bombing Around the Ranch

Lot’s of moving pieces around here this week. With the reports this morning that North Korea is quickly moving toward first strike capability on Hawaii, we have been slowly moving our timetable to re-establish “nuclear survival” as one aspect of exurban survival here in the East Texas Outback. The good news about reports of China making major purchases in Hollywood?  The way of figure it, they will keep a tight rein on North Korea in order to keep them from targeting some of their newest holdings.  But if those deals … Continue reading

Here Comes “Responsive Video”

God, I love history. Not only have we been able to use it to line our pockets with modest (-1 to +3% per week) gains  (or tiny losses)  in the stock market, but in addition, we even know where to look for “the next generation of tech.” So if this really is the analog to the 1928-1929 period, what was the New Tech that showed up (predictably) right at the pinnacle of the Roaring Twenties? Why television, of course! Heard of it?  See Philo Taylor Farnsworth and 1927 here. So … Continue reading

House Price Boom Continues

Just out: NEW YORK, APRIL 25, 2017 – S&P Dow Jones Indices today released the latest results for the S&P CoreLogic Case-Shiller Indices, the leading measure of U.S. home prices. Data released today for February 2017 shows that home prices continued their rise across the country over the last 12 months. More than 27 years of history for these data series is available, and can be accessed in full by going to www.homeprice.spdji.com. Additional content on the housing market can also be found on S&P Dow Jones Indices’ housing blog: … Continue reading

Coping: Notes from My “Other Life” (woo-woo)

It’s not often that I will have to think about writing-up an adventure in my personal life, but this is one of those almost unbelievable stories that it took me a good part of Monday morning wrapping my own head around. The dream was like many others I’ve had.  I think of them almost as my “Other Life.”  That’s where the inspiration for my first David Shannon novel “DreamOver: Action-Adventure on the Frontiers of Reality” came from. My adventures. Those will be featured in the second novel when I get time … Continue reading

Monday: The 3% Solution

The world is on the verge of getting its mojo back. The election in France saw Marine Le Pen make it into a runoff election May 7th for the presidency.  And globally, it was an extremely good session for markets in our aggregate view of things. I see it’s almost nap time. Because if you play triple-levered long ETFs, you can expect at least part of the market session today to  rock your net worth by +3% – which ain’t bad for a single day’s work in a world where the bankster … Continue reading

Coping: With Monday When We’re Busy

More a collection of random notes than anything this morning. Funny:  As in Finance One of my colleagues is kind enough to include me on a private market (and end of the financial world as we know it) letter that goes out to a few select. From his note this weekend, the best description of the FedGov Yet: It’s like a big Insurance company – with an Army. Which,  when you look at social spending… Why Ham Radio, Again? With cool temps and determined to play with the ham radio gear … Continue reading